Global Trading 26 Review – Is Global Trading 26 a Safe Platform For Crypto Trading?

Global Trading 26
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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Global Trading 26. In our Global Trading 26 review we have concluded that Global Trading is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Global Trading 26 in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Global Trading 26 Review

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Do you want to make money really fast? If yes, then get up and start trading online with the help of any of the brokers present out there, like Global Trading 26. In recent times, online trading has proven to be a great source for people as it has helped them to make a lot of money. It is still helping thousands of traders and investors from across the entire globe to earn money in a quick way. These traders are utilizing the platform of different quality brokers. There are plenty of brokers in the industry, and you can pick the one you see the right one for you. One such broker that I think can be the right one for you to trade with is Global Trading 26, and I have a detailed Global Trading 26 review also to give you proper details regarding this broker so that you can actually find out whether it is the good brokerage or not.

I have tried to cover everything in my review that I could regarding Global Trading 26 in order to give you a full understanding of this brokerage firm. Here are some key points that I have included in my review:

  • About Global Trading 26
  • Intuitive Trading Platform
  • Sign-Up Process Is Pretty Simple And Easy
  • Four Account Options
  • Trade Different Trading Products With Global Trading 26
  • The Broker Helps You To Build Exposure To Financial Market Via Its Education Center
  • Security Is the Priority
  • Matchless Customer Support Service
  • Conclusion

About Global Trading 26

A team of professional experts from the industry with a background in the field of finance, technology, and forex, have developed this broker known as Global Trading 26. With their years of experience in the trading industry, they were able to make this brokerage very accommodative for all of the traders.

The quality of the broker lies in its offering of services for trading. All of the features offered by this broker to customers are effective for the execution of trading. The broker’s team of financial experts has great in-depth knowledge and insight into the financial market, and therefore, it can provide users with matchless trading conditions. At the trading marketplace of Global Trading 26, you can access each and every service and tool crucial for trading.

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Global Trading 26 Offers These Services To Its Clients:

Intuitive Trading Platform

One of the crucial elements of online trading is a trading platform which is a marketplace where you handle the process of execution of your trades. A trading platform is one of those key things which are necessary for you if you want to get success in the trading market. Believe me; it does not matter whether you have a strong grip over trading or you are just beginning your trading journey without a trading platform; you can do nothing. So, you need to keep in mind the importance of a trading platform if you are a fan of online trading.

Now that you are fully aware of the significance of a trading platform, you also need to consider the fact that the trading platform you are provided with should be able to work fast. If you are trading on a platform that takes several hours to execute a single trade of yours, it will lead you to miss out on various other trading signals and opportunities which might prove really beneficial and lucrative for you. Such kinds of slow-working platforms usually are not preferred by skillful traders as they know the importance of time and, therefore, save their time to spend it on other important things.

So, you need to seek out the services of that broker whose trading platform has been built with the latest trading technology, such as the trading platform provided by the Global Trading 26 broker. This broker has made its trading platform user-friendly, intuitive, and with an interface that can be navigated by traders easily without facing any kind of difficulty. The advanced nature of the platform makes it possible for you to execute all of your trades in a faster way saving your precious time, which you can utilize in any other profitable activities.

Moreover, another benefit of the trading platform offered by this broker is that you can take it with you wherever you want. It does not bound you to only a single place for trading; rather, you can trade at any place and at any time. Also, it is compatible with all of the devices. Hence, there is no need to go through a long process of the installation process. For operating this trading platform, you can use any operating system. What’s more specific about this trading platform is that it is for both professional as well as for the traders of the first level. It means that everybody can access it.

Sign-Up Process Is Pretty Simple And Easy

I believe that the sign-up process of every brokerage firm should be simple and easy for traders to handle. There is no need to put traders into difficulty when they are at the stage of signing up as it will lower their confidence. A trading platform should contain simple and basic steps that are easy to be followed by every kind of trader. I firmly believe that every good broker considers this aspect in view and designs its sign-up process in accordance with that.

Global Trading 26 believes in the fact that if a trader is new to the trading world and wants to initiate a career in it, then he or she should have a good start, and that begins with the sign-up process. That is the reason this broker has designed the layout of its sign-up process in a way that it can be understood easily. Hence, it becomes pretty convenient for traders to undergo the registration process smoothly without going through any kind of trouble. When you visit the official website of the broker, you will find the option of creating an account there. Under that section, you can find out a sign-up form. This form requires you to provide some basic personal information of yours, including your first and last name, your email address and password, your country of residence, and your contact number. Once this form is filled in completely, which usually takes up to only a few minutes and not more than that, you become registered with the broker, and your account is created successfully.

Four Account Options

When we deeply explore the world of online trading, we see that there is every kind of trader available in it, and they all have different mindsets and varying requirements. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for brokers to come upon the requirements and demands of every trader. But still, there are some brokerage firms that have managed to handle these traders of a different mindset and accomplish their specific needs with ease. For instance, Global Trading 26 is one of those brokers who are seriously committed to fulfilling their customers’ needs of trading. And offering plenty of account options is one way through which this broker does this extremely difficult job. The broker has created various types of accounts to cater to the distinctive needs of customers. These trading accounts have unique packages of trading features and services made keeping in view the level of trading of customers.

In total, there are four trading account options offered by the Global Trading 26 broker. The first one is known as the Basic account. As it is for new traders, therefore, it demands them to deposit a very low investment of €250 in a bid to open this account up for them. This is the minimum deposit amount needed for starting out with this broker. This specified deposit amount is pretty lower when compared to other brokers in the industry, hence affordable for every trader out there. Shortly after you deposit this amount, the Basic account comes into your possession, and you are given the authority to operate in the way you want. Some of the features that you can access via this account are market review on a regular basis, a dedicated senior account manager for your assistance, and significant leverages up to 100 are also available to you. Moreover, you are allowed to trade more than 200 assets through this account.

The second one is called the Silver account, and it can be opened with a deposit of €10000, which is the minimum amount that you must deposit if you want this account type. You can trade more than 200 assets which is one of the basic features available in it. Another basic feature present in this type of account is a market review which is usually provided to every kind of investor or trader. The particularity of this trading account lies in other features. These features include a Senior Account Manager dedicated to serving you, access to bonus funds, and lucrative spreads (gold spreads). Significant leverages that were up to 100 in the beginning account type are now increased to 200. You have tier-3 access to the analysis trading room of the broker. Other features include venture promotions, planning of risk management, financial planning, and webinars for up to one month.

The Gold account and the Platinum account are the third and fourth trading account types, respectively. The reason behind adding these two accounts on the trading platform is basically to cater to the demands of those traders that want to trade with big investments and are known as advanced or professional traders. These accounts have been enriched with the complete package of services and features that are mostly used at the advanced level of trading. For accessing these accounts, traders should have an amount of €25,000 and €100,000, respectively. Without this balance, they shouldn’t even think about getting it.

Global Trading 26 accounts

Trade Different Trading Products With Global Trading 26

I feel disappointed when I see different brokerage firms that belong to the new advanced world, but still, they work in the old traditional way. Technology has put an end to that traditional era and also the old trading concept. Now, the world is really advanced, and traders want facilities as much as they can from the brokerage. Traders now want access to more trading products along with the forex (FX) market on a single trading marketplace as they can’t look for other brokers for trading other instruments they desire to trade. Therefore, they prefer to select only that broker who promises to cater to this crucial need.

Global Trading 26 has made sure that its traders do not have to look for other online trading marketplaces for trading other top-traded assets. So what it did actually it added all of the famous trading products on its trading platform so that traders could stick only to its trading marketplace. The broker has made it possible for traders to trade all of the best trading instruments on its trading platform. Along with the poplar FX (Forex) pairs, traders can also trade metals, stocks of major firms, indices, and both types of commodities, including the hard ones as well as the soft ones. This is not the complete asset index offering as the option of trading with digital currencies also available in it. Yes, you heard it right; the broker has included some of the renowned digital assets in its trading platform. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and DASH are some of those cryptocurrencies that you can easily find on Global Trading 26’s trading place.

The Broker Helps You To Build Exposure To Financial Market Via Its Education Center

Every trader who has spent some time in the trading world will be aware of the fact that there are several brokers operating online. Almost all of them are good at providing quality in their trading services. But the question is, where does the difference lie between Global Trading 26 and other brokers, and what is the thing that makes this brokerage firm distinctive from others. If we talk about the specialization of this trading firm, then its quality of training traders makes it unique from the other brokers. For the special training of its clients, the broker has some trading experts who have spent a great deal of time in the financial market. They know how to train beginner traders and how to transform them into smart traders. In order to do this, they share their trading expertise with traders, which proves quite helpful for traders in learning and building skills of trading.

There is an amazing education center where you can learn everything regarding the field of trading as well as what happens in the financial market. This education center introduced by the broker on the site consists of diverse educational resources, which often prove beneficial when it comes to learning about something. As you have the service of the education center, then I think it is the best way to go into the depth of the different processes involved in trading in the financial market. There are some video courses present in the section of the education center which you can watch to learn trading ways. Before you dive deep into the trading market, you would want to have a look at these courses. Video courses are basically for those who are not interested in reading books or other educational material available in written form. So, some people, that’s why prefer to go with video courses. You are going to get all the help in these courses that you need to go in-depth of the market and trading ideas that are usually complex for beginners to understand.

Security Is the Priority

When it comes to trading online in the financial market, traders do not want the security of their assets and personal details to be compromised, not even a little. They want their respective broker to have a strong security system put in place with some strict security measures. If a broker shows a non-serious attitude towards handling the security of its customers’ personal information, then they avoid picking that very broker for trading. Global Trading 26, on the other hand, neither wants to lose its clients nor their trust, and that is the reason it has brought highly-advanced security tech for developing its security system and making it stronger in order to prevent any kind of illicit activity. Some of the security measures that you can find implemented in the security system of this broker are Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Encryption, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and two policies KYC as well as AML, respectively, are also present out there to boost the security on the platform. Such a strong and strict security infrastructure shows that you are in safe hands.

Matchless Customer Support Service

The broker’s real mission is to accommodate its client to the level it can. Good customer service can have a good impression on traders. Therefore, to get a good response from traders, it has worked on improving its customer care service. It now offers quality service to customers. It gives them an opportunity to contact freely the care service team of the broker, which is available 24/7 to serve all of the clients of the broker. Using email or through mobile phone, you can make contact with those experts sitting in the customer care center. You will get instant replies to your queries from them. This is how the broker ensures its matchless client support service.


I am not saying that you should immediately sign up with this broker. To make you sign up with this brokerage is not my thing. My job is actually to provide details regarding a good brokerage firm, and I personally think Global Trading 26 is the good one. But that is my opinion. You can explore this broker by reading my review, and you can conduct your own research too, and after that, you can make your decision whether you want to trade with this broker or not.

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