Telegram Introduces New Blockchain-Based Anonymous Accounts

Via anonymous crypto-based phone numbers, Telegram will support non-SIM accounts. By adding assistance for no-name accounts, the company will give people a chance to register on the platform with no telephone number needed. And that all for just sixteen dollars for each blockchain-related account name.

Telegram has improved it safety terms and measures

With a recent update, the messaging app Telegram now lets clients make up personal pages without using their mobile numbers. They can do so by using anonymous numbers based on the blockchain framework.

Users can now also choose to make their phone number invisible to everyone on Telegram, although it is already hidden from users who haven’t added it to their contacts. Users who value privacy-related features may be pleased with the news.

This action is just one part of the new updated version of the app that will be made available for installation on April 12th. Additionally, users are now able to have new chats’ message timers automatically removed.

Clients will now be able to get their account names from Fragment, the redistributed crypto-related marketplace. Durov, the creator of Telegram, created this service just to create its new Telegram feature.

The way to get an anonymous account name and manage it

Only Telegram-compatible usernames and anonymous phone numbers are sold by Fragment. The Open Network (TON), a token linked to Telegram, is used to make purchases on the platform. But, the service doesn’t provide its features to US residents.

Once the user buys the account name, he can log into the company’s service and utilize this secured phone number to get the confirmation password message. For 9 tons ($16), one can buy a random account name on the new service. He can also sell it at auction.

After the FTX fiasco last month, Durov decided to mention the Telegram’s plans to introduce a crypto-based trading account and a redistributed finance-managing trading platform. The new system has to be compatible with all kinds of related applications, which will be added to the Fragment soon. The new function is expected to improve the safety of Telegram clients and improve their privacy.

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