Crypto Exchange Binance Is Still Under Investigation For Insider Trading

U.S. authorities are reported to be involved in the inspection of Binance (a crypto exchange) for another time. On Friday, a report by Bloomberg stated that they are investigating for the potential insider trading as well as market manipulation at the exchange. This advancement specifically puts more pressure on the crypto exchange, which is in advance undergoing scrutiny by the regulatory authorities in several countries.

The insider trading scrutiny by CFTC

The United States authorities have long been looking inside Binance as well as its staff through the customers thereof. As per the report, the consumers having specific knowledge about the exchange do not want to disclose their names because of the confidentiality of the information. One among these individuals stated that CFTC (Commodity-Futures-Trading-Commission) investigators have been visiting the possible witnesses during the recent weeks. A huge trading operation has been run by the exchange to carry out transactions in millions. Thus, the officials of the United States are inquiring whether any manipulation has been made by the exchange to access that figure.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Binance said that the exchange, along with its staff, has a policy of zero-tolerance regarding insider trading as well as a firm ethical code for any form of behavior hurting the consumers or otherwise industry. He added that long-standing guidelines had been added by the security team of Binance regarding the investigation of illicit activities. Moreover, the workers are held accountable for such activities, and the minimal repercussion is their termination.

In the previous month, BitMEX consented to recompense about $100 million for a settlement. The FCEN (Financial-Crime-Enforcement-Network) alleged the exchange of permitting the citizens of the U.S. to trade derivatives. Another allegation included the firm’s deficiency in implementing an adequate anti-money-laundering mechanism.

Binance and problems in regulation

The biggest crypto exchange across the globe has been encountering several issues regarding compliance in various countries. An increasing list of these countries, such as Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the U.K., and Thailand, has required that the exchange should halt its services because of not having a proper licensing system. In July, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the exchange, asserted via a blog post that, in the case of Binance, the regulatory authorities become hyper-focused. He additionally pointed out the policies of Binance to avoid insider trading.

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