‘Bad Faith Regulator:’ Tom Emmer Accuses SEC Boss Of Bad Regulation

Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota has referred to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler as a “bad faith regulator” in what looked like a drama in the most recent development in the ongoing conflict between the cryptocurrency industry and the SEC. Emmer made the remarks on Thursday, April 7, in an interview with CNBC.

The remarks came amid rising resentment among cryptocurrency industry leaders about what they see as the SEC’s lack of understanding and consistency regarding legislation and enforcement actions relating to cryptocurrencies. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, has been particularly outspoken about the challenges his company once had dealing with the SEC. 

It was also discovered that other players in the market, like Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, have said similar things. From investigations, Gensler has often underlined the significance of regulating the cryptocurrency business to protect investors and create a level playing field since taking over as SEC Chair in April 2021. Also, he has urged cryptocurrency companies to register with the SEC to adhere to the commission’s laws.

Emmer, a Congressional Blockchain Caucus and the House Financial Services Committee member disagreed with Gensler’s strategy, claiming that it stunts innovation and reduces American competitiveness in the global market.

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Emmer’s Statement During His Interview On CNBC

During the CNBC interview, Emmer claimed that Gary Gensler was a bad regulator. Emmer says, “He is attempting to impose regulations on everything, which will seriously hinder creativity in this nation.” Emmer’s remarks align with a growing belief among some legislators and business executives that the SEC’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation is unnecessarily stringent and would hinder the industry’s expansion and development. 

However, it was also learnt that supporters of Gensler’s strategy contend that regulation is required to protect the investors and ensure the Bitcoin business runs within a framework of moral and legal principles.

The SEC has been more aggressive in recent years in enforcing securities laws connected to cryptocurrencies, as seen by the filing of several high-profile enforcement cases against prominent businesses and individual participants.

The SEC will likely continue to be at odds with the cryptocurrency industry in the upcoming months as it contemplates new laws and enforcement measures pertaining to cryptocurrencies. While on this, some business executives have urged the SEC to be more transparent and consistent on these matters. 

In contrast, others have argued for a more hands-off approach that would let the sector innovate and expand without being overly regulated. Meanwhile, there is fear that congressman Emmer’s remarks may be interpreted as a warning by the cryptocurrency sector in the interim.

Tom Emmer’s Statement, Criticism, And Overall Reaction 

Further investigations have shown that Tom Emmer has always been known as a firm supporter of cryptocurrency and has sponsored some popular bills about it. His attack on cryptocurrency regulation was said to have happened out of what he perceived as bad regulation. Industry spectators think such an assumption made him lash out at Gary Gensler. 

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Meanwhile, the entire cryptocurrency industry has received this news with mixed reactions. While some believe the “bad faith regulator” tag sticks well with the commission, others believe the congressman may have overreacted during the interview.

According to an inside source, the congressman boldly questioned the unpopular cryptocurrency regulation by the SEC boss via the Unchained podcast conducted on April 7, hosted by Laura Shin. The congressman cited Coinbase as an example of companies that has become a victim of the SEC. Emmer recalled that Coinbase received a Wells Notice sometime in March.

According to Emmer, Coinbase is seriously working on partnering with the commission by seeking compliance on any staking products and their equivalent. Industry experts think that the global economy is increasingly admiring the cryptocurrency business and that authorities will need to find a way to strike a balance between the need for innovation and investor protection and regulatory control.

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