Banking Giant Citi Hires 100 New Employees To Expand Its Crypto Division

Citi (a banking giant) has declared to hire 100 more employees to work for the section of the digital assets thereof, as per various reports.

Citi increases its crypto endeavors

The launch of its sector of digital assets was carried out by Citi in recent June. Presently, it will enlarge the sector by adding 100 more employees. in addition to the hires, the organization has incorporated Puneet Singhvi as the lead for the digital assets sector, and the alteration in the staffing would take place on 1st December. Singhvi previously worked as the head of digital assets and blockchain head within the sector of the global market of Citi. Vasant Viswanathan and Shobhit Maini will serve the former role of Singhvi (by acting as the global markets sector’s blockchain heads).

The digital assets sector will be included in the Institutional Clients Group of Citi, Emily Turner is the head of which. The latest digital asset group is reported to construct a strategy for the assistance of the businesses under the institutional Clients Group in utilizing blockchain. The digital asset endeavors of the Institutional client Group are an extension of its efforts regarding blockchain, as noted by Turner. In essence, Puneet’s group will head ICG-wide governance of digital assets and operate in close collaboration with their second as well as third lines.

Several other banks also venture into the field of cryptocurrencies

Citibank has taken a keen interest in the crypto sector for more than a year up till now. It has been initially reported by several sources that the banking organization was contemplating doing work with the digital assets during the current spring, as pointed out by a report which the bank published to explicate the role f cryptocurrency in the global trade. In the later period of October, The firm inspected the stock of Coinbase and expressed it in another report thereof. Citi is only one among the several noticeable banks to have started their activities related to the examination of crypto during the recent years, as parallel to the great names such as JPMorgan, BNY Mellon, and Bank of America.

Previously this month, Vikram Pandit (the former CEO of Citi) recommended that every noteworthy bank will turn toward crypto during the time of one to three years. Citi is considered to be the 13th biggest bank when talking about the cumulative assets, as per a report published by S&P Global Market Intelligence in April.

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