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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Coinrise. In our Coinrise review we have concluded that Coinrise is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Coinrise in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Coinrise Review

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Coinrise is an online trading brand offering comprehensive investment solutions as well as cryptocurrency trading capabilities for a diversified audience. The company utilizes its long track record in the financial industry to ultimately let customers reach their full potential.

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Cryptocurrency trading is an activity requiring a lot of study, hard work, and also access to a variety of trading benefits that can be ensured by brands such as Coinrise. Today we want to see if the company is worth your attention and if trading crypto with it can be done properly.

Top crypto trading benefits

  • Platform – Coinrise is offering a proprietary platform, aiming to satisfy both beginners and advanced traders. That can be done by using a simple user interface and a variety of trading tools built-in.
  • Accounts – customers wanting to open an account can choose between 6 options. Coinrise is fully committed to ensuring access to different trading features, including account executive, tight spreads, flexible financing methods, 24/6 support, and other educational resources.
  • Support – if traders want to contact a representative, there is access to multilingual support via a variety of channels. Coinrise proves to be close to customers all the time.
  • Newsprice movements are hard to anticipate without information on some of the latest news. That is why there is a dedicated section available at
  • Privacy and security – the company wants to show it works on the customers’ behalf and that is why it has assembled an infrastructure to ensure both privacy and security.


On top of the 24/6 customer service, traders joining the ranks of Coinrise can take advantage of several important educational resources. Access to an account executive is key to getting personalized support. Also, with trading signals, a complete money management plan, daily market reviews, and 1-on-1 educational courses, traders can learn the skills and eventually embark on a path towards professional trading.

Keep in mind that access to all these features will depend on the account type chosen. Large accounts will benefit from other premium educational resources such as VIP mentorship programs, access to the premium trading room, and weekly managed sessions.

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Payment methods

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Funding a trading account in a fast and secure manner, and without high charges is important for any traders wanting to trade crypto. In the case of Coinrise, they can use a simple credit/debit card to make payments in several different currencies, and the funds will be deposited within seconds. Also, wire transfers and e-wallets will do the job.

For a mini account, Coinrise requires a minimum deposit of 250 euros, a relatively low figure, to ensure access to the markets are facilitated even for people with little funds available.

The bottom line

The numerous opportunities emerging in the cryptocurrency industry acts as a tailwind for brands like Coinrise since this is a place where tens of altcoins are covered. Also, with so many benefits associated with an account, people will find it attractive to trade with Coinrise and profit from crypto price movements.



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