Electrum24 Review – Is Electrum24 A Safe Platform For Crypto Trading?

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Electrum24 Review 

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Today I have come up with an Electrum24 review. The main purpose of writing this review is to walk you through a good brokerage firm that could be your ideal broker and can help you to begin your trading voyage in the financial market. The financial market has an abundant number of traders in it. To cater to them, there are lots of brokers too who provide traders with access and a platform through which they can trade. A broker that has gained some attention recently is Electrum24. Despite the many brokers present in the field, traders still struggle to find a good and worthy broker to work with.

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Traders cannot survive in the financial market without a broker. This is why as soon as they want to start trading, they have to get in contact with a broker in order to reach out to the market. Without a broker, a trader cannot invest or buy or sell any asset. And as of recently, this has been a major issue. A lot of traders are struggling to choose a broker that has all the features necessary. Such features include providing security and safety, freedom whilst trading in the market, good customer support service, and many more. But if so many options are available, then why do traders struggle to find a good broker. Well, one of the main reasons is that because there are so many brokers, it is hard to choose one.

This easily confuses customers as it is hard to choose one out of so many options. Obviously, every trader would want to start working with a really good broker, but when there are so many options, how can they decide which is the best? So many companies seem the same. They also sell the same promises more or less, which is why it makes the process of choosing even more complex. This is also an extremely time-consuming procedure and takes huge amounts of patience to pinpoint a broker that matches your needs. However, at times many people run out of patience and choose to just go with any broker. This is a very risky thing because one decision taken out of frustration and in a rush can cost you a lot in the future.

One of the biggest risks of making such a hasty decision is that the brokerage company can turn out to be a scam. And if you have mistaken them for an authentic and genuine one, then that means your funds and investments are lost. Therefore it is always recommended that before you decide on the broker, you have researched properly and checked their background. Reviews help a lot as they show whether traders have had some previous experience with the broker. If so, then at times, that can pose as proof that you can trust the company.

When you are choosing the broker, do keep your list of requirements in mind. If you are looking for security, then ensure that it is something the broker prioritizes. Because once you have chosen a broker and deposit the amount, then you have to stick to your decision. In the market, Electrum24 is a really good option. It has risen in the ranking, as a lot of traders like what it has to offer, such as its services, and this will be discussed in detail. So read along and find out why you should choose Electrum24 as the broker to help you trade.

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Why you should choose Electrum24

Electrum24 is one of the highest reputed brokerage firms in the market, but this statement alone is not going to help you to decide whether you should choose it or not. So here are some of the key factors that prove that Electrum24 is a distinctive broker and better than others.

No compromise on security 

In the world of online trading, you have to be connected to the internet in order to perform tasks. But this connection of you with the world also comes with some threats, and the major threat is your privacy and security of your data. As in online trading, all of the transactions are being done on the internet, so it is very likely to encounter many scams and threats by hackers. In order to overcome this threat and provide traders with a platform where they can trade with the satisfaction of mind, Electrum24 has taken all the necessary steps which ensure the security of the trader’s money and personal information. As you have to deposit your money when you sign up with any brokerage firm, it is very important to keep in mind that your money is exposed to hackers as well. But Electrum24 has taken steps and adopted policies that are going to help them to ensure the security of the trader. The first policy that is adopted by Electrum24 is KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. In this policy, brokerage firms are bound to keep an account of the customers that are being registered with the firm and keep a record to ensure that there is no illegal or filthy activity happening on the platform. Another policy that has been adopted by Electrum24 is AML (Anti Money Laundering) which is mandatory for every broker to adopt in order to get regulated. These policies are formed by many financial regulatory authorities to ensure that there are no cybercriminals involved with any brokerage firm.

Electrum24 requires a bunch of documents that need to be verified by the firm. These documents include a national ID card, utility bill, bank statement, or credit card bill to verify the identity and residence of the trader. Surely no scammer is ever going to provide his actual information, and these firms are not going to open an account of such scammers. Another step that has been taken by Electrum24 is that it doesn’t mix customer’s deposits with their own funds. It ensures that your money is only being used for trading purposes only. The deposits of the company are kept by the leading financial institutions just in case the firm goes bankrupt. The funds of traders can be given back to them safely. This step surely shows that they don’t have any intentions to scam you or steal your money. These security steps are going to give traders the ultimate peace of mind while trading.

Various types of accounts to choose from

As a trader, there are many personal preferences when it comes to choosing their account types. Every trader has different requirements. Some of the traders are willing to invest more in the trading, while others are just trying to take it slow. Electrum24 fulfils every trader’s needs by offering multiple types of accounts to choose from, which will help the trader to choose whatever account he wants. The list below is going to tell you about the types of accounts they offer.

  • Bronze account

This is the account that has been made to help traders who are new to the field of trading. That is why the minimum amount required to open this account has been kept only €500. The amount has been kept so low because the new investors are not that experienced to trade higher amounts of money in the field. The account offers static spreads, leverage of 1:200, and a minimum lot size of “0.1”. As the account is designed to cater to new investors, that is why it contains many introductory materials which are going to help new traders to get used to the interface and platform of Electrum24 and make them aware of some of the basic knowledge about trading.

  • Silver account

This account has been made to cater to traders who have gained enough experience to level up their trading, the minimum deposit required to open this account is €5,000. The price is kept higher because the traders who want to invest €5,000 or more than that can open this account and trade through it. As the traders are investing more, there are some perks to it as well as an incentive of 25%, which is offered to the trader as a welcome bonus on their initial deposit. The lot size of this account is also increased to 0.5, and not only that, but traders are also going to get partial access to masters.

  • Gold account

From the list, you can have a guess that this account is made for advanced traders. That means more experienced traders who have been trading for quite some time and have enough experience to play big games are welcomed in this type of account. As an experienced trader, you deserve something extra as well. Electrum24 is giving you something extra by giving you a welcome bonus of 50%, which shows a welcoming gesture from the firm. But in order to get this much bonus, traders have to deposit a minimum of €25,000 to open this account. But this price justifies everything that this account offers, higher leverage of 1:400, full access to the master, analytical updates, minimum lot size of 1, and some other amazing features.

  • Black account

The name black has been chosen by the firm for a reason. It is not accessible to every trader. Only traders who are invited can open this type of account and are only exclusive to them. Now the question arises who those lucky traders who get access to this account are? Is there any lucky draw among the traders? To answer these questions, there is a minimum eligibility criterion that has to be met by a trader in order to be able to get access to this account. The account offers the highest leverage of up to 1:500 and has the most features among every type of account, which means all of the features that Electrum24 offers to other account holders are given to black account holders as well, but some extras as well. The lot size of this account is increased to 1.5 in this account.

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Electrum24 trading account types

Electrum24 trading Instruments 

Traders join the trading market so that they can make money. This only happens through the right experience and the right choices. Brokers are meant to provide this as traders cannot gain access to such things without a broker. One of the key things traders are on the search for is the many different trading instruments. These help traders broaden their expertise and make profits by trading with many different instruments. But it is hard to decide immediately which trading instrument will help you to maximize your profits. Therefore the more freedom a broker provides and the more options that it has to offer, the easier it is for the trader to find trading instruments that help them make money.

The market is so advanced now that there are numerous amounts of trading instruments. Each one has its own risks and benefits, and each trading instrument suits different traders. Therefore as a trader, you have to be aware of what your requirements are. After that, you can decide your choice of trading instruments that would go really well together.

At times brokers do not have the liberty to offer traders with such varieties, and this becomes a major cause in restricting the traders. This prohibits traders from venturing into the many possibilities that the financial market provides. This way, their potential revenues also get halted. But that is not the case with Electrum24, as it prioritizes having lots of options. On the Electrum24 platform, you will come across 1500 trading instruments. This is an amount that you rarely hear off. Because rarely do brokers provide so many trading instruments that you can assess through one single platform. The good thing about these trading instruments is that they are components of really influential and profitable trading markets. As a trader, you should take one thing away from it, that your profits will be maximized.

You might think that why would so many trading instruments benefit you, as you might just want to invest in Bitcoin. The key thing is not even two traders have the same level of expertise, budget, or requirements. So just like one account type cannot suit every trader. Similarly, one trading instrument cannot suit everyone. By providing them with options, you give them the liberty to delve into different types and choose which one suits them. Some factors that help a trader decide which trading instrument is good for them are budget, risks, and the profit that it will bring.

For traders that are new, it is obvious that you would want to play it safe and not choose a trading instrument that has a really high-risk level. So that means that if you are looking for an option with low risk, then commodities are a good one. It is a very safe choice, and even though the profits are not huge, they are very regular. Within commodities, you have further options, such as soft and hard commodities. These include agricultural goods such as rice and coffee or even natural gas and oil that are considered energies.

No matter how experienced you are as a trader, everyone knows how big and successful the foreign exchange market is. This is also the main reason that it is a huge deal to trade-in like it is the biggest trading market amongst all. Electrum24 provides its traders with a chance to trade in this market too. This way, they can really increase their revenues. On it, you can choose any currency pair to buy and sell, such as USD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and many more. After commodities and currency pairs, Electrum24 also provides the option of stocks. Now this means that you can buy and sell shares of companies. These companies are huge and are so well known and reputable all over the world, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Tesla. There are many other companies to choose from too.

But if you want to go even higher, then indices would be the right choice. To cater to its customers, Electrum24 offers some of the best indices such as FTSE, NASDAQ, DAX, S&P, and many more. Lastly, Electrum24 also offers the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. This is a fairly new form of trading instrument, but it has taken over the world and is really advanced and popular in the whole world. Right now, it is the most wanted trading instrument on the trading market. Some examples are Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. There are others too if you are not satisfied.

Electrum24 has shown that providing customers with so many options only means that they will get the chance to experience and find one trading instrument that is the most suited to their needs.


The Crypto world is no doubt full of opportunities for traders. Many traders have benefitted a lot from crypto and earned handsome amounts of profits, these profits are attracting more and more traders towards themselves, and that is why crypto trading is getting so much hype. But as a trader, you have to be affiliated with a broker firm, which is not only going to provide you with a platform to trade but also going to help you throughout your experience. Hence it is very crucial for traders to choose brokers very wisely as this choice is going to decide whether the experience is going to be good or bad. There are many options available on the internet, and a lot of them claim fascinating features and services as well, but what you need to confirm is whether they fulfil their claims or not. As we have discussed all the services and points that make Electrum24 a distinctive and much better choice than others, still it is in the hands of traders to choose their broker, but after going through this review, you will be able to have a better picture of what to choose.

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