Polls Negate Elizabeth Warren’s Stance On Her Wars Against Cryptocurrency

Over a time now, Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. Senator for Massachusetts, has been publicly criticizing cryptocurrency technology. In addition, she has made her fight against crypto the spearhead of her re-election bid campaign. However, contrary to her opinion, the majority of US citizens deemed crypto to be a core innovation for the future, according to the polls reports. 

According to the reports, Warren tweeted on March 30 that she was striving to make the government favor working families. In addition, she revealed a politico headline that stated that she is building an Anti-cryptocurrency Army.

However, the tweet received a negative response as numerous pro-crypto armies took to Twitter to criticize the Senator’s plans. A famous YouTube, Coin Bureau, considered it ridiculous to think that staging a fight against crypto would spur citizens to vote for you. Another crypto analyst added that the harsh gesture would force many innovations out of the country.

To fact-check the response of people on the stance, many polls were set up. The Senator has exclusive access to her poll results while the results of other polls conducted by public firms are announced. According to the report, Coinbase’s poll result revealed that 76% of participants believed that crypto and Blockchain are an integral part of future finance. Similarly, the poll conducted by Grayscale Investments Firm showed that about 59% and 51% of Democrats and Republicans backed the growth of crypto technology in the country, respectively.

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Warren Believes Crypto Can Ruin Economy

Nonetheless, Senator Warren’s stances gained support through critical crises that rocked 2022, such as the FTX, BlockFi, and Terra Luna collapses. These events heavily affected investors, and a recent survey showed that trust in digital currency had significantly plummeted owing to the crisis.

Elizabeth Warren had been a long-time crypto critic. At any given opportunity, she usually campaigns against it, saying cryptocurrency can potentially ruin the economy of the United States.

On Feb. 14, Warren pledged to re-launch an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) bill she initially proposed, which would affect the Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and the decentralized finance platforms (DeFi). She also plans to mandate unhosted validators, wallets, and miners to carry out the AML guidelines.

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