Tuvalu Steps Into the World Of Metaverse

South Pacific-based island country named Tuvalu is determined to utilize Web3 technology and preserve the society and culture of the area in the future.

Simon Kofe (the foreign minister of the country) informed the climate summit COP27 that the nation is pursuing to have substitutive methods to shield the heritage of the country against the mounting sea levels caused by the change in the climate and the metaverse offers a fine option.

Tuvalu Declares the Recreation of Its Fading Island Nation in the Metaverse

Tuvalu’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared a Twitter post and disclosed the plan of the minister to deal with the threatening sea levels by taking radical measures for the preservation of their heritage. Kofe, in his video broadcast, stated that as their land vanishes they have no option but to turn into the earliest digital nation across the globe.

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As per the reports, nearly forty percent of the capital district of the country is underwater while the forecast indicates that the whole country will be underwater by this century’s end.

As the country is endeavoring to construct itself into the world of the metaverse, it will turn into the initial digitalized country operating in the metaverse space. Kofe mentioned that the culture, ocean, and land of the nation are extremely valuable assets.

According to him, this heritage will remain secure in the metaverse world even if the physical world. He added that Tuvalu and other such islands would not survive the sudden temperature upturns, escalating sea levels, as well as droughts therefore they require recreating these things virtually.

Barbados and UAE Dip Their Toes in the Virtual World to Get Popularity among the New Generation

Though Tuvalu could take the position of becoming the initial sovereign country having its recreation in the sector of the metaverse, some other nations have in advance started their ventures into the digital world.

In the previous year, Barbados (a country on a Caribbean island) started an embassy in the metaverse named Decentraland and was credited as the initial to do that.

An Australia-based native tribe had additionally made a strategy to establish a metaverse-based embassy formerly this year. The rest of the countries involved in this practice include Norway, which recently began a subdivision of the federal tax agencies thereof in the metaverse to get to its coming generations of consumers.

An exclusive headquarters for the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Economy has also been built by the nation in the virtual world.

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