A Good Trading Career Starts With the Right Broker – A Detailed Atecs Capital Review

Important Update: The Atecs Capital website has been down for a while now and we don’t know exactly what happened or if and when the website will go back online. We recommend trying a different broker such as Global CTB or signing up with a recommended trading robot such as Bitcoin Code.

Atecs Capital Review

There is no doubt about the fact that your trading career depends greatly on the type of broker you choose. Online brokers have increased exponentially in the past few years. That’s because more and more people are now interested in this career due to the ease of trading. When there are lots of brokers, it gives rise to a tough competition among them. Eventually, it is the traders who benefit from great features. However, when you have so many broker options available as a trader, it can be difficult to choose the best one.




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One of the many options available today is Atecs Capital. Atecs Capital has emerged as one of the best online brokers for experienced and new traders. Is it really a good choice for you to start your trading career with? Let’s find out in this Atecs Capital review.

Who Is Atecs Capital?

If you are someone interested in a trading career, you have to find a way to enter into the financial markets. The way for you to trade in financial markets is through a broker. It is the broker who gives you access to many financial markets and allows you to trade many different types of assets. There are hundreds and thousands of brokers available online today for traders. These brokers provide services to traders not only within their country but from all around the globe. Atecs Capital is a broker that provides these services to traders from around the world.

Here, you also have to understand the concept of CFDs. CFD is short for contracts for difference. You can go online and learn in detail about how CFDs work. A basic understanding that you need before you start trading is that CFD is a contract of an asset, not the asset itself. You just predict the movement of the price of the asset and go long or short on it. Depending on how the price moves, you benefit from your trade or can end up with a loss. The best thing is that you have access to just about any financial asset through these types of contracts.

These are the contracts that you will be trading with Atecs Capital as well. You will not buy or sell the asset itself. Instead you will be holding on to a contract when you trade. You will be using a trading platform that gives you access to these different types of financial markets. The job of Atecs Capital as a broker is to give you the best platform and a smooth trading experience. One of its jobs is also to educate you on how you need to trade and what methods you can use to minimize your risks on your trades. Of course, the broker has to be responsible of keeping your information and funds safe. Read about all of these things in the review.

Is Atecs Capital Safe and Secure?

There is no way you should sign up with a broker unless you are sure about your safety and security. First, thing you have to take into consideration is the safety of your information. You have to provide your personal information before you even fund your account. At the time of signing up with the broker, you might have to submit some personal information. What you have to see is that the broker protects your information through encryption. Encryption is a process through which the information you provide is converted into illegible information. Even if someone looks at the encrypted information, they can’t make heads or tails of it.

In most cases, brokers are clear about how they protect your information. If you go on the website, you will find a section where they will tell you how they protect the information you provide through encryption. You can rest assured when you give out your persona information on Atecs Capital because the broker secures it through the highest standards of encryption. In addition to that, your funds are also safe when you deposit them in your Atecs Capital account. The broker follows the highest standards of the industry to protect the funds you deposit.

It has all the anti-money laundering policies in place and is regulated by well-known authorities to ensure neutrality and accountability. These are the first few things you have to see in a broker before you finalize your decision of trading. When it comes to Atecs Capital, you can have the peace of mind that the broker has already paid attention to these details. Your information as well as the funds you have deposited in your account are equally secure with Atecs Capital.

What Can You Trade with Atecs Capital?

When you start trading with a broker, you have to look at the index of assets first. The index shows you how many assets you can trade in how many different financial markets. You should have a lot of options available for trading because diversification is good in trading or any other kind of investment. Yes, you might not need diversification when you are just starting but there are other reasons why you need a lot of assets for trading. When you have so many of them, you can pick one that you can understand the best and trade with confidence.

So, there are up to five different asset classes to choose your assets from. First, you have to look at the currencies you can trade. There are a variety of currency pairs that you can choose from depending on your trading style. If you like to take risks and don’t mind the volatility, you can go with some rare currency pairs. Atecs Capital gives you quite a few opportunities to try the rare currency pairs and make huge profits from their volatility. However, you have to be careful at the same time because volatility can cause huge losses as well. You can also trade the best and the biggest indices of the world including FTSE and NASDAQ.

Commodities include not only precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum but other assets such as corn, wheat, etc. too. The biggest list of assets is found under the stocks category. When it comes to stocks, you can choose from a variety of companies from around the world that might include but are not limited to tech companies, sportswear companies, social networking companies, etc. One special section under the assets is of cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can now trade cryptocurrency CFDs too because this market has been growing exponentially in the recent years. In short, you are free to trade the assets that you are most comfortable with when you sign up with Atecs Capital.

How Good Is the Atecs Capital Trading Platform?

Once you are sure about the security and you have taken a look at the asset index, the next step is to see the trading platform. Trading platform is what is going to define your overall experience with the broker. If the rest of the things work perfectly but the trading platform is not up to par, you will not have a good experience. Not to mention, a bad trading platform can hurt you in many ways. For example, you might place a trade on an asset looking at its upward moving price only to realize later that the price had started to go downward but your platform was too slow to show you the real-time information.

The trading platform you get from Atecs Capital is one of the best in many ways. First of all, you are going to love the fact that you have all your tradable asset and financial markets in one place. In the past, you had to move from broker to broker and platform to platform to trade different types of assets. With Atecs Capital platform, you can trade indices, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and all the different types of assets in one place. The platform has been designed with you the trader in mind. It is user friendly and you don’t have to waste your time in learning how the platform works.

It is available in the downloadable format wherein you download the software on your device and then operate it from there. You can always access the web-based version of the platform wherein you need the browser to do all your trading activities. The biggest advantage of having a web-based trading platform is that it is accessible from anywhere in the world and it does not matter what type of device you are using to access it. Whether you own a personal computer or a smartphone device, you can use the web-based platform on any of those devices without any problems.

What’s the Account Opening Procedure?

For you to be able to trade with the broker, you first have to open an account. The first thing that you need to decide is the type of account you want to open. Atecs Capital has been generous with the account types and has given you enough options to choose from. The accounts have been designed based on the type of traders that can be interested in trading. If you are someone new to trading, you would want to go with the basic account with basic features. The sound of “basic” features might be a little upsetting, but you don’t have to worry about that. All that you need in a trading account is there in the basic account as well.

For example, you are able to access all the advanced charts to keep a close eye on the movement of the market before you enter into a trade. Additionally, you have access to education material that is necessary for you to learn the way to trade the assets without exposing yourself to high risks. It is quite generous of Atecs Capital that you are getting access to trading signals despite signing up with a basic account. Yes, the signals you will receive with the basic account are fewer than those available for advanced accounts, but that’s natural and understandable. The minimum deposit for the basic account is quite small whereas you need a lot of money to open the advanced accounts.

After you have browsed the website, you can choose the “open account” option to create your account. You will have to provide some basic information about yourself while opening the account. It is imperative here that you provide only the accurate information because giving out any wrong piece of information might get your accounted closed or the application rejected. Once you have signed up, you can also fund your account by making the initial deposit. There are many different ways available for you to fund your account. The methods you can use for funding your account are coming later in the review.

Atecs Capital likes to rewards its traders for being active on its trading platform. While it may not seem like a big thing, you will not receive the treatment from all the brokers online. There are hundreds of brokers on the internet today but not all of them give you the loyalty points. Loyalty points can be benefiting in many ways. At their basic, they will increase the funds in your account for you to do more trading. Of course, leverages are also available. The leverage you can take advantage of depends on the account you have chosen. Irrespective of the type of account you choose, you can have enough leverage to control big trades and create opportunities of making big profits from your trades.

Are Deposits and Withdrawals Easy with Atecs Capital?

A quality that is common among the best online brokers is that they make deposits and withdrawals easy for their traders. When you want to fund your account, you should have a lot of options available to do that. One has to keep in mind that a broker has traders from all around the world. A deposit option that sounds great in one country might not be the best one to be used in another country. That’s why there should be enough options available to cater to the needs of traders from around the world. You will be pleased with the numbers of options you have available with Atecs Capital.

First, you can use your credit cards to deposit funds in your account. Whether you have a Visa credit card or a MasterCard credit card, you can use any of them to fund your account. Credits cards remain the most favorite way for people to fund their accounts because the fund transfer takes place faster and almost all the online brokers accept this method of payment. In addition to funding your account with a credit card, you can also send a bank wire transfer in the name of the broker. The details you need for bank transfer are available on the website.

Since everything has changed with time, credit cards and bank transfers are not the only ways for people to transfer funds to their accounts. You can also use one of the many epayment options to fund your account. The best thing is that you will not have to pay the deposit fees with majority of the methods available.

Similarly, you can use the options stated above to withdraw funds from your account. Withdrawing funds from your account is just as safe as depositing is. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that there can be fees and minimums associated with your withdrawals. What that means is that you have to enter a minimum amount to be able to make a withdraw from your account. You should also look at the table that shows you how long it will take for you to receive the funds in your hands. The time it takes for the funds to reach you depends on the method of withdrawal you use. In short, withdrawals and deposits are quite easy with Atecs Capital.

Is There Education and Training for Traders?

Education and training have become a part and parcel of the services provided by online brokers. You can’t expect a broker to not provide educational and training material for the traders to learn trading. Just like the best brokers out there, Atecs Capital also offers some great training material to its traders. Whether you are learning trading for the first time or are an experienced trader who wants to polish some advanced strategies, you will find something useful in the training material available from the broker. As mentioned earlier, how much of the training material you can access depends on the type of account you choose.

If you have signed up with a basic account, the training material you can reach is only of basic difficulty. However, if you are an experienced trader, you can take advantage of some advanced training material as well. In addition to the conventional training material, you can access webinars as well. Webinars have emerged as one of the most effective ways for traders to learn trading. In the webinars, you have some experts who talk about trading and all the associated strategies. The best thing is that you can interact with these experts and ask them questions to get clarification on anything. This level of training is extremely useful for new traders.

In addition to the material that is specifically designed for advanced and beginner traders, there are some tools that can help any type of trader. For example, you have the economic calendar that tells you about all the important events that can affect the movement of the market. Further, there is market summary that can help you know what position the market is and what type of trade you should be doing. The news can also serve as a tool when you are trading in the financial markets. It is basic knowledge that the value of the assets move on the basis of political conditions in a country, foreign policies, etc.

When you have access to the latest news, you can always capitalize on the latest information that comes to you. If you think the news you have received can affect the market negatively, you should get rid of the asset as soon as possible, if you expect its price to go down significantly. In a nutshell, you have access to some great tools that can help you trade successfully when you sign up with Atecs Capital. Many of these tools are completely free for you irrespective of the type of account you have signed up with.

Is Atecs Capital Customer Support Praiseworthy?

You know you will not be admiring the features of a broker and its platform if you don’t receive good customer support. Despite all the efforts from the broker, it is their customer support on which their impression relies. You can measure the level of customer service of a broker based on two factors: how quickly they help you, and how well they help you when you are facing an issue. When it comes to immediacy, you need your broker to give you options like live chat on the website and a phone number to call. It is not the best sight when all you have for contacting the broker is an email address.

Atecs Capital does not disappoint you with its customer support. First, if you want to contact the broker instantly, you can either call on the phone numbers available on the website or use the live chat feature on the website. In both cases, you will get a representative for your help instantly. You can send an email if your issue is not that urgent. You can also use the contact form on the website, which is not much different from an email. Last but not least, you have a detailed FAQs section on the website that attempts to address nearly all the frequent issues that traders like you face.

Final Thoughts

When you look at everything that Atecs Capital has to offer, you can say for sure that nothing that’s important for traders is missing with this broker. From ease of use of the platform and security of your funds to a smooth trading experience, you get everything at its best with Atecs Capital. There are lots of assets to trade and plenty of account options to make it easy for you to start your trading career. So, can you start a successful trading career with Atecs Capital? A simple answer to that question is yes.




Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card

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