Eiro-Group Review – Is Eiro-Group.com a Recommended Online Broker?

Eiro-Group Review

Eiro-group website

Several brokers are serving traders and investors. Most of them offer the trading of particular tradable assets: some deal with forex while other deals with crypto. There are very few brokers that are providing a wide variety of tradable products. These rare brokers also include Eiro-Group that is known for its legit nature. I will review everything about Eiro-Group so that you will be familiar with the site and its trading services.

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  1. Overview of Eiro-Group
  2. Trading with Broker’s Assistance
  3. Education for Traders
  4. Highly Profitable Opportunities
  5. Types of Accounts for your Convenience
  6. How to Start Trading with Eiro-Group?
  7. Global Trading Platform
  8. Is Eiro-Group a Secure Trading Site?
  9. Perfect Customer Support
  10. Affordable Fee Structure
  11. Easy Procedure for Deposits and Withdraws
  12. Variety of Tradable Products
  13. Conclusion

Overview of Eiro-Group

Eiro-Group is one of the best places for trading Forex, stocks, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrency. It makes its place in the market for its exceptional features such as low fee structure, a wide range of tradable products, and outstanding customer support.

The broker has complied with the rules and regulations of a recognized regulatory body. Being a member of the reputable regulatory framework, it takes care of its users’ needs and privacy.

On the site, you not only eligible for shares and stocks trading, but cryptocurrency is also available at your doorstep for trading.

Most brokers charge high commission rates on trades but Eiro-Group provides a favorable environment for trading at affordable prices. Deposits and withdrawals of funds are easy to operate with no hindrance. The customer support is active round the clock for customers’ queries.

Trading with Broker’s Assistance

Trading is a difficult task and sometimes results in a loss in case of wrong portfolio formation. However, the experienced gurus can make enough profit even from the bearish market. This is dependent on the trading strategies and tactics which need to be learned by every trader.

For new babies, the broker provides free education including the fundamental concepts and best trading strategies. The broker also serves its users through consultants. The highly experienced consultants are hired by Eiro-Group to assist traders in their trading journey.

Education for Traders

The education center is developed to make people familiar with the trading world. Everything you need to know about trading is available on the site. The information related to all of the assets is listed on the broker. For example, one can learn about crypto trading and how to save assets by fully understanding the volatile nature of digital assets.

For traditional assets, best portfolio making strategies are written down, besides assets diversification’s tactics. The education is so informative that even beginners can become experienced traders after seeking guidance from the education center.

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Highly Profitable Opportunities

The trading made thousands of people rich and is considered a notable professional carrier. The investors across the world used their capital in trading different entities. These could be companies’ shares or commodities like oil, natural gas, etc.

It’s about the choices of stocks or shares that make people rich. A layperson does not know which assets are profitable. New babies sometimes spend their money on those tradable assets that end up in loss. So, the identification of profitable opportunities from markets is a skill that is very important for this profession. In order to make a profit in bags of money, one will have to invest in those tradable products that give a high return.

But, the users of Eiro-Group do not need to worry as the broker has listed only profitable assets. Similarly, only those cryptocurrencies are available for trading that has more potential. Besides profitable assets, the consultant’s assistance prevents you from losing capital. So, every trade on your part will definitely give a lot of profit.

Types of Accounts for your Convenience

Some traders want to invest a big amount of their capital for trading while some put only small investment. Similarly, the amount of investment is also correlated with traders’ experience level. Professional traders play big moves and for a long time. Day traders are known for playing within certain constricts while experimenting with little investments.

With each account, the services offered by the broker are different depending on the investment ratio. These include basic account, silver account, gold account, platinum account, diamond account, and millionaire club.

  1. Basic Account

This type of account is for those who are new to the trading world. New babies can start trading with a wide range of tradable assets with the basic account. One can access the educational portal partly. The minimum limit for deposits is 500 EUR while the maximum limit is 9,999 EUR. On opening a basic account, one will get a bonus of up to 10% along with a 10% insurance level on the investment.

Basic account holders will have access to trading signals on a daily basis. Besides daily signals, they are also eligible for daily market review. These facilities are exceptional for such kind of account as compared to other brokers. Junior account manager will help traders in making trades but for the first two weeks.

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  1. Silver Account

This one provides more features and facilities for customers than the previous one. The minimum and maximum limits are 10,000 EUR and 99,999 EUR respectively. The loyalty bonus will be up to 20% for silver account owners. Similarly, the insurance level is also up to 20%.

The saving account is also available that is an outstanding edge for investors. Daily subscription of trading signals and market reviews is also unlocked for the silver account. Charts are very important for safe moves as charting’s data predict future price value. Advanced charts with tools are accessible at traders’ doorstep.

  1. Gold Account

This account is for those investors who are willing to invest more than 100,000 EUR. People can deposit funds up to 499,999 EUR with the gold account. This one will give you more comfort as trading signals will receive two times a day so that you can pinpoint profitable opportunities. The educational portal is fully unlocked for gold users.

The loyalty bonus, as well as the insurance level, is increased by up to 30%. The interesting characteristic of the gold account is that traders can attend the webinar sessions. The trading assistance is extraordinary as a trader can get support from the junior manager, senior manager, and a group of analysts.

  1. Platinum Account

For intermediate traders, the platinum account is best as a lot of features unlocked for platinum users. The insurance level and loyalty bonus are extended up to 60%. Besides 100% reach to education section, the trader will receive trading signals three times a day. One can deposit funds from 250,000 EUR to 499,999 EUR.

Like the previous one, platinum account holders will get unlimited assistance from junior and senior account managers. The broker is also providing WhatsApp and customer support services for platinum customers. Webinars and education on the part of Eiro-Group make trading unmatchable for traders.

  1. Diamond Account

By opening a diamond account, all of the features get unlocked which are locked up for previous accounts. You will get unlimited access to account managers. With the diamond account, one can invest up to 1,000,000 EUR. The minimal amount for deposit is 500,000 EUR.

The facilities include advanced charts, exclusive updates, webinars, trading alerts, education, daily market review, junior account manager, senior account manager, saving account, 24/5 support, money management, 80% bonus, WhatsApp, invites to events, and access to a group of analysts.

  1. Millionaire Club

To accommodate the VIP customers, the broker has introduced a special account called Millionaire Club. Investors are required to deposit a minimum amount of 1,000,000 to open this account. All services offered by Eiro-Group are available for the account owners. Additional facilities will be granted by the broker for better investment diversification.

How to Start Trading with Eiro-Group?

Trading with Eiro-Group is easy. After going through 3-4 steps, you can start trading of a wide variety of assets. The whole process of registration with the broker is dynamic and easy to follow. Everything regarding opening an account is written clearly on the site. You can easily register yourself on the site following the given instructions.

  1. Creation of Account

After opening the official website of Eiro-Group, you will select the option of account creation. You are required to put the information correctly. They will ask you to give personal information for the identification process. Never paste wrong information; otherwise, you cannot become the user of the broker.

Once you put the info correctly, you will have to verify your account. After the instant verification procedure, you will become the official member of the Eiro-Group.

  1. Make your First Deposit

After the successful registration process, you will paste the login ID and password, and enter into the dashboard page. The trading game will start, once you feed your account. After submitting the funds, one will be able to use the broker’s services.

The broker has listed reliable payment methods for your comfort. You can select one of these methods depending on your needs and region of your residency. The course of action for adding funds into account is simple and easy to follow.

  1. Start Trading

Finally, you are able to start trading a wide list of trading assets. Choose the account type and submit funds according to conditions for the particular account type. Your trading experience will be outstanding as the broker is offering a number of features that are not found commonly on other brokers.

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Global Trading Platform

Eiro-Group is established to serve the traders and investors across the world. To cater to the customers’ needs, Eiro-Group hired professional staff from all over the world to accommodate the users in a better way. Several languages are integrated so that users from any part of the world can use the site with ease and comfort.

Moreover, the broker listed the most profitable assets of the world. For example, it allows users to invest in the most reputable companies and firms in the world. Eiro-Group is called the global trading platform since its outreach in every part of the world. However, it is restricted to some countries. This restriction may due to strict policies of the government or broker is not regulated with a particular country’s authority concerning exchanges.

Is Eiro-Group a Secure Trading Site?

Are you in search of a secure place to invest money? If right, then you are at the right place because Eiro-Group deployed the latest technology to protect users’ assets. This broker is known for its legit nature throughout the international trading markets.

Professional traders are experienced enough that they can easily identify the real brokers. They always find legit sites for their investment. This is because they are aware of the particular features that are particularly found in the secure brokerage services providers. For your information, the experienced gurus have positive words for Eiro-Group. They are already using the site for trading opportunities.

New babies, most of the time, get distracted and find fake brokers from the market. As a result, they lose their capital and left behind empty. This is because they are unable to pinpoint original and real trading sites because of their less knowledge in the trading world. However, they have another way to check the broker’s legitimacy. They can read out the users’ reviews about the broker. The users of Eiro-Group give the highest score to the broker regarding the security of assets and users’ privacy.

Perfect Customer Support

Don’t go for that broker whose customer support is not good. The support portal must be active so that you can contact the support team for queries regarding your account and other things. In case of failed support, you may lose your assets. This shows how important is the customer help for the customers.

Eiro-Group is known for providing prompt responses to users on time. The support team is highly professional in terms of giving instant assistance to customers. You will get optimum help from the support team in case of any issue or problem. The people who are already using the site give positive reviews about the services.

Affordable Fee Structure

The fee schedule, however, is not shown on the site. But after being registered on the broker’s website, you will come to know about trading fees. But from personal exposure to the website, I can assure you that fees are very affordable. Traders and Investors easily get attracted by the affordable and charming fee structure of the Eiro-Group.

People who are in search of a trading place where they can easily make trades with no fear of expensive rates. The less expensive nature allows users to trade with mental peace. The aim of the broker is to take care of its users. For this, they provide a competitive fee schedule as compared to other brokers in the market.

Easy Procedure for Deposits and Withdraws

The broker is very conscious in terms of deposits and withdraws. They have added the instructions on how to add and remove funds from the broker’s account. The comprehensive guide document is provided by the Eiro-Group for users’ ease. One can easily deposit and withdraws funds by just following the instructions.

The brokerage listed a comprehensive list of payment methods. These include debit cards, credit cards, and Bank wire transfers. With credit cards, the payments proceed instantly with no delay. On the other hand, the deposits through bank wire transfer can take up to 45 business days.

Variety of Tradable Products

Traders want variety in trading. They want to diversify their investment in different assets. The broker understands their requirements and included a wide list of tradable products on the site. You can find the assets from the traditional ones to digital ones.

Forex options include the most reputable currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, and many others. The trading platform offers you reliable commodities for trading including oil, gas, gold, silver, and more.

To earn a return on big investments, Eiro-Group added world top indices such as NASDAQ, FTSE, SPI, IBEX, and DAX. Cryptocurrency is accepted as a tradable asset across the world and the investors are acknowledging its potential. The highly profitable cryptocurrencies are added for trading including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and other reliable digital currencies.

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Eiro-Group has left behind the major brokers in many things such as competitive fee structure, consultancy for traders, outstanding leverages on assets, and good customer support. Being a member of a recognized regulatory body, it takes care of the users’ assets with advanced encryption.

The efficient trading services along with six different account types, depending on the needs and expertise level of the traders, make it the unmatchable trading platform out there. The experienced support team of the Eiro-Group gives users an additional bundle of services that assist in managing accounts and trading of assets.

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