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What are Bitcoins?

The world Bitcoin trading market is growing day by day and more traders are joining all the time, there are also a plethora of cryptocurrencies out there such as Ethereum and Litecoin but the major coin in the market is the Bitcoin and there is no denying it. Bitcoin has been around for a while since 2009, when it was woeth almost nothing but since then, the Bitcoin has gone up and up and in 2013 Bitcoin value started to skyrocket.

How are they made?

The process of creating any kind of cryptocurrency comes from a process called “mining”. This is done by using very expensive hardware that is setup specifically for the process of creating the coins. The process itself is more time consuming and power consuming, but also complex. Mining is not the thing that the average person looking to obtain Bitcoins will consider doing.

What has Changed In the Bitcoin Trading Market?

Since 2016 cryptocurrency and Bitcoin specially have been skyrocketing. As of right now 1 million companies accept BTC as payment for service and products. There are even companies that service special ATM machines for Bitcoin all around the world.

Bitcoin Trading

During 2017 and 2018 Bitcoin boomed like never before. Investors and speculators started to trade in Bitcoin at huge volumes and Bitcoin has reached up to $20k per coin at its peak. Day trading in Bitcoins for profits on Bitcoin trading websites has become a way for average people to take advantage of this booming market. It has also become a way to invest in something for the long run, many believe that Bitcoin will in the future be worth 10 or even 100 times more than it is worth today.

How to Start Bitcoin Trading?

With the variety of Bitcoin trading sites available for traders, each with its own pros and cons, choosing the best site for you is easy and simple. In our list above of our top 3 favorite Bitcoin trading sites you can find the best 3 sites that we believe to be the most convenient and profitable for traders around the world right now.