Crypto Trading: TradeLTD Review – All You Need to Know About TradeLTD

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TradeLTD ensures that traders get the best trading training to maximize profit and minimize loss. This platform is the best for a newbie or one with basic trade knowledge but doesn’t know how to start.

TradeLTD Review

With traders around the globe, TradeLTD offers a safe, secure and unbeatable trading experience with a wide range of tradable assets, easy trading platforms, and excellent educational materials to make anybody to be an excellent cryptocurrency trader. is the top choice for any trader desiring to bring their trade visions to life.



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Overview of TradeLTD

TradeLTD has a long way from the small trading group developed in 2010 by individuals that loved trading. It was registered in 2016 in London after 6 years of testing and gathering expertise in trading. TradeLTD is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms after a merger deal with a promising crypto mining company, with 100 trading strategies and 35 experts on trading cryptocurrency under its belt, TradeLTD in-house financial experts and trade gurus will educate any traders regardless of experience to become excellent at trading and to enjoy maximum profit and minimum losses on its platform. TradeLTD specializes in cryptocurrency trading and mining, and Forex trading.

The trading division of the company includes 30 exchange traders and 4 analysts around the globe working tirelessly to ensure that traders get the best from all crypto exchange transactions. With effective and collective experience in trading in 28 cryptocurrencies pairs and 4 trading strategies, our traders enjoy maximum profit on all trading. In addition to cryptocurrency trading, other options include stock, indices, and shares. They also employ the use of SSL technology and the highest encryption protocols for a safe and secure transaction and communication on our platform, ASIC mining of cryptocurrency and accurate index forecasting.

Account Types

TradeLTD offers three types of account. These include standard account, premium account, and VIP account. The standard account requires a minimum first deposit of 500 USD. The minimum lot size is 1k and the maximum leverage is 1/200. Traders enjoy a minimum non-commission spread of 2.5 pips and a commission spread greater than 0.2.

The premium account has an initial first deposit of 5000 USD with a 3.5$/100K commission and a minimum non-commission spread or 2.1 pips and a commission spread greater than 0.1.

The VIP account has an initial deposit of 5000 USD with a commission of 2USD/100K, a non-commission spread of 1.5 pips and a commissioned spread greater than 0.1.

Opening an Account

To open an account with TradeLTD is quite easy, just log in to the website and click on trading then click on the open account and fill out the form. All traders enjoy the following trading with us:

  • Above and equal to 189% payout every minute
  • Full access to the academy education center
  • Trade over 120 assets
  • 100% secure trading tools and social trading tool too

Account Funding

It is easy to fund your account on the platform via electronic transfer, credit and debit cards, online and wire payments. TradeLTD accepts MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and Diner cards. Currently, TradeLTD accepts US Dollars, the Great Britain Pound, and the Euro.

Account Withdrawal

Withdrawal is as easy as funding with Trade LTD. However, accounts need to be verified before withdrawals can be performed on the account. All funds deposited through credits cards are withdrawn to the same card only and the amount to be withdrawn can’t be higher than the amount deposited. Traders should also note that if your country’s currency is not supported on TradeLTD, a currency conversion is available.

Trading Platform / Software

The trading platform is Meta Trader4, Mobile MT4, and web Trader. The Meta Trader4 allows traders to manage your accounts, trades, and transaction from anywhere in the world.

Mobile MT4 allows traders to trade on the go; this software app is available for Android and IOS device with over 30 technical indicators and analysis directly on your mobile devices. The MT4 mobile platform provides traders with the real-time interactive chart, quotes, multiple time frames with rapid trade execution and very user-friendly interface

The web trading platform is available on a computer or laptop and in multiple languages allowing traders to enjoy easy access to the platform 24/7


The products on trade LTD include shares, cryptocurrency, Forex, and CFDs. Other options include energy commodities; metal, crude and currency pairs include USD, GBP, CHF, NZD, JPY, AUD, and CAD. Crypto trade currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripples Bitcoin cash, Dash, and Ethereum. Energy commodities and agricultural commodities include cocoa, Brent crude, corn, coffee, and others. Indices include NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500, CAC 40, Nikkei and others. Shares are mostly from the USA and Europe and include companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Cisco, ExxonMobil, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Nokia among others. The cryptocurrency spread varies according to the market volatility.


TradeLTD ensures that all traders are well-equipped with the term and terminologies of trading before trading on its platform and this include provides a one-on-one tutor program or a trade manager to each client. The traders will become expert traders with experience to trade on its platform or any others in a short period regardless of their trade knowledge. Traders also have access to technical reports and real-time interactions. The company also refunds any clients investment if a breach of any of its policy especially its AML policy and restrict the client access to trading without prior notification.

Customers’ service is one of a kind for a trading platform as traders have access to various mediums with immediate response.

Safety and Security

To ensure the safety of investors’ funds and a hassle free trade platform, TradeLTD implemented the highest technology and software programs in collaboration with international laws and regulations on money transfers to make sure that all transaction is safe and secured. Currently, the security elements available on the platform are SSL and AML.

SSL: this is the most important security component on the platform. When it’s activated, it turns on a green lock to ensure the security of all trade transactions. It is also a guarantee that all personal and private information of clients such as card details, addresses, and otherwise are safe and company policy declares that it will not be disclosed or shared with third parties in keeping with the privacy laws.

AML: this is the anti-money laundering act that both the clients and the company are subject to; all trade transaction must follow the rule and regulation of the AML of the countries of residence.

The mission of TradeLTD is to make trading in cryptocurrency pair successfully and as such the team has provided various educative materials to help trades become the best. Some materials are a crypto course and an e-book with the support of a manager for proper understanding and practice.


Trading in cryptocurrency may exist in the virtual world but real-time values are attached to it and due to its high volatility rate, the profit and loss margin is quite alarming and that is why TradeLTD ensures that traders get the best trading training to maximize profit and minimize loss. This platform is the best for a newbie or one with basic trade knowledge but doesn’t know how to start. The benefits of this platform distinguish them from other trade platforms. The safety, security, easy funding and withdrawal, one-on-one training sessions are some of the reasons to trade here. TradeLTD is making your trade imagination a profitable reality.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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Author: Michael Ellis

Michael is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and writer. He is the main writer for Cryptocoin Stock Exchange.

3 thoughts on “Crypto Trading: TradeLTD Review – All You Need to Know About TradeLTD

  1. I have been trading with Trade LTD for 6 years and never had any problems. I have made a 7-10 percent monthly return steadily. Obviously you need to invest a respectable amount and they tell you that up front. For someone who has over 20 years of experience in the financial market, I know that you need money to make money. I am very pleased with their honesty and service.

  2. Trade LTD does not state any sort of regulatory status on its website and there is some uncertainty regarding the brokerage. The website states that the company name is BUSHIDO TECHNOLOGIES OÜ, registered in Estonia, but with an operational address in Austria. Furthermore, the brokers website offers an MT4 for download provided by the company Titanium Tech Solution Limited which has been flagged by Italy’s regulatory body CONSOB. Such irregularities, coupled with the obvious lack of credible regulation inclines us to doubt whether potential clients of the brokerage are not open to substantial risk.

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