Is There a Strategy for Winning in Bitcoin Roulette Games?

Bitcoin Roulette

Are you someone who finds interest in playing online casino games? If yes, you are living at the right moment in time because of how many possibilities you have available today. In the past, the only way for you to participate in gambling was to visit a casino near you. There was no concept of online when there was no internet. However, internet has now made it possible for you to participate in gambling while sitting at home because of the internet. The best thing is that you can be in any casino in any part of the world from the comfort of your bedroom.

The New Bitcoin Betting and Gambling

One of the biggest revolutions in the modern world has taken place in the form of cryptocurrencies. When you talk about cryptocurrencies, you have to talk about blockchain as well. Blockchain is the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based, and it happens to be the technology that can change the way money moves in the system all around the world. In addition to cryptocurrencies, there are mobile applications based on this technology. At the same time, you now have online casinos taking advantage of this technology by allowing cryptocurrencies to be used on their platforms.



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Just like you use fiat currencies on online betting and gambling websites, you can now bet with the help of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, bitcoin betting and gambling are extremely popular because this is the most famous currency in the cryptocurrency world. It also happens to be the cryptocurrency with the highest value. The best thing is that now you have many online gambling and betting websites that allow you to participate in their games using bitcoin as the currency. Of course, you have to have bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in your possession before you participate in any game.

How to Participate in Bitcoin Roulette and Betting

The first thing you need to do is to own bitcoins before you participate in the game. You might be someone who has had bitcoins since the early days. However, that’s not the case with everyone. If you don’t have bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, you can go to an online exchange to buy the cryptocurrencies. There are dozens of online exchanges where you can find the cryptocurrencies of your choice. The best thing is that you can find bitcoin on just about any exchange that is available online.

So, once you have selected the website that allows bitcoin betting, you have to go to the online exchange where you can convert your fiat money into bitcoins. Here, you have to know that you can buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards too. This feature is not very common right now but you do have this option available on a lot of exchanges today. Once you have bought the cryptocurrencies, you can transfer the bitcoins to your crypto wallet. It is best that you do not let the money stay on the wallet on the exchange. Unfortunately, online cryptocurrency exchanges are not very well-known when it comes to security of funds of the investors.

When you are on the website for betting, you can transfer the money right from your crypto wallet to your online account with the casino. The money will be deducted from your credit in your online account.

Why You Should Consider Bitcoin Roulette

An important question that might come in your mind at this point is why you should be participating in bitcoin betting. Of course, you have hundreds of online websites where you can participate in gambling and betting using fiat currencies. There are many benefits to using bitcoins to participate in online betting. The first reason that comes from the experts is that you enjoy more security of money when you bet with bitcoin. This is safe currency because of its nature. You can maintain your anonymity when you participate in betting using bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies.

Not to mention, you never have to have money in your bank account or in a personal safe. You must remember that digital currencies only exist in the digital world. They do not have a physical existence. It makes more sense to be gambling and betting in the digital world with digital currency. If you are successful in your bets, you will earn the money in the form of bitcoins too. As soon as you win the bet, the money is transferred to your online account and from there to your crypto wallet. This is the fastest way to get the money from your winnings. On the other hand, things are not so easy when you use fiat currencies. Getting a wire transfer from the casino can take quite some time before the money is credited into your account.

Strategy to Win Bitcoin Roulette

It might be a bit disappoint for you but when you talk about the roulette game, you are talking about pure luck. This game is all about luck and when something is about luck, there is nothing you can do to guarantee your winning. Yes, there are a few ways you can increase your chances of winning the bet. For example, you can place more bets because the more you play the more chances you have of winning. This is like lottery where buying more tickets increases your chances of winning. There are many other things you can consider before participating in a bitcoin roulette game to get some chances of winning.

For example, you can decide between American and British roulette. If you look at the pictures online, you will see that the number of pockets on the American roulette are more than the number of pockets on the British roulette. The difference is not huge though. The American wheel has an additional pocket that says “00”. This additional pocket reduces your chance of winning because of the additional pocket. The difference might not be huge but it is there. When you do the math, you will realize that the chances of winning on a British wheel are always higher than they are on an American wheel.

Another strategy that you can use when you are playing bitcoin roulette is by placing your bets on the outside numbers. You have to know that the payouts for the outside bets are not the best. However, they are great because the chances of winning are great e.g. they are close to 50%. Experts of the game also suggest that you should be focusing on highs and lows, odds and evens, more than the numbers themselves. This way, you have more chances of winning the bets. This rule applies not only to Bitcoin betting but betting with any other currency.

Last but not least, you should not consider the money you win from your bets your money while you are playing. For example, if you started with 50 euros but after a win you have 70 euros, it is highly recommended that you cash out the 20 euros that you have won. In this way, you will be in the game again with only 50 euros that you had with you when you started the game. Putting your winning amount in the game is not sensible at all.

Avoid the Scams

It is important for you to realize that the bitcoin betting industry is flourishing fast in the recent years. People know that they enjoy many benefits when they gamble and bet with bitcoins in the online world. This attraction has led to the rise of many websites and online casinos that are there only to make money. They will lure you into opening accounts with them and transferring your bitcoins without offering you anything in return. Once you have transferred your precious digital coins, they will make the money disappear. It is best that you read online reviews before you participate in bitcoin betting online.

Don’t Forget It Is about Luck

You don’t have to forget that a roulette game is all about luck. Luck is what this game is based on. If there is someone on the casino or anywhere in the online world telling you that they can tell you a surefire strategy to win the game, they are lying. A few strategies that can work have already been stated above. There is no guaranty of winning the roulette game because that would kill the purpose of the game in the first place. Furthermore, you want to keep away from the scams because in that case, you will never win a game even if you are the luckiest person on earth.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin roulette has become quite common in the recent days. The reason behind that is the popularity of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. Today, online casinos have realized that this currency is here to stay. Furthermore, more and more countries in the world are accepting the legality and authenticity of this currency. The non-involvement of the bank in bitcoin transfers when you are betting online is what makes this amazing currency extremely attractive for bettors from around the world. If you have been looking for a quick and safe way to bet online, bitcoin roulette might just be the thing for you.



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