DeviantArt, Midjourney, And Stability AI Developers Denies Copyright Allegations

A news report revealed that the developers of DeviantArt, Midjourney, and Stability Artificial Intelligence have denied the copyright allegations leveled against them by some artists concerning their products.

The three AI developers claimed that their artworks are not similar to any artist’s work. They made it clear in the court that the allegations were false and that they were not guilty in any form.

The defiant response by the three AI firms stirs concerns about how authorship, fair use, infringement, and other copyright law protocols would apply to AI-generated content.

According to the report, a group of artists filed a copyright abuse case in January against DeviantArt, Midjourney, and Stability AI firms. They claimed that the three firms used their works to generate content via artificial intelligence systems without seeking their consent. 

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The artists, namely Karla Ortiz, Sarah Andersen, and Kelly McKernan, sued the AI companies in a San Francisco federal court. They claimed that the firms had violated their copyrights over their product.  

According to the artists, the accused used their works to train AI systems to create AI-generated images. They added that the model of the photos copied their styles, making them infringing as the developers did not seek their consent.

DeviantArt, Others Denied Allegations

In their defense, the three AI firms motioned the court to dismiss the class action case proposed by the artists on Tuesday. They claimed that the AI-generated images in question do not in any form resemble the artists’ works. Also, they argued that the accusations lacked precise details of the supposedly abused images.

Stability AI is a deep learning AI model firm that transforms text into images. While responding to the allegation claimed that the artists could not identify a single image that they allegedly infringed. He added that the accusers couldn’t name any products resembling their copyrighted works.

Likewise, DeviantArt also denied the accusations. It claimed that it did not misuse any image as alleged. DeviantArt is an online platform that allows artists to generate photos using the Stable Diffusion system available on Stability AI’s platform.

Midjourney AI firm also claimed the same defensive narration as the other AI firms under the allegation. It stated that the accusers couldn’t provide any image supposedly used to train their system as evidence. Midjourney is an artificial firm that uses natural language description to create photos.

U.S. Law Supports Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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According to the reports, an AI firm can violate copyright law if it creates a product that reflects an existing work. In addition, the United States regulation allows an artist to sue an AI project for violating their copyright, provided that the project could access their jobs. 

Also, an AI project can be sued by an artist if it creates images that significantly resemble the artist’s work, according to the law. The lawsuit has stirred the curiosity of many AI firms who wish to know how copyright regulations affect products created with AI tools. 

Part of the confusion is that AI firms like Stability and Midjourney can create images using customer textual inputs. In addition, AI projects are programmed to produce images by exposing them to vast quantities of works like photos, writings, paintings, etc., that are already in existence. This makes it difficult to understand the copyright rules for AI-generated works.

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