Crypto Expert Guy Galboiz Recommends the Top Cryptocurrency Startups to Keep an Eye On

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It is safe to say that cryptocurrencies have taken the world by a storm and it seems that interest in them is increasing rather dramatically. As they are powered by Blockchain technology, it means that cryptocurrencies are mostly decentralized, which gives them a great deal of credibility. Therefore, it is not very surprising to know that more and more people are becoming interested in Blockchain-based cryptocurrency startups. A large number of businesses are moving their operations to the Blockchain or are finding different ways of incorporating this technology into their traditional systems for the purpose of boosting efficiency.



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Blockchain’s credibility has prompted many businesses to take it into consideration and new ideas are emerging every second as a result. Some of these concepts have had a revolutionary impact on a number of industries. According to Guy Galboiz, blockchain technology can serve a variety of functions due to which a greater number of companies are entering this space and making use of it. Some of the top cryptocurrency startups that people should keep their eye on are:


Powered by Blockchain-technology, the business idea of this cryptocurrency startup states that Experty will make it possible for people to make calls powered by this digital currency. This is a very unique and important role of cryptocurrency in the real world. The concept of Experty is to eliminate any issues that arise when clients have to be built and it also deals with invoicing issues with ease. Through this decentralized solution, users are able to share their contact information in any way they see fit such as through social media, on discussion boards or even through websites as there are no restrictions. Thus, investing in an Experty token might be a good idea as this startup has the potential of reaching new heights.


AgroTech Farming or ATF is an established Russian company that specializes in indoor hydroponic farming equipment. Powered by Blockchain and cryptocurrency, this ICO wants to gather funds for establish itself in the US and Canada because they have big markets for recreational and medical cannabis. You can use cryptocurrency for buying a token and its symbol is ATF.


Another cryptocurrency startup that you need to watch for is Goldiam, which is aiming to connect cryptocurrency with the real world by bringing Diamond and Gold purchases on the blockchain through GOL coins. The ICO was conducted in March of this year and the tokens can be converted into GOL coins with ease.

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This cryptocurrency startup is based in the UK and has a very impressive business idea as it wishes to revolutionize the shipping industry. This industry is still operating on traditional methods and paperwork. The funds raised by Bitnautic through the ICO are to be used for building a platform for the shipping industry. Anyone with Bitnautic tokens or even FIAT users will be able to use the platform for booking ships and sending their shipments all over the globe at discounted prices. Also, since everything will be conducted on the blockchain, there will be total accountability. The platform can also be used by ship owners who are interested in renting out their ships.


The idea of this project is a very good one because it revolves around building a product that can combine solar power and mining for the global community. This is based on price of electricity as solar plants are capable of producing more than the required energy due to which there is a fall in price at the source of production. Envion has chosen to distribute this energy to mobile mining devices so this energy can be used by people for mining cryptocurrency. It will supervise all operations and use and has a neat, well-designed and well-engineered hardware. An important thing to note is that as Envion also boasts a decentralized network, it will connect miners from different parts of the world.


A team of engineers from Google, Microsoft and Amazon came together to create this cryptocurrency-based startup. This is a permission less and highly scalable hybrid blockchain platform and is based on Byzantine fault tolerance and proof-of-work consensus. Cypherium’s design goal is to deal with the scalability and flaws in the current blockchain by focusing on achieving the apex of decentralization, scalability and commercial viability. In order to come up with new blockchain scaling solutions, Cypherium has chosen to partner with the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3) research group.


Pronounced as ‘storage’ Storj is the first end-to-end encrypted and decentralized cloud storage that uses blockchain technology and cryptography for providing security to your files. This startup doesn’t have a data center of its own and simply allows gives users the opportunity of selling the unused storage space on the hard drive. Storj creates the largest, safest and cheapest cloud of the world by leveraging the power of blockchain, cryptocurrency and power of the crowd. Every year, two-thirds of all new hard drives are installed in PCs and these are rarely used to their full capacity.

Hence, Storj scavenges these resources that are being wasted and provides people with unlimited cloud storage at the fraction of the cost being charged by traditional data centers. The files are shredded into little pieces referred to as ‘shards’ and encrypted before being stored into a decentralized network of computers all over the globe. No one can get a copy of the file, even in encrypted form. Similar to Bitcoin, Storj also works as a peer-to-peer payment system.


This is the first rental platform that has been powered by blockchain technology. Rentberry streamlines negotiations between tenants and landlords, helps in getting the true market price of properties and also eliminates the stress of paperwork. Every single stage of rental processes becomes easier, faster and safer for everyone involved because Rentberry uses blockchain and enhanced contracts technology.

Through Rentberry, you will be able to market your properties with ease and get access to custom offers. If you are a landlord, you will be able to collect rent online and also implement tenant screening. Apart from this, Rentberry also enables its customers to make use of a transparent application process, an intuitive search tool, online rental payments and e-signed leases if they are tenants.


This is a humanitarian Blockchain startup that wishes to empower emerging economies by providing them with financial inclusion tools. Through blockchain technology, HumanIQ is able to open up a hugely underserved market of amongst the unbanked population of the globe. There are around two billion people in the world who don’t have access to banking. The mission of HumanIQ is to give everyone access to financial services by making banking a right rather than a luxury.

Built on the open-source platform provided by Ethereum, HumanIQ is a next generation financial services and has a shared API for integrating new services and startups quickly. Its free app can be used by anyone for sending, requesting and receiving funds even with little or no connection to the internet.


Built on the Ethereum platform, this is a decentralized job market that empowers clients and burgeoning freelancers from all over the globe. Put simply, Coinlancer is attempting to revolutionize and change the traditional ways of freelancing. The startup identified problems in the current freelancer markets and decided to leverage blockchain technology for solving them. It is the aim of Coinlancer to use a safe and secure method of improving the freelance process and address issues such as unexplained suspension of accounts.


Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, CanYa is basically a hybrid of a fast off-chain service allowing users to find and book services and service providers to list their services and skills and an on-chain cryptocurrency payment layer that uses CanYa coins. The Australian entity is not far behind from becoming the first ever Decentralized Autonomous Organization for peer-to-peer (P2P) services where people are directly able to engage with providers who are looking to be paid or make payments in cryptocurrencies.


This particular startup allows anyone to spend the cryptocurrency of their choice anywhere and anytime in the world. This is actually TenX mission; letting people spend their cryptocurrency whenever and wherever they feel like it. It discovered that it is very difficult for people to spend their cryptocurrencies because they have to wait for days for exchanging it through a decentralized exchanged bank or jump through various hoops. Therefore, the company created an Android, iOS and web app for solving this problem, which can be used by anyone for transferring funds in just a few clicks.

Coinify ApS

This is an established virtual currency platform globally and is actively offering its solutions in Asia, Europe and other regions. Blockchain payment processing and currency trading services are offered by Coinify and enables white label solutions for partners through API. The team behind Coinify consists of people who have a strong background in payments, e-commerce, risk, finance and compliance areas and have also had experience working in the world of digital currencies.


Based in Washington D.C., this is a decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace that allows its users to participate in trading online. OpenBazaar is essentially the Bitcoin version of ‘eBay’ and offers people a new way of online trading. All you have to do is run a program on your computer and will be able to directly connect with other users in the OpenBazaar network and be able to trade with them. A company doesn’t control this network as it is not decentralized so it is not run by any organization.

This is a major disadvantage because it means that there are no mandatory fees applicable and your trade is also resistant to censorship. Bitcoin is used by OpenBazaar as this digital currency is decentralized, cheap to use and also resistant to censorship. A unique thing about OpenBazaar is that it is open source, which means the code can be accessed by the public and anyone can join it, review and suggest any changes.


Anyone who is familiar with the cryptocurrency world has heard of Coinbase. Based in San Francisco, California, it is an online platform that allows consumers, merchants and traders to make transactions with digital currency. People can use this platform for creating their own Bitcoin wallets and connect their bank accounts to it in order to buy and sell Bitcoins. Moreover, Coinbase also offers a series of merchant payment processing tools and systems that provide support to a large number of highly-trafficked websites on the internet.


This is a new blockchain protocol, which is focused on the future, and bridges the digital and physical world of play. As a matter of fact, PLAYnetwork is hoping to be the first to truly make blockchain useful for everyone. It uses blockchain technology or linking digital assets to physical toys, which means that the platform can be used by people for customizing their toys with collectible value, attributes and also load them with limited-quantity and exclusive assets. It is hoping to do so by assigning digital attributes to physical collectibles and toys seamlessly thereby connecting developers, gamers and intellectual property under a single ecosystem.

An interesting thing to note is that PLAY can be used for abstracting any physical object into a digital layer, not just toys. It can then be enhanced, appraised, traded or auctioned across industries, companies and people.

If there is one thing that people have learned from the rise of Bitcoin is that cryptocurrency possesses the power to make people rich and statistics indicate that this digital currency has a lot of potential. New investors as well as those who have been in the market for a while need to assess the existing and upcoming startups before deciding where to put their money. Their decisions can change their future and there are plenty of options to choose from because there are lots of cryptocurrency startups that have some revolutionary and unique ideas.

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