Polygon Ranked Second Best in Blockchain Games in March

An official publication captured on the DappRadar report demonstrated the spiking user activity on the Polygon network. The report revealed that high user activity was witnessed on the unique active wallets (UAWs) due to the innovative feature on the platform.

The DappRadar analyst documented their findings on the “Blockchain Games Report,” with multiple categories demonstrating the rise of UAWs usage. They observed that the UAWs specializing in blockchain games that is built on the Polygon network increased by 53% to reach the 138,081 level last month.

Factors Contributing to High Adoption of Polygon Network

Polygon’s new level outperforms other blockchain gaming networks including the Hive and BNB. Per the report, Polygon will rank second after Wax which holds 314 000 UAWs. Subsequently, Hive will rank third with 840000 UAWs and BNB will hold the fourth position with 80000 UAWs.

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The high integration of Polygon in blockchain games demonstrates that the open-source network has gained popularity in the gaming industry.The report stated that the surge in Polygon UAWs was triggered by the commendable achievement made by the BoomLand group in the development of the most hyped blockchain game, Hunters On-Chain.

After the launch of the Abu-Dhabi-based blockchain game, Polygon’s UAWs jumped over 17000% in a month.The developers behind the Hunters On-Chain implemented emerging technologies, including the non-fungible tokens, to develop an interesting mobile game.

Notably, the BoomLand game has imitated some features similar to that of Minecraft.Additionally, the developers activated the Hunters On-Chain platform in January, aiming at transforming the gaming industry with free-to-play features and NFTs for multiple players.

Meanwhile, the activities on the Hunters On-Chain platform increased steadily to reach 55300 UAWs as of March 9.
The sudden increase in Hunters On-Chain UAWs has muddled a debate among the Polygon community. Still, the Polygon supporters are assessing the cause of the rise in UAWs in March.

Elsewhere other market analysts argued that impressive sales of the Hunters On-Chain made on March 31 might have prompted the UAWs’ to soar to greater heights.In light of DappRadar observations, on-chain gaming dipped by 3.33% in the previous month to reach 741,567 UAWs per day.

They noted that 45.6% of games dominated the decentralized application (dApps) sector in the Q1 trading report.

Polygon Market Performance
Recently Polygon has gained a prominent position in crypto after reaching a promising recovery from its prolonged bearish momentum. The DappRadar analyst argued that the cascading returns accumulated on the Polygon platform are generated from NFTs, Metaverse, and blockchain games.

The gradual increase in revenue has motivated industrial heavyweights, such as Warner Music, Reddit, Adobe, and Starbucks, among others, to enter into a partnership agreement with Polygon.Subsequently, the attempt to outshine other players in the vibrant blockchain market challenged Polygon to develop an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with a similar specification to that of the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollups.

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The Polygon’s EVM went live on March 27 to enable developers to create dApps at a low gas fee.Per the writing time 1544 UTC, Polygon native token MATIC is trading for $1.11, a 0.18% increase over a day. The bullish price action has fueled MATIC market capitalization to jump by 1.25%, reaching $10,210,809,355 in the last 24 hours.

Surprisingly, the ninth largest crypto asset, MATIC prices sank to $1.10 in the morning hours before retracing to $1.20 in a day, as per data captured by CoinMarketCap.

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