Price Analysis of Nekocoin (NEKOS) and SPACE SIP (SIP)

Nekocoin Soars by 294.80%

The price of Nekocoin (NEKOS) on March 14, was at a low of $0.000000000967 per NEKOS. Although, both the bulls and the bears were fighting against each other to gain victory, it was the bears who were victorious for the next few days. As a result, the value of Nekocoin plummeted to $0.000000000255 per NEKOs by March 20.

However, the bulls did not lose completely to the bears in the fight as they increased their acquisition power in the past 24-hours. With the growing acquisition power, more investors soon joined the bulls, forming a 294.80% rally in the process.

Following the rally, the value of Nekocoin has surged from a low price of $0.000000000255 per NEKOS to a high of $0.000000001242 per NEKOS.

In the past 24-hours, it wasn’t just the unit price that observed an elevation, but it was also the trading volume for Nekocoin that has surged by 1068.14%.

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Even now, the sentiments of the investors remain positive, and they are leaning towards a strong acquisition of Nekocoin. With the high sentiments, the bulls are expected to continue with their acquisition sentiments.

Such sentiments would eventually push the price of Nekocoin all the way up to the first resistance mark of $0.000000003072 per NEKOS.

As the momentum keeps building up, Nekocoin bulls may continue pouring in more money to keep the rally fueled up. This way, more investors will continue joining the cause, which would eventually push the price of Nekocoin to $0.000000005337 per NEKOS.

With the technical factors constantly moving in favor of the bullish trend, the investments may keep getting stronger. This would finally push the price of Nekocoin up to the major resistance mark ($0.000000007304).

SPACE SIP Soars by 182.95%

SPACE SIP (SIP) may also follow the same trend but it may not be as strong as Nekocoin. The value of SPACE SIP has reportedly surged by 182.95% in the past 24-hours, which has increased its value to the current high price.

On March 14, SPACE SIP’s value was at a low of $0.006781 per SIP. The next few days saw the value of SPACE SIP plummet just like NEKOS. However, the bulls followed the same trend and they were able to elevate the price of SPACE SIP to $0.01544 per SIP, following a strong rally.

The data suggests that the bulls were able to form a 182.95% rally in the past 24-hours, to push the value of SPACE SIP to the particular value.

If the bulls keep pouring money the same way as they have done in order to form a strong rally, the price of SPACE SIP may surge to $0.02956 per SIP.

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As the confidence of the investor continues to rise, the value of SPACE SIP may rise up to $0.04308, and then surge to $0.05294 per SIP.

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