How Freya Wade from UK Became a Millionaire Trading Ripple and Binance with Venus Holdings Trading Platform

A New Crypto Millionaire

Are you looking around and seeing people pass you by? Are you wondering what they are doing right to go as fast in their lives as they are? Are you looking for some inspiration to give you the kick start and get you on the track to becoming financially successful in your life? If yes, then the story of this girl from UK is definitely going to give you some inspiration. She was going through the same phase that you are right now i.e. on the fence and always thinking about making a change in life. It took time, but as they say, “Better late than never”.

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She was able to make a huge change in her life by mustering up the courage to take a risky step. She chose to invest her savings in something that she had never tried before. Even after learning for a few weeks she was not fully knowledgeable about the subject, but nothing was stopping her now. Freya Wade chose to go after the cryptocurrency assets to mark her first investment in life. Was she successful with that? Well, to be precise, she was more than successful. Let’s dive into her story and see how it all happened for her.

Freya Wade Goes for Ripple (XRP) and Binance Coin (BNB)

Crypto Millionaire, Freya Wade
Crypto Millionaire, Freya Wade

There was a lot of confusion in her mind at first. She wanted to ask people for their opinion about which cryptocurrency she should have gone for. However, she later realized it was only going to confuse her more. So, later, the idea was to do her own research and then go for whatever she thought was the right cryptocurrency for her. The first one that really made sense to her was Ripple (XRP). Ripple was not just a cryptocurrency, it was a complete system that made the movement of money across borders easier. At the same time she discovered Ripple, XRP (which is the symbol for Ripple Coin), was gaining traction fast.

There were banks around the world that had agreed to use this service for value transfer. She liked the idea that she could complete her transaction within seconds, transfer money to the other side of the world without paying huge fees to the middleman, and did not have to worry about converting currencies.

The next cryptocurrency that caught her attention was Binance Coin (BNB). Binance intrigued her because it made her remove all her doubts about cryptocurrencies. Despite her interest in investing in digital coins, she was always skeptical about them. She would worry if the cryptocurrencies were going to survive. She would constantly find herself doubting the legitimacy of crypto coins. However, Binance was the discovery that made a huge difference for her. It completely changed her view of cryptocurrencies and emptied her mind of all doubts.

How did Binance remove her doubts? Well, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It started out as a place to exchange Bitcoin but later on allowed many other cryptocurrencies to be exchanged on it. More importantly, Binance started its own coin, which was initially an Ethereum-based coin. Later, the exchange created its own network and moved its coin to Binance Network.

With millions of crypto transactions taking place every second, Binance was able to impress Freya Wade with its performance and made her believe firmly that her investments in the Binance coin were not going to waste. This was the nail in the head for Freya Wade and she was now ready to make her first big investment in life.

Freya Wade Starts the Millionaire Journey

Venus Holdings Trading Platform
Venus Holdings Crypto Trading Platform

In the beginning, all she had were $5000 that she was willing to invest in full to get some return from her Binance and Ripple investments. She split the money in half and went on to trade both digital currencies with Venus Holdings trading platform. It was great for her that Venus Holdings trading platform was always providing her with fresh news from the cryptocurrency market. A lot of the education available on this platform was geared completely towards digital currencies rather than providing a generic view of trading, which is the case with most online trading platforms.

While she did split her investments in half for Binance Coin and Ripple, she was advised to change the ratio by an account executive working at the Venus Holdings trading platform. This was a feature that came with the basic account that she had opened with the platform. Amazingly, she did not have to spend a lot of money on opening her trading account. All she needed to start her first trading account was a small amount of $500. This gave her access to professionals who were ready to guide her investments in the right direction.

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Within a few weeks, Freya Wade saw her early investments giving her great returns. Investing the profits you make on your trades back into the market is difficult, but Freya Wade had confident because of the professionals who were helping her through their guidance and advice. It took no more than 5 months before Freya Wade had already converted her initial $5000 into $250,000. Binance and Ripple really grew and this just meant better and bigger returns for Freya Wade and all her investments. You can say it was her taking the risk over and over that paid off and made her the millionaire she is today.

Freya Wade and Her Millionaire Status

With a completely changed life and an institute where she trains new aspirants on how they can make money from cryptocurrency, Freya Wade remains humble because of her humble beginnings. She believes her financial advisors and account executives from Venus Holdings trading platform played a huge role in making her a millionaire. She considered herself luckier for being born and raised in UK because UK remains one of the countries with great acceptance for digital currencies.

She can talk about her story without fears, spend her earned money without interruptions, and continue to grow as a crypto investor without doubts. A lot of people can learn a lot from her, but what’s given is the fact that cryptocurrency trading can change things for you permanently.

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