Bakkt Survey: 40% Of Young People In US Feel Confident To Make Investment In Crypto

As per the study, younger U.S. residents recognize and invest considerably in the market of digital assets more than the groups of old age. Bakkt (a platform for crypto trading) polled more than 2,000 U.S. residents to discover the reason behind the entrance of crypto investors in the industry of digital assets, as well as the strongest hindrances in their way towards it. The study also pointed out the confidence level of the age groups about this type of investment.

Crypto is “abhorred” by the aged

Somewhat supposedly, participants of young age, particularly below the age of 29 years, were identified as having invested more than the others, in Bitcoin as well as the altcoins, as pointed out by the research. It was also apparent that people of this age level were more knowledgeable than the others. On the contrary, People of more than 60 years approximately had no desire about dealing with cryptocurrencies of any kind. Bringing out the inferences regarding the genders, it was clarified that males are more vigorous than females. For instance, among the female participants, there were 46% considered that to purchase Bitcoin means to invest the complete amount of the token (approximately $65,000), while such percentage is at 37% in terms of male members.

It is noticeable to point out what the crypto holders want to do by utilizing their asset holdings. 58% of them replied that they intend to hold them till a very long time, or else become HODLers. 43% of them moved to the other side by having plans to trade when they have made short-term revenue. As it appears, a majority of the investors are only testing the crypto industry because just 5% have deposited across $1,000 in this field, whereas 28% are those having bought tokens with a worth less than or equal to $200. Additionally, some reasons were provided by the participants not investing in the altcoins or Bitcoin, such as a lot of volatility (proposed by 32%) and lack of knowledge (mentioned by 24%). Nonetheless, 32% of the non-investors acknowledged being a part of the crypto industry during the coming six months.

The United States: the country prepared for crypto

The research figured out that the USA is the readiest nation in terms of crypto adoption. As per the searches done on Google, 100,000 (on an annual scale) have searched about crypto. The amount of queries about crypto has also increased annually. The number of ATMs is also a significant factor as the USA leads having 17,436 machines, and with just 1,400 ATMs, Canada is in second place.

Author: Isacco Genovesi

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