Nike Launching NFT Digital Sneaker on Swooth

The America sportswear manufacturer Nike plans to launch a digital sneaker as non-fungible token (NFT) on the Web3 community platform Swooth. The Nike team has designed the digital sneaker labeled as Our Force 1 (OF1) with a similar feature to the Air Force 1.

The team will leverage blockchain technologies to position the sneaker on the Polygon network. As of April 18, the Nike team plans to promote the OF1 through airdropped posters.

The promotional campaigns launched by the Nike team aim at generating substantial sales for the OF1. The Nike team will utilize a unique marketing strategy for the OF1.

Characteristic of OF1 Wearables

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Today the Nike team will airdrop digital AF1 posters containing a private key for unlocking the digital sneaker boxes for the selected Swooth members. The selection criteria will be done randomly to allow the members to mint their OF1 NFT on May 8.

Afterward, the OF1 will be available in the market, and the 330000 Swoosh user can select the digital collectible that meets their needs. On May 10, the Swooth community will access the Nike marketplace at zero cost.

Reportedly, the Swooth marketplace was launched last November. The Nike team plans to educate the community on Web3 and blockchain technologies through the Swooth platform.

Additionally, the platform will allow the community to trade their digital collectible. The Swooth platform has gaming features developed to improve virtual experiences.

The Nike team has refurbished the OF1 in two main categories: the “Classic Remix” and “New Wave.”

The Classic Remix brand will have a feature corresponding to Airforce 1 sneaker launched between 1982 and 2006. In contrast, the New Wave sneaker will feature Nike’s latest model of Airforce 1 shoe.

Benefits of Digital Wearable

The two OF1 sneakers have different features, including digital boxes and designs. Notably, the OF1 has incorporated some of the elements proposed by the four members of the Swooth community in January.

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The four designers submitted their wearable digital proposal during the #YourForce1 competition.

An official announcement from the Nike virtual studio general manager Ron Faris revealed that the digital sneaker development aims to address the challenges battling their physical brands. Faris stated that Nike would collaborate with community members to utilize blockchain technologies in the footwear sector.

On each digital box, a price tag of $19.82 will be attached to commemorate Nike Air Force 1, which has been in the market for 41 years. The Nike announcement revealed that all the payments for the OF1 will be in US dollars.

The team behind the OF1 project affirmed integrating other utilities that will enable the user to access other physical features in the future.

Previously the Nike team successfully executed a similar project CryptoKicks in 2021. The CryptoKicks was an NFT digital wearable centered on the Ethereum network.

The digital sneaker was developed in collaboration with the UK-based virtual sneaker studio RTFKT. The excelling CryptoKicks project inspired the Nike team to invest in developing digital sneakers that will be offered at an affordable price.

The team also anticipates involving the community in developing Nike’s NFT wearables in future.

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