Mithril Asks Binance To Refund 200K BNB As the Crypto Exchange Delists Its MITH Token

The blockchain-based social media forum “Mithril” is demanding a refund of 200,000 BNB (nearly $53M) after its digital currency MITH was delisted by the crypto exchange from its platform.

The project mentioned that an approximate value of up to 200,000 BNB was deposited by it to the crypto exchange as included in its earliest listing back in November 2018.

After Being Delisted, Mithril Asks Binance to Refund Its 200,000 BNB

It noted in its Twitter post that, keeping in view that the crypto exchange took a unilateral decision to terminate the respective collaboration, they politely ask it to return the 200,000 BNB tokens deposited into it.

When it was being listed in 2018, the worth of the respective deposit would have been almost $1M. Apart from that, Mithril asserted that it has long been collaborating with the crypto exchange.

MITH, the local token of Mithril, was the initial token of the project to be listed on the Binance Chain. It was listed after its launch in 2019’s April.

It was additionally the initial pair to be listed on the decentralized exchange of Binance. The project specified that it frequently donated funds to Binance Charity along with partnering on the rest of the endeavors as included in a long-lasting functional collaboration with the platform since 2018.

The listing declaration from the year 2018 discloses a donation of 20,000 BNB to Binance’s Blockchain Charity Foundation. Amid the delisting announcement of the MITH token by the crypto exchange, the token has witnessed a 20% plunge.

Mithril revealed that there was a requirement for the refund to keep on doing its activities continuously. The project has not been functional most of the time for a couple of years.

The recent post of the project on Twitter was made on the 7th of January 2021. The website of the project additionally seems to be disconnected.

On Thursday, Binance delisted MITH and the other 3 tokens. In the announcement, the crypto exchange justified the move by saying that the respective tokens were not fulfilling the listing standards of the platform anymore.

A Binance Consumer ‘s Account Gets Terminated after Funds Drainage

Data provided by CoinGecko brought to the front that the token of Mithril out of the prominent one thousand crypto tokens in terms of market capitalization. $5.9M is the market capitalization of the token at present. Recently, Binance terminated a consumer’s account who has noted a complaint on Twitter.

Changpeng Zhao (the CEO of the exchange) has done a slight effort to assist them in regaining the funds which they claim to have taken away from the account possessed by them.

Subsequently, there are 3 days left for the consumer to get their funds withdrawn. The client – going by the name CoinMamba on the social media platform Twitter – trades futures and invests in crypto assets, as mentioned in their profile.

According to the User, their funds were drained on Tuesday because of an exposed API key associated with 3Commas (a crypto trading forum). The consumer claimed to have gotten no assistance from the firm.

Nevertheless, Binance has proposed another point of the view, saying that the consumer service group of the firm got threats from the customer, paving the way toward the suspension.

CoinMamba does not count as the sole person to be victimized by 3Commas. Several other clients additionally accuse the crypto trading platform of draining their particulars and letting attackers take away consumer funds.

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