Bitcoin Billionaire Review – Is Bitcoin Billionaire Scam or Legit? Here is What We Found Out!

Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire ReviewEver had a bright dandy day at work, only to come home to the bills you took a 7 hour break from? Somehow maybe, you’ve wondered why those who do the hardest of jobs get barely enough income to get by on.

Reading a book ‘Boron letters’ by Gary Harbet back in the late ’90s gave a lesson I’d call the most valuable I’ve read in all my years on earth. It was simple and it was about doing the important things before it becomes too late to take care of. 

This is certainly one concept the white-collar workers aren’t taking advantage of. Luckily for them, this article was written for everyone out there and if willing, you’d be taking advantage of this simple concept that has generated multiple streams of income.

Have you considered ways to legitimately make a decent living? Many desperate people out there have signed up for webinars that claim to teach money-making strategies and most of the time at the end of this money-making webinar, the teachers who claim to be earning a seven-figure amount demand for a fee that never yields any profit.

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That is the case of many people out there before they discover the world of crypto trading, cryptocurrencies came into the trading industry to make a lot of people’s life much better as there are high profits to be made in the market. Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency came into the market in 2008 and has risen to very great value since then.


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As bitcoins came into existence, so did trading platforms that claim to help traders attain maximum profits in the financial market. This trading platform offers traders a chance to conveniently carry on with their day jobs while trading as a second source of income, a trader does not need to be online at all times with the help of trading platforms.

Discovering the best trading platform becomes the problem as there are features a trading platform needs to have before a trader can choose to trust in them and one of those trading platforms is Bitcoin billionaire which we would be reviewing in detail.

Bitcoin Billionaire is a firm in the Blockchain industry that offers you the Premium opportunity to sit back and make money trading with digital assets from the comfort of your home. Traditionally, trading was a market for only the ruling class; the Banks, Stock Exchange and the government but as times changed, so did this trend fade.

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Everyone can get on the market and make insane amounts of profits from the crypto market but as many traders eventually find out, trading isn’t something you just jump into. A middleman (Broker) is involved to mediate between you and the platform.

Bitcoin billionaire group displaces over 88% of uncertainties that come with trading in the financial market, they make trading as seamless as simply chilling at a beach in Miami or relaxing in the Stonehedge in the UK.

With Bitcoin billionaire, things changed for the best in the financial market and it became far easier to trade as this platform takes care of everything for you including trades ventured into. Never had it been this easy to have software take charge of all the laborious work one had to do all by himself. 

We’d be reviewing this platform in greater detail to check how legitimate it is and also consider the various methods your endless streams of possibilities would manifest. As said at the beginning, if you follow this all the way through, you’re on your way to living the luxury life of your dreams.

Bitcoin And Its Etymology

The Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency that was developed and also the first and only application based on Blockchain technology that works 24/7 and every single day of the year since the idea was pitched in 2008 and the first bitcoin was mined in 2009. Bitcoin has the unique features of creating a network of traders that conform to a global, transparent, open-source and single-currency payments network.

The currency was devised as an economic system decentralized and open to all, which proposed to users a monetary system and exchange of value better than the current trust money system. The value of this coin depends on the confidence of the users and is not controlled or regulated by any bank and for that reason, its value is so volatile.

One of Bitcoin’s great features is that it is unknown who its creator is. On October 31st, 2008, a Peer-2-Peer Money Proposal (by user to User) appeared that was based on cryptography and something named Blockchain On November 1, 2008, this information appeared on the Cryptography mailing list and was seemingly posted by a user called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Another great particularity of Bitcoin is that for the first time in history, there is a form of money that is created, distributes and custody is gained through a computer network to which you can join at any time and from any location in the world. The rhythm of the creation of Bitcoin coins is constant and well known due to the open nature of the code of its software.

Thanks to the knowledge of these data, it can be estimated that in 2140 the last existing bitcoin would be mined and so, the difficulty for the creation of Bitcoins will increase in the same way as the reward for the creation of Bitcoins will be reducing every 210,000 blocks.

According to the Bitcoin Whitepaper, each block of this Cryptocurrency is created every ten minutes and contains all the transactions performed during that period. Because bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency developed in the market, it is used as a reference value. 

All trading of the market has changed to Bitcoin, as it is the first Cryptocurrency demonstrated with visible utility and has been established as the reference token. In turn, the Bitcoin can be changed to any currency of current use, although the dollar is usually used as a reference, followed by the euro.

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An Overview Of Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin billionaire is no pushover when it comes to the trading floors, they are an efficient and reliable trading platform that leaves you in the hands of professional traders the moment you sign up; offering you the chances to make incredible ROI with edge-cutting 21st-century technology by trading Forex, CFD’s and Cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin Billionaire you can earn money every time someone buys, sells, or uses bitcoin! Imagine earning money from every single transaction in the world. It may seem impossible before with the use of fiat currency but now you can, people around the world are using bitcoin and you can now profit when they do.

The company was founded by experts who spent their years studying the markets, with immense knowledge in the financial markets. The software was created to enhance trading Capabilities through edge-cutting technology in the blockchain industry.

Whether you are just starting or you have experience in the blockchain industry, Bitcoin billionaire offers you the premium opportunity to live above your peers. With this platform, you would notice instant results as its aim is maximizing returns by offering a transparent and regulated process on a platter of gold. Everything offered on the Bitcoin billionaire trading platform is completely client-focused.

With Bitcoin billionaire, you can’t go wrong, as its customer service support are top-notch and formed by a professional analyst in the crypto market.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire Scam or a Legit Platform?

A few months ago, I happened to stumble upon a platform that promised to pay me $300 daily for inviting friends to it as well as completing other simple tasks, such as filling surveys, installing apps, etc.

Since I love experimenting with MMO (Make Money Online) platforms and exposing scams, I decided to join myself to see what it’s about and if it’s legit or not. After trying the platform out for a couple of days, I had to conclude it was a SCAM. 

In this section, we’d be running a quick review of how legitimate this platform is. Bitcoin billionaire is a platform created by two brothers, a dealer of mathematical algorithms and another who deals on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Fusing with edge-cutting innovations, they created this software which is aimed at changing the lives of thousands of people.

The Bitcoin Billionaire software has a powerful algorithm that has been tried, tested and proven. It works in a simple format by scanning the financial markets with impressive speed and accuracy, comparing huge amounts of historical data and then pinpointing potentially profitable trading opportunities.

The benefit of this is that even new traders can now trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably. 

A Variety Of Payment Options To Make Deposits

At Bitcoin Billionaire, they comprehend the numerous issues faced by traders when it boils down to making deposits and the fears associated with security on the platform. Most trading software offers limited payment options which may not be seamless for our traders as they might not be able to provide that gateway. Bitcoin billionaire has provided traders the luxury of making deposits with different payment options.

You should be able to select your preferred payment option so that you can make payments with ease. Having the freedom to choose a preferred payment gateway may not bound you to a specific payment option that may hinder your trade. 

You are presented with the option to use a debit card to make deposits and several other payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard and other e-wallet options like Skrill and Neteller, but in a situation where you are unable to make this transfer because of the limited cash deposit that various debit cards can perform, then the trader has the opportunity to make a wire transfer to a provided bank account linked to the platform.

And here comes the solid good news! You can do this Hassel free transfer in numerous currencies such as The British Pound (GBP), the United States dollar (USD) Canadian dollar (CAD) or EUR.

It may take between two to seven business days for your deposit to be reflected in your Bitcoin billionaire account but that is completely dependent on your bank and not the platform. Bitcoin strives to ensure that your payment details are kept safe as all data provided on the platform are completely encrypted and as such, all data provided on the platform are useless to hackers

The software does not support third-party payment so that they can monitor transactions made by their clients and guarantee a secure trading platform for every trader on the platform.

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A Secure Trading Software

Bitcoin billionaires offer a secure trading Software for traders to trade, many traders in the financial market have complained relentlessly about cases of insecurity, cyberattacks, and the menace of wallet theft that happens on the internet these days.

To maximize these security challenges, Bitcoin billionaire makes use of pro-security features and encryption technology to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the platform and on the off chance that they do find a way in, every data is useless to them and the encryption technology is uncrackable and top-notch.

This trading platform also verifies documents of traders before their accounts are approved, this complies with the “know your customer” initiative which ensures that individuals with fake accounts are identified via verification.

The Smart Contract feature available on the platform helps to prevent the software from using funds for other personal purposes and various other security features are put in place to help safeguard your Bitcoin billionaire’s account and provide a seamless trading session.

 Other additional security features include stop-loss limit, SSL security feature and data encryption, etc. Another big plus is that the Bitcoin Billionaire software is automated and an experienced trader will appreciate a break from the many tedious hours one needs to spend in front of a computer carefully monitoring and evaluating the financial market trends.

Since Bitcoin Billionaire will open and close trades on your behalf, even without any human intervention, you can now do other things while the software trades. It doesn’t require your presence to enact trades once you put on the auto trade feature that gives complete rein over your account to the trading platform.

Seamless Withdrawal Process

Ever sat down in front of the’ big screen waiting for your cash to come and you get that notification that tells you in 3-7 days? I know how debilitating such news can be especially when the money is supposed to be handy in a time of need. Well, at Bitcoin billionaire we have massive news for you! Gone are those days (With Bitcoin billionaire of course), withdrawing your funds from the trading platform has never been this easy.

A complicated fund withdrawal process may discourage traders from using a particular broker as traders like to have access to their funds at all times. The Bitcoin billionaire trading platform allows you to withdraw your funds directly into your bank account through the creation of an intuitive client portal that is designed to make it straightforward and less complicated for you to withdraw your funds as fast as possible.  

You may be able to make use of several payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, or bank wire transfer to make your withdrawals. The time it takes to process your withdrawal depends on the payment option that you select but the platform takes twenty-four hours to process the request and the rest is left to your bank to confirm received funds. 

The bank wire may take between five to ten days for your withdrawals to be processed and the withdrawal charges are dependent on the method of payment you are using and the amount you choose to withdraw

Explicit Customer Service

The management has shown immense commitment to the provision of exceptional and sophisticated customer care service for traders. Bitcoin billionaire has excellent customer service agents honed to meet every need of their clients to ensure a hassle-free trading process. 

The Bitcoin billionaire customer service is instant, user-friendly and is made up of an experienced team of industry professionals who are knowledgeable about handling technical issues relating to customers’ accounts or trading activities.

According to reviews from traders who have used their customer care service, the outcome has been encouraging as there are more positive reviews about their services. The customer care service is open to customers for 24 hours every day of the week. 

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Final Thoughts

After a review of the Bitcoin billionaire trading Software, we may conclude that the software is reliable and trustworthy and will help you generate passive income while trading on several financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Forex, Stocks, and commodities.

The trading platform has an intuitive user-interface that is easy for beginners and experienced traders to navigate and get the desired trading output. Bitcoin billionaire offers one specific type of account for all traders to delve in and make maximum profits based on their experience level.   

Inventors of Bitcoin incorporated many information and features to the platform and one of these features allows for the full customization of the Bitcoin Billionaire software by the user to their exact needs. That is, you can set your trading parameters based on your trading skills and preferences.

You can also select the assets you want on the Bitcoin Billionaire software to trade, you can select the amount you want to invest in each trade, the risk level and much more. It is all these features that make Bitcoin Billionaire stand out from the rest and it’s what makes this app one of the most profitable and consistent crypto trading apps in the market.


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Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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