Messaging App Line Has Launched A Non-Fungible Token Marketplace On DOSI

LineNext, the non-fungible token (NFT) unit of the Japan-based messaging application named Line, stated that the platform has introduced a customer-to-customer marketplace on the NFT venue named DOSI. The customer-to-customer trading facilities permit consumers to sell and purchase non-fungible tokens across the globe.

Line Releases an NFT Marketplace on DOSI

The declaration is witnessed a year following the statement of Line that it had a strategy to introduce an NFT facility this year to offer a marketplace to serve individuals and entities to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform mentions that anyone is permitted to conveniently trade non-fungible tokens on the DOSI entity which provides a convenient transfer procedure.

Once the consumers interlink the DOSI wallet and MetaMask (a crypto wallet of Ethereum), they can recompense with Naver Pay, credit cards, Ethereum, and more for trading NFTs. The strategy of LineNext is to incorporate additional crypto assets as well as mobile payment facilities in every country.

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The firm asserts that DOSI comprises consumers from up to 149 nations with having issued DOSI Wallets numbering above 100,000 in addition to the membership NFTs counting nearly 170,000 since the launch of its beta service in September.

The citizen membership facility of DOSI assists the consumers to obtain membership points, entitled DON, by taking part in the activities of the NFT community or buying their non-fungible tokens.

A series of NFT initiatives have been released by LineNext through collaboration with several firms taking into account Naver (its parent firm) and CJ ENM (a media giant operating in Korea). The venue intends to release a variety of more NFT projects to assist develop NFTs more analogous to consumers in the coming times.

DOSI to Offer Convenient Usage of NFTs and Funding with Them

Youngsu Ko, the chief executive officer at LineNext, also commented on the move, saying that they are resolute to develop a unique NFT experience to entertain the clients.

The executive added that it is not only related to some investment or some exclusive technology. According to the CEO, they consider DOSI to be dealing with the convenience in the use of NFTs as well as funding with them.

Youngsu Ko moved on to say that this would provide an advantage to the customers apart from establishing communities. As reported by LineNext previously in 2021, the platform’s main source for the generation of revenue will be brokerage charges.

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