Do Kwon Seeks SEC’s Trial Delay: Here’s Why

Extradition Challenges

Multiple reports reveal that Do Kwon, Terraform Labs’ co-founder, formally petitioned the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to postpone his ongoing trial until March. The primary reason for this request is the continuous difficulties in the extradition procedure from Montenegro.

In a carefully worded letter addressed to Judge Jed Rakoff, Kwon’s legal team emphasized the importance of his attendance at the trial, which was slated for January 29. According to the letter’s content, Kwon is keen on participating in his trial, and the legal counsel had expected a swifter resolution to the extradition proceedings in Montenegro, which didn’t happen.

This unexpected delay in the extradition process has caused Kwon and his legal team to request an extension. Thus, he can be physically present at the trial proceedings in March. The complexities of international legal proceedings and the problems provided by the extradition process have complicated the case, forcing this official request for a trial postponement.

US SEC’s Charges Against Kwon

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed legal action against Mr. Kwon in February 2023, alleging that he was involved in a complicated crypto securities fraud worth billions of dollars. The SEC began this legal action in response to the premature collapse of TerraUSD (USTC), Terraform Labs’ stablecoin, and the Terra (LUNA) token.

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Given the legal processes, Mr. Kwon’s lawyers understood the gravity of the issue and the urgent need for a trial to be held as soon as possible. Nonetheless, they expressed the impracticality of keeping the initially scheduled trial date, citing scheduling constraints that would deter Mr. Kwon’s attendance.

In the formal correspondence, the legal counsel emphasized their understanding of the court’s limits regarding the indefinite postponement of the trial. However, they urged for a reasonable extension until mid-March, claiming that this delay would provide Mr. Kwon an authentic opportunity to participate actively in the judicial procedures.

Kwon’s Extradition Battle And Arrest

Recall that Montenegro’s Appeals Court overturned the previous verdict of the Podgorica Supreme Court, which had approved Kwon’s extradition to either the United States or South Korea. However, one week before this judicial turnaround, there were reports that authorities in the US and South Korea had jointly demanded an additional two months of incarceration for Kwon after his term expired.

Given the severity of the allegations against Kwon and both countries’ concurrent pursuit of extradition, many industry observers speculate that he may face several count charges in various jurisdictions. Meanwhile, Kwon’s case has brought together multiple legal jurisdictions due to the intricacy of the extradition proceedings despite cross-border legal issues involving the United States, Montenegro, and his native South Korea.

The Terraform Labs’ co-founder was arrested in Montenegro in March 2023 following an attempt to leave the country with forged documents on a flight to Dubai. The circumstances surrounding Kwon’s detention in Montenegro further complicate the current judicial situation.

Meanwhile, the appeal court’s impending ruling adds another layer of legal complexities to the proceedings. Unsurprisingly, many industry participants are keen on this case, given that the sudden collapse of Terraform Labs had huge negative consequences on the broader crypto market. Also, Kwon’s actions since the incident haven’t provided any form of reprieve.

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