What is a Crypto Index Fund? A Guide for Beginners


Cryptocurrencies inherit many properties of traditional investment products. Therefore, in addition to being a standalone trading instrument virtual currencies are also components of trading funds. This article is all about crypto index funds and an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages.

What is an Index Fund?

Index funds can be defined as a type of mutual fund. This type of fund can comprise investment assets mirroring the standardized market indexes such as S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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It is important to note that mutual funds are pools of investor money with the objective of investing in various options such as stocks and bonds. The investments present in mutual funds are based on the defined goals set by the fund manager.

As mentioned before index funds are based on already established market indexes. Some of the most cited market indexes are given as under:

  • S&P 500 tracks the performance of the 500 biggest and publicly traded companies within the US.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average records the performance of the top 30 companies in America.
  • FTSE 100 follows the stock performance of the top 100 companies in terms of market capitalization at the London Stock Exchange.
  • Nikkei 225 is subscribed to the output of 225 blue chips listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

What is a Crypto Index Fund?

Crypto index funds are based on the same principles as traditional index funds. However, rather than tracking the performance of traditional stock market indexes, crypto index funds comprise various top-performing cryptocurrencies.

In this manner, crypto index funds allow investors to pool their investments into a diversified mixture of virtual currencies rather than purchasing each crypto asset on an individual basis.

Advantages of Crypto Index Funds

Index funds lower the risk exposure for individual investors as they are comprised of a multitude of top-performing investment options.

Index funds track the performance of the entire market by adding the most profitable variants.  In this way, the chances of maximizing profit outputs increase exponentially.

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Index funds track the overall market productivity passively. Research has indicated that passive funds tend to perform better in comparison to active funds in the long run.

Index funds are proven to generate a higher yield in the long term compared to other types of funds.

Index funds are best for diversification of trading portfolio and warrant that the investment is spread across a multitude of cryptocurrencies.

The composition of index funds tends to have a low frequency of fluctuations, which leads to lower operating costs, trading expenses, and transaction charges. Index funds ensure broader market exposure for every individual investor.

Crypto index funds are created by financial experts who bring their experience and knowledge to the table. In this manner, investors can gain in-depth market research and analytics-based decisions.

Index funds reduce the hassle of tracking various virtual currencies on an individual basis rather investors can get the best output with the composition of diversified crypto assets.

Crypto index funds offer transparency in the form of regular updates regarding the fluctuations and changes in the portfolio.

Risks Associated with Index Funds

Here are some risks associated with index funds:

Crypto index funds can harbor a greater percentage of trading risks on account of crypto price volatility.

Since cryptocurrencies are not regulated entities, therefore crypto index funds can face regulatory uncertainty.

Crypto index funds have lower management fee percentages but they may incur higher transaction fees on account of gas fee inflation due to high trading volume.

Differences Between Traditional and Crypto Index Funds

Here are some key points of distinctions between traditional and cryptocurrency index funds:

One of the main differences between crypto and traditional index funds is that crypto prices are more volatile. It means that the profitability margin for crypto index funds is higher but it also increases its risk exposure.

There are thousands of traditional index funds comprising stocks and other traditional trading products. However, crypto index funds are still scarce, such that only limited options are available in the market.


Crypto index funds are a relatively innovation in the sector. They are ideal for a diversified trading portfolio with minimal risk exposure and trading hassle. Investors can increment their earning potential by seeking positions in crypto index funds while keeping an eye on the associated risks. 

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