Bitcoin Core Programmer Worries About Deceptive NFT Auction

Recently, Bitcoin pioneer Luke Dashjr expressed his unhappiness over the unlawful use of his name to sell Non-Fungible tokens. His tweet claimed that a snapshot of some code he had produced had been auctioned off for 41 BTC without his permission.

According to Luke, his code was identified in the advertising as his own and was made accessible to the public for purchase and profit. Regarding the auction, Luke Dashjr stated that he had nothing to do with its creation or that of other NFTs.

The situation was exacerbated when the putative sale winner called the developer, believing they had won an auction for the developer’s code.

Luke Dashjr’s Auction Share

Cypher Mind HQ

Luke Dashjr also uploaded a snapshot to Twitter that showed that the auction site or seller had given him 90% of the contribution, or 0.369 BTC, as a share of the money.

Surprisingly, the developer refused to accept such a donation, instead requesting that the buyer be compensated for 100% of the auction revenues as a result of the deceit and genuine buyer misunderstanding.

The programmer also spoke out for other Bitcoin programmers who have been in similar situations and have been promised payments in return for silence.

Luke finished by expressing that he disapproved of the sellers’ or auction site’s actions and would do all he could to lessen the damage caused by such misleading activities.

Author: Luis Fite

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