Ripple’s Native Crypto XRP Records the Highest Trading Volume On Australian Crypto Exchanges

Ripple has witnessed an exclusive landmark in Australia as its local XRP token has recorded the top trading volumes across the exchanges. Keeping this in view, the crypto exchange presently dominates the crypto exchanges operating within the Australian jurisdiction. T

his is being witnessed at a time when the community of the exchange is expecting a conclusive ruling in its lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Transactions in XRP Jump Suddenly in Prominent Exchanges across Australia

The respective disclosure has been made by the Financial Review (a media outlet working in Australia). Neil Smith (the partner engineer of Ripple) shared this now on his official Twitter channel. As the report mentions, Ripple’s use case in remittance payment on the cross-border level is credited for the respective achievement.

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The on-demand liquidity of Ripple indicates that the XRP token is adequate for payments across borders as it assists the consumers in accessing the liquidity with its use. XRP plays the role of a token that bridges traditional currencies.

It permits the clients to recompense in native currency just in seconds. That is the reason that the service is titled on-demand liquidity.

After the details provided by the report, the local coin of Ripple contributed a sixty-two percent increase in the trading volumes on a crypto exchange based in Melbourne – BTC Market. It is additionally responsible for increasing nearly 82% on the Independent Reserve Exchange recently.

Caroline Bowler (BTC Markets’ CEO) stated that her crypto platform is a partner in the Ripple on-demand liquidity (ODL) in Australia.

This elaborates that XRP is dominant in the trading volume of the crypto exchanges. As per Bowler, Ripple ODL assists companies to execute payments across borders without requiring any pre-funding or banking charges. It utilizes the local crypto token of Ripple to run the procedure partly. This accounts for BTC Market’s trading volumes.

The executive added that the local token of Ripple shares a greater percentage of the company within the crypto market’s overall transfer volumes are still lower.

In the meantime, the transfers in XRP account for $10.2M in a 24-hour volume on Independent Reserve (a crypto exchange based in Sydney). This figure is higher than the combined trading volumes seen by the rest of the countries.

Adrian Prezelozny, Independent Research’s CEO, disclosed that the international remitters and market makers on the ODL system are counted among their consumers trading XRP.

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Though XRP has secured these accomplishments in the Australian jurisdiction, a legal battle is still being fought by Ripple against the SEC. This case is over the status of its XRP token’s position as a security.

XRP Lawsuit Is Likely to Be Concluded in 2023’s Mid

As per Ripple’s chief attorney for the XRP case, Stuart Alderoty, the result of the lawsuit will put a considerable impact on the whole market of crypto assets.

In addition to this, Bloomberg reported that a ruling, which is soon expected, would elucidate who should lever the crypto oversight. It would additionally differentiate between the assets to be termed as securities and non-securities.

Both sides in the Ripple lawsuit have submitted their motions related to the summary judgment. As per Brad Garlinghouse (the CEO of Ripple) and Stuart Alderoty, 2023’s mid will probably see the declaration of the ruling.

James K. Filan revealed that the court ruling from the court might be made earlier than that. As per him, it could take place in March this year.

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