The Rivalry And Harsh Words Passed Between CZ And SBF

On Twitter, CZ and SBF argue about failed trading on Binance and feet.

The used-to-be Chief executive officer of FTX asserted that CZ lied about his involvement in the trade and that Binance warned to leave at the next-to-last moment with no intention of adding $75 million. 

The comments on the recent collapse causes

The failure of an agreement between exchanges during the FTX liquidity crisis in November has been further discussed by Binance’s Chief executive officer CZ and the previous FTX Chief executive officer SBF.

In December, he posted a series of tweets. CZ called Binance on FTX in July last year after being “offended by Alameda/SBF” and his Bankman-Fried a “cheater.”

As for the Binance Chief executive officer, SBF was “upset” when the trader withdrew its assets and said he had closed the position in response to a “liquidity crisis” reported in November before FTX filed for bankruptcy.

Bankman-Fried claimed to have publicly warned FTX and provided information regarding exchange-to-exchange negotiations, condemning CZ.

At the time, SBF claimed that FTX had struck a strategic deal with CZ.

However, Binance withdrew after looking at the trader’s balance book. He claimed that CZ was lying about his involvement in the deal and threatened to leave at the last minute. 

The upcoming lawsuit hearing

In order to resolve the FTX bankruptcy, members of the US Department of finance-related works and regulations have invited the former CEO of FTX to make a speech at the hearing.

The SBF at first stated that it wanted to hold off until he learned and verified what occurred before testifying, but department people endangered writs, and the previous CEO of FTX agreed to come this December.

He tweeted that he was “ready to speak” before dying on the thirteenth.

Despite attempting to put off meetings with officials to discuss the circumstances surrounding FTX’s downfall, Bankman-Fried did not hesitate to give interrogations to different newspapers and channels.

Since FTX filed Chapter eleven, the former CEO has apologized a lot of times in public for its function in the stock market crash, most recently on November 10.

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