Zulutrade Review – Is It a Trustable Copy Trading Platform?

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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular copy trading platforms, like Zulutrade. In this review you will learn all there is to know about Zulutrade, before signing up. You can also visit the Zulutrade website by clicking the link bellow.

Zulutrade Review

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You just realized that a great way to invest in conventional and emerging financial markets is copy trading – a method in which you can copy the trades of your chosen trader and benefit from their trading experience.

You will find plenty of options online that claim to be the best but you know in your heart of hearts that they all aren’t telling you the truth. I do, however, want to draw your attention to a platform that I think surely deserves to be trusted. You’ll have to read the complete Zulutrade review to know the details. 

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I don’t want to push you into signing up on this platform. Instead, I will only place the reasons that make me think it’s a reliable platform and let you decide the rest. So, let’s get into the review. 

A Regulated Platform

Do you know what that first thing is that experts will tell you when you ask them how to find the best copy trading and investment platform? They will tell you to look at the company’s regulation status. If the business is not regulated, they will advise you to keep away from it as much as possible. Now, no matter how many excuses or reasonable reasons online platforms give you for not being regulated, you are not obliged to agree to them. If they are not regulated, you have all the rights in the world to not trust them. Of course, you will not have any issues with trusting Zulutrade. 

The platform is properly regulated to provide its copy trading services not only to investors but also traders. The regulation of this company is not limited to a specific region. In fact, it is regulated in Japan, and the EU. It should provide you with enough confidence that you are signing up with a legitimate copy trading platform. 

Zulutrade copy trading - how it works
Zulutrade copy trading – how it works

Customer-Focused Support

In my years of research, I have noticed that the online trading and investment industry is lacking great customer support. In most cases, they are okay with giving you access to some FAQs on the website. However, I believe that a human to human connection is of extreme importance for a company to provide customer support. Yes, you do find FAQs on this website as well but there is much more through which you can get support. For example, you can be heard instantly as soon as you land on the website through the live chat feature. 

You can also send an email to the company about your concerns and they will reply to you as soon as possible. Not to mention the phone number that you can call to talk to a real human to give you help with your concern. The customer support and service department is reachable at any time of the day or night during the week days because they it’s open 24/5. The agents providing you with customer support are professionally trained to listen to you and provide you with the most appropriate solution to your problem. 

It’s Been around for Some Time 

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If you are concerned about your safety as a trader, you have all the right to be concerned. Therefore, you should be looking at various signals that tell you whether you should sign up with a platform or not. In this particular, I am sure there are many signals that favor Zulutrade. So, if you look at the timeline of company’s achievements and milestones, it has been around since 2007. What it means is that the company is already 15 years old and has been providing its services nonstop to investors and traders from various parts of the world. 

Over the course of time, the company has not only increased its network of brokers traders and investors, but also its brokers. It continues to flourish and make its services more reliable to the people who want to invest in financial markets. From conventional assets, the company has now entered the era of offering cryptocurrencies trading as well to those who join its platform. It is also improving its automation features to make the platform more efficient and the life of traders and investors much easier. 

Zulutrade - copy trading vs manual trading
<span style=font size 8pt>Zulutrade copy trading vs manual trading<span>

Final Thoughts

So, you have a platform that’s properly regulated. Secondly, this trading signals and copy trading platform lets you invest on a per-trader basis. The platform does not impose any restrictions on your leverages, margins, and spreads, and lets your broker control those elements. After looking at those things, I am sure you can realize how Zulutrade establishes itself as a reliable online copy trading platform for traders and investors from various backgrounds. I am sure you would love to know more by visiting its official website. 

Author: Michael Ellis

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