Famous DEX SushiSwap Is Deprecating MISO And Kashi Platforms

A well-known decentralized exchange SushiSwap has declared a strategy to denounce a couple of offerings provided by it, as per Matthew Lilley (the company’s chief technology officer (CTO). These include the token launchpad “MISO” and the lending platform “Kashi.”

The executive referred to the weak structure as well as the deficient resources as the major factors responsible for the denouncement of the respective offerings.

SushiSwap Declares Stopping MISO and Kashi Platforms

The executive shared in his Twitter post that the platform has determined to deprecate both of the above-mentioned forums. As per him, several issues were being faced by these protocols thus the decision to discard them has been taken.

He added that there were many design flaws in Kashi and that it had deficient resources to be devoted to it. In addition to this, the platform was operating at a loss.

Lilley disclosed that the platform will fold back an aforementioned couple of offerings in the initial quarter of this year. Apart from that, it will divert its attention completely toward its fundamental decentralized exchange.

The exchange platform of SushiSwap has up to $390 million value in total value locked (TVL) at present. Back in 2021’s March, the team of SushiSwap released Kashi while targeting to facilitate the consumers.

This permitted the customers to carry out borrowing of the crypto assets across the DeFi world. While the Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering (MISO) was additionally offered by the platform of Sushi to bootstrap decentralized finance projects with the help of crowdfunding.

This was the time when SushiSwap as well as the rest of the platforms operating within the industry were witnessing remarkable growth.

Nonetheless, both of the projects did not remain successful in fulfilling the demands of the consumers and were eventually deemed inefficient.

The decision to put a stop to the MISO and Kashi offerings of SushiSwap is included in a greater endeavor taken by the platform to reorganize its ecosystem. The company has just 1.5 years available for operations runway, as per Jared Grey (the head chef of SushiSwap).

Firm Focuses on DEXs and Concentrated Liquidity

The CTO of the platform revealed that the company has a strategy to release the other projects which will come as substitutes. In his words, the iterations of MISO and Kashi will be introduced by SushiSwap in the coming time.

Nevertheless, it was clarified by him that the chief priority of the firm at the current time is the decentralized exchange. He is of the view that the present situation does not allow them to instantly offer successors.

Lilley asserted that he is hopeful for the betterment of the monetary scenario of the firm in the coming time. Hence, when the financial status of SushiSwap will be strong the company will be focused on this matter.

Particularly, according to Lilley, SushiSwap will operate on the provision of concentrated liquidity. He claimed that this permits the entities providing liquidity to specify some distinct price ranges for the liquidity provision.

By bringing the liquidity features to the front, he added, the platform will endeavor to turn into a prominent brand in the sector of automated market makers (AMMs).

He moved on to say that though the goal of concentrated liquidity is hard to achieve however SushiSwap has come considerably close to finalization. In this way, the strategy is to launch it precisely in the 1st quarter of this year.

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