Bitcoin ETF: BTC Will Mirror Gold’s History Post-ETF Approval – Analysts

BTC’s Recent Price Action

During the Asian trading session on Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price reached the noteworthy milestone of $35,000. This value surge marks the cryptocurrency’s highest point since May 2022.

The price surge has attracted significant attention from investors and enthusiasts as Bitcoin continues to showcase its potential as a valuable asset. Much of the excitement surrounding Bitcoin’s recent price surge is linked to the possibility that the US SEC would soon approve a spot ETF for the leading digital asset.

Compared to futures-based ETFs, a spot ETF would directly invest in the underlying asset, creating increased demand for Bitcoin.

The Significance Of A Spot ETF Approval

Buying, storing, and managing Bitcoin can be complex and intimidating for many investors and those less familiar with cryptocurrency markets. Accordingly, a spot ETF simplifies this process.

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It allows investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin holding without setting up a wallet or having accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges. This opens a new wave of institutional investment in Bitcoin.

An additional benefit of the approval of a spot ETF by regulatory bodies is that it would signify a significant vote of confidence in the cryptocurrency market. It would imply that Bitcoin has a regulatory oversight similar to more traditional assets like stocks and commodities.

This added layer of legitimacy could attract more investors, including those previously cautious about investing in cryptocurrency. Increased institutional investment, facilitated by a spot ETF, could lead to improved liquidity in the Bitcoin market.

Higher liquidity typically reduces price volatility, making Bitcoin a more attractive investment option for a wider audience, including risk-averse investors and institutions. Accordingly, analysts have drawn parallels to the period the NYSE listed the first spot gold ETF.

This development allowed investors to gain exposure to gold without purchasing physical gold directly.

Gold’s Remarkable Price Trajectory After ETF Approval

Following the listing of the first spot gold ETF in 2004, gold’s price embarked on a 3-year bull run. Despite trading at approximately $430 per ounce in 2004, gold’s price doubled by the end of 2007.

By December 2011, gold’s price had skyrocketed over 300%, reaching $1,800 per ounce. This remarkable growth highlights the potential impact that an ETF approval can have on the value of an asset.

While gold is renowned for its slower and steadier price movements, Bitcoin is known for its higher volatility. Despite these differences, analysts forecast that Bitcoin can re-enact gold’s bullish rally after an ETF approval and could trade at a value exceeding $120,000 three years after the approval.

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At the time of writing, gold’s price hovers near $1,977 per ounce. This increase is partly attributed to geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

In contrast, Bitcoin remains approximately 50% below its highest price point of November 2021. Nevertheless, some analysts believe BTC’s price will reach $50K before next year’s halving event

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