Bitcoin Private Key Generator – Safety Measures and How To


Bitcoin Private Key Generator

Bitcoin owners are always stressed about the fact that they could lose all of their bitcoin at any given time. The worst part is that most of them do not even know what they should do in case that occurs. Well, let me emphasize on the fact that if you do not have your own private key, then you do not possess our bitcoins. I am sure most of you reading this may be surprised after hearing this, but the fact of the matter is that it is the truth.

Andreas M Anotnopolous, the person considered to have the most bitcoin related knowledge claims that the private key should always remain a secret at all costs. This is because once it is revealed to the third parties; they get total control on your bitcoins which are secured through that specific key. You should also make sure that the private key is protected and backed up from accidental loss. Once you lose a key, recovering it is impossible, which also means that the funds you secured will be lost as well.



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That being said, Bitcoin is still the most widely used and safest cryptocurrency, only if it has public key or private key. In case you do not know what they are, think of them as a mailbox that gets all of your physical mail. These keys have a specific and unique address. In case somebody is looking to send you a letter, they should be aware of your flat or house number for delivering it.

As far as the receiver goes, they should have access to a private key for unlocking the mailbox for collecting their belongings. Just like you do not give away your house’s keys to strangers, you shouldn’t give away your private keys either. Make sure that you always track your key and steer clear from jeopardizing your mailbox’s contents.

Just like your flat or house number, virtually anyone present in the world of Bitcoin can find out your public bitcoin address for sending bitcoins to you. In order to unlock your bitcoins, you will need your private key or address. You have to take complete responsibility of this key just like your mailbox keys. Once you thoroughly understand the technical aspects involved, you will have better knowledge regarding the ins and outs of bitcoin private keys, which will help you to take proper care of your bitcoin keys.

What are Private Bitcoin Keys

Since this article is specifically about bitcoin private key generator, let us get into some further details regarding private bitcoin keys. Private bitcoin keys are secret; they come in the form of alphanumeric numbers and passwords for sending or spending bitcoins towards other bitcoin addresses. In case you are wondering what a bitcoin key is like, it is a long number of 256 bit. It is chosen randomly as soon as you decide to make a wallet. The cryptographic functions in bitcoin private key generators make sure that all the private keys are unique, random, and virtually unidentifiable. Bitcoin private key always begin with five.

The Use of Bitcoin Private Keys

The purpose of private keys is to create transactions that are irreversible. Without them, sending and spending bitcoins anywhere and to anyone would not be possible. There are several mathematical signatures that guarantee the irreversibility as they are linked with every transaction whenever someone uses private keys for sending bitcoins.

You may be surprised that the signatures of every individual transaction are different to each other despite being generated through the same keys. Because of this feature, copying them becomes impossible. This allows users to utilize the key over and over again with full confidence. This mathematical relation provides assistance in confirming the legitimacy of the signatures. They also prove that they belong to specific account holders are looking to transfer their bitcoins.

Safety Measures for Private Keys

There is no shame in admitting that quite a lot of stuff related to private key generators might go over your head. I went through the same problem as well and it took me a considerable amount of time to learn its basics. That being said, you do not need to know too much for keeping your private keys safe.

Private keys are essentially digital keys which are crucial for bitcoin ownership. The keys are not saved in the Bitcoin network. Instead, they are stored and created by the software or file which is also known as the wallet. The wallet is responsible for storing the keys. Several types of wallets are there. Some of them let the user guard and store the private keys, while there are others that provide safety to the key on the user’s behalf.

Will I Have to Generate My Private Key?

This is a common question that bitcoin owners ask regarding private keys. Let me begin by telling you that generally, you do not need to. Let’s say you are using a web wallet from Coinbase, they manage and create the private keys for the users. The same goes for exchanges. Desktop and mobile wallets tend to generate private keys for the users, although they could provide the option of creating the wallet from your personal private key.

So you may be wondering why you should generate it regardless. Well here are some strong reasons:

  • You would not want others to get hold of your key so you want it to be as private as possible
  • You are looking to get deeper knowledge regarding random number generation and cryptography.

Bottom Line

Tons of Bitcoin private key generators are there to make the job simpler or you. Not only do they generate private keys, they provide bitcoin wallets as well to make things easier. The best thing about these generators is that most of them generate completely random and unique keys making sure that it is impossible to steel or duplicate them. Furthermore most of the bitcoin private key generators are user friendly and non-technical.



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