Active Brokerz Review: Is ActiveBrokerz ( a Reliable Broker?

Active Brokerz Review

The issue of financial investments is one that requires a meticulous and intentional approach. The carefulness needed to run financial investments is because of the many factors surrounding money, its forms, and its investments. Money is a very subtle form of assets. The value of money rises and falls like the winds sway the branches of trees. A valuable form of money today can become worthless tomorrow. In the same vein, a form of money that’s worthless today can become the financial gold-rush of tomorrow. 

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The volatility of money is a factor used by investors in the approach of financial investments. Many investors buy a form of money when its value is down and sell when it rises once again; other investors sell when its value is peaking and buy when the value of the money depreciates. There’s a form of financial assets investments called Contracts for Difference (CFD). CFD is a form of financial investment where a trader can profit through the loss or the rise in the value of a currency against another.

There are many financial instruments with which one can approach the financial investments market. The diversity of financial investment instruments is one of the reasons an investor must approach the financial investments circle carefully. There are Forex instruments, CFD instruments, Stocks, Commodities, Crypto assets, tokenized assets, Indices, ETFs, and many more. 

Each of the financial instruments available in the financial assets investment world has another long list of sub-assets with which traders could trade and make profits. With an assets database as diverse as that of the financial assets circle, anyone who desires to trade, especially in the financial asset world, must develop a meticulous plan. The entirety of the assets investment process encircles a culmination of decisions; the right decisions result in a profit while the wrong ones bring a loss. 

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Active Brokerz platform
Active Brokerz platform

Anyone who desires to invest with financial assets must first, before all else develop his/ her investment goals. The investment goals will help such a person ease all other trade decisions. Developing investment goals will help the investor plan his/ her investment trade career in a progressive manner. You don’t need expert knowledge to build your investment goals. For some, their investment goals involve raising money for their children’s fees, while for others, it is raising life insurance. Investment goals differ from person to person, and when investment goals look similar, the investment approach of one differs from the other.

After setting investment goals, a prospective investor must choose an investment broker through which he or she would carry out his or her trade orders. An investment broker is an organization that presents a platform through which traders can execute their trade orders. Choosing an investment broker is a paramount decision for any investor’s trade success as this single choice can make or mar the entirety of an investor’s career. This factor alone is why a proper review of a broker’s platform must be considered before committing funds to its platform.

There are many brokerage platforms in the financial assets investment world today, and Active Brokerz is one of the many legitimate and reliable exchange firms available. Here is a review of the Active Brokerz platform, and this review will help you decide if its platform is the right one for your investments.


Trading platform Meta Trader 4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader.
Account Options Beginner Account, Intermediate Account, and Expert Account
Demo & Live Trading Account
Assets coverage Forex, CFDs (Contract For Difference)
Trading tools Economic Calendar, Technical Analysis, Online Academy, Forex Cross Rates, and Real-Time Chart
Security Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy,
SSL encryption,
Segregated clients’ accounts,
3D secure for all VISA exchanges
Education and Training Online Academy: Training videos on various trading subject matters
Documents Required Transfer Information (If Applicable)
Address Verification Document (POR)
Personal Identification Document (POI)
Language Options 18 language options
Service Exemption United States of America
Minimum deposit €250
Trading Restriction Scalping Policy
Customer Service Email, Telephone, and Web platform Contact Form
Parent Company Active Brokerz
Location Beachmont Kingstown; St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Active Brokerz is a brokerage brand located in Grenadines. Active Brokers offers a brand range of assets coverage, which allows its clients to choose from a dynamic mix of simultaneously profitable trade resources. The Active Brokerz platform provides a unique and unparalleled approach to the assets trade market. It was a group of professional traders who garnered their experiences to create this brokerage platform; so, the features of this brokerage platform are such that they appeal to the issues that bother most investors. 

The Active Brokerz platform has had some awards to display the excellence of its approach in its gallery. This brokerage platform serves a global audience, and its platform is available in eighteen languages of the world.

The Active Brokerz platform offers its traders two primary trading account forms to approach the trade market, with three other sub-account categories on the Active Brokerz platform. The availability of this wide range of account options shows that this broker is one that’s open to a wide range of asset investors and traders, regardless of experience or class.

Active Brokerz provides a wide range of trading tools. The trading tools on this broker’s platform prepare traders and investors ahead of future market trends. These tools help market investors and traders to take advantage of every likely trend of the assets trade market. 

The educational resources on this brokerage platform cover a wide range of issues that affect the trading market; they simplify trading to aid investors’ trade success on the Active Brokerz platform. The broker’s trading academy is equipped with evergreen educational resources for both newbies and experienced traders to learn more about the financial market and other trading tactics.

Unlike many other trading platforms, it is relatively easy to fund an account on the Active Brokerz platform as there are several ways provided through which traders can fund accounts or withdraw their funds on this platform.

The customer service agents of the Active Brokerz platform are easy to reach, and fast in their operations. The Active Brokerz platform has provided some channels through which investors who have issues on its platform can contact its customer care agents. The customer service team works 24 hours a day to answer queries and attend to the many questions or challenges that clients of the broker might experience in the financial market.

The Active Brokerz platform’s security provision is top-notch, as the platform places a high priority on securing the information, trade orders, and the money of its clients. The broker has also put some international standard security measures in place, such as the Anti-Money Laundering policy and the Know Your Customers policy, to ensure that clients of the company rest assured of their investments and comply with the provisions and directives of financial regulatory authorities. 

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Active Brokerz
Active Brokerz



There are two basic account options on the Active Brokerz platform: the demo account and the live account. These two account options are the perfect complementary set for a successful trading career as they work hand-in-hand to help the trader make the best of the trading market.

The Demo Trading Account

The demo account option is a kind of account that allows for ‘demo trades.’ Demo trades are only possible on the demo account option of this trader. Unreal stakes characterize demo trades, that is, the trade stakes on a demo account are not real but virtual. All the features of a demo account are the same as that of the actual trading market except only for the fact that the stakes on demo trades are not real.

The most significant advantage of trading with a demo account is that a trader can use this account option to make trades without the fear of losing funds. The lack of concern on demo trading executions will help the trader gain the confidence needed to face the live market place. Any trader should test run new trade actions and record a consistent level of trade success before trading with real stakes.

The Live Trading Account

The live trading account option is the same with the demo account in all regards except that the stakes on a live trading account are real. Live trading accounts are the stepping stone to the demo account on the Active Brokerz platform; the profits made on live trades can be used to make more live trades, transferred, or withdrawn by the trader.

For traders and investors who want to start their trading journey in the financial market, it is best to trade with a consistent trade success history on the Active Brokerz demo account before going live with trades.


Asides the two basic demo and live account options, the Active Brokerz platform has three live trading account options with which traders could approach the financial market. The trading account options on the Active Brokerz platform are highlighted below with the details of their nitty-gritty.

The Beginner Account: This is the first trading account on the service of active Brokerz. This trading account comes with a minimum deposit of €250. This trading account is suitable for newbies in the financial market. Traders and investors on this trading account level enjoy access to top financial assets, online live webinars, and free daily market research reports.

The Intermediate Account: This trading account is designed for experienced traders who have exceeded the standard level of trading in the financial market, and have taken some significant risk in the market. This trading account comes with a minimum account value of €5,000. Traders on this trading account level also enjoy access to top financial assets, online live webinars, free daily market research reports, and access to a dedicated account manager to manage their investment decisions. In addition to these, clients of this broker are provided with three one-on-one live sessions with an expert, online academy access, as well as up to three months access to an expert advisor.

The Expert Account: As the name implies, this trading account is designed for expert and professional traders and investors in the financial market. The trading account comes with a minimum account value of €20,000. In addition to the above, traders and investors on this trading account level enjoy access to top financial assets, online live webinars, free daily market research reports, and access to a dedicated account manager to assist in their financial and investment decisions. Likewise, clients of this broker on the expert account level are provided with unlimited one-on-one live sessions, online academy, unlimited access to an expert advisor, and full access to the broker’s live trading room.

With these three trading account options, the Active Brokerz platform serves an audience that spans a wide range of asset investors. Regardless of experience or capital, there is an account option for all investors on the Active Brokerz platform.


Education is one of the strong pillars of excellent financial assets investment broker. The educational resources available on a broker’s platform will point anyone to the kind of experience behind such a platform’s design. The Active Brokerz platform has many educational materials. The educational materials on this brokerage platform simplify the art of trading to the least of details.

The educational resources available in the online academy of this broker cover a range of topics such as: 

  • What is forex?
  • Candlestick charts
  • Basics of Forex
  • Meta Trader 4, and more.

The educational resources on this brokerage platform come in the form of webinars and video tutorials. The resources in the educational segment of this brokerage platform help a broker know the nitty-gritty of the assets investment world in no time; they are useful to all kinds and classes of asset investors.

Another way by which the Active Brokerz platform empowers its traders for trade success is through the trading tools which it provides for its use. There is a wide range of trading tools on this brokerage platform; the trading tools on the Active Brokerz platform forecast future market trends and help the trader prepare accurately. The trading tools on this broker’s platform include Economic calendar, Technical analysis tools, Forex, Cross rates, and Real-time charts.

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The customer care service of the Active Brokerz platform is an intelligent support system for traders on its platform. The agents of the Active Brokerz platform’s customer care are professionals who are rightly informed. The customer care agents of the Active Brokerz platform know their onions, and they provide well-informed feedback for queries sent to them. In the case that a care agent of the Active Brokerz platform’s customer service is not able to successfully resolve the query of this broker’s client, the situation is transferred to other professionals who provide further assistance to the customer. A trader can reach the Active Brokerz platform customer care agents through any of the following means:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • A Contact Us form on the website
  • The office address of the broker


The Active Brokerz platform requests some documents on account registration. It uses these documents to verify the identity of its traders. The information of users on the Active Brokerz platform is kept very safe and encrypted with SSL encryption so that hackers cannot access the details of anyone on the Active Brokerz platform. The traders and investors on this broker’s service can be sure that their details are safe on the Active Brokerz platform. Some of the documents requested for account opening verification on this platform are:

  • Proof of Identity (POI)  documents
  • Address Verification documents (POR)


The Active Brokerz brokerage platform cuts across different trading platforms. The broker has provided a user friendly and interactive trading platform for its clients with the following interfaces:

  • The Web Trader
  • Meta Trader 4
  • Mobile Trader


As an investor or trader in the financial market, as long as your investment goals fit into the Active Brokerz platform’s profile, this brokerage and exchange platform is an excellent place to commit your investment funds, and enjoy a profitable trading experience in the assets trading market, irrespective of your experience or trading level.

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