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Blue Trading Review

In the world of online trading, you will always come across lots of bells and whistles that will compel you to open a trading account with the broker. There is no doubt that Blue Trading stands out as one of the most unique online brokers. They are very clear with what they offer and what they don’t. More importantly, many of their trading practices differ from the mainstream trading industry today. Let’s take a detailed look at what makes Blue Trading so different from the rest of the brokers.

An Overview of Blue Trading

Blue Trading has not been around for a long time. They started their journey in 2012, but they have accumulated a lot of respect from the traders within this short time. Most of the brokers today are offering their services through MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. On the other hand, Blue Trading has chosen its proprietary platform for its traders. When you look at them closely, their focus is not on high profits, big leverages, and lots of financial instruments. Their constant focus is only quality of trades. They claim to pick only the most profitable trades for their traders.

The Best Features of Blue Trading

The best feature of Blue Trading is the management. They offer their traders with managed accounts where even the most basic account is managed on a personal level. However, they do not charge you any extra money for managing your account. One of the unique offerings of Blue Trading is the proprietary trading platform. This is one of the very few platforms that let you access your account details, withdraw money and deposit it 24/7. Being able to see your account 24/7 is not a big thing unless it is a managed account. That’s what Blue Trading is doing differently i.e. letting you view your account 24/7 despite it being a managed account.

They currently do not have any promotions and bonuses for their traders. This particular lack of feature is actually a good feature because it further clarifies that Blue Trading focuses on quality trading rather than luring everyone to trade with it. If you are someone looking for binary options trading, Blue Trading is not the place for you. They trade for you in currencies, cryptocurrencies, and sometimes commodities.

Biggest Benefits of Trading With Blue Trading

The first and the biggest benefit of trading with Blue Trading is that you don’t have to do the trades on your own. Your account is managed. What that means is that there are people with combined experience of more than 40 years taking care of the trades for you. These individuals understand the ups and downs of the market, and they have access to the right tools and data to know which trades will be most profitable. Once you have an account with Blue Trading, you can view the details from any device you want. Whether you are on a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can see how your account is doing at any given moment.

When it comes to ease of use and on the go trading, you can download, install, and take advantage of their proprietary platform on iOS as well as Android devices. You can open your account without paying an account opening fee but they will charge you an 18% on your profits for delivering “performance”. If you are looking for religion-friendly trading i.e. Islamic accounts, Blue Trading has that option too. You can choose from standard or VIP account. However, you can upgrade from a standard to VIP account whenever you wish.

If you have a standard account, you can take home up to 82% of whatever profits you make. As a VIP account holder, that percentage rises to 88%.

Deposit and Withdrawal With Blue Trading

That’s another area where Blue Trading shows its uniqueness. You might not have seen any other broker that does not let you deposit funds in your account using a credit card. With Blue Trading, you don’t have the credit card option available. You can deposit funds in your account using bank transfers. Keep in mind that bank transfers are the safest forms of transfers known today, so you can fund your account with the peace of mind.

When it comes to withdrawals, there is a limit. You can withdraw funds from your account one time in a month. This step makes sense because there are people who have opened positions and ongoing trades for you while you withdraw funds from your account. There is nothing for you to pay as a commission when you withdraw the funds.

Blue Trading Customer Support

While you can access your account anytime you want, the customer support is only available on weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday. However, their professional representative are there to serve you 24 hours of the day. You can always send them an email regarding your issue. The good thing is that they have lots of email accounts dealing with different query types. This ensures that you will get a quick response to your query. You have to keep in mind that support is available through their local contact points. It means you have a phone number for every country they serve to make a contact. Replies to your emails come from professional account managers. However, you might have to wait for at least one business day to receive a response.

Overall Rating of Blue Trading

  • Trading Instruments – 4/5
  • Withdrawals/deposits – 4/5
  • Customer Support – 4/5
  • Mobile Trading – 4/5
  • Overall Rating – 4/5


If the bells and whistles that most of the brokers offer are not your cup of tea, then Blue Trading is what you have been looking for. They are reliable professionals and it is amazing how they don’t make false promises. If they don’t do binary options trading, they tell you they don’t. They tell you your profit percentages for your accounts, and let you access your account details whenever you want even if it is their account managers taking care of everything. When you look at everything they offer, it is clear that Blue Trading is a recommendable online broker for managed trading.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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