Helium Foundation Plans Migration To Solana On March 27

Helium Foundation has recently proposed a date for its migration to the Solana network. As per the platform, March 27 will be the date for the upcoming migration. The platform of Helium recently published a blog post to provide particulars of the respective migration. It stated that its protocol is presently organizing an Upgrade Readiness Working Group.

Helium Sets March 27 as the Tentative Date for Its Migration to Solana

The respective group would comprise those who voluntarily move ahead to enter the migration and monitoring procedure.

According to the reports, the date March 27 is just tentative for the migration process. Hence, the conclusive date will be finalized later on. The current announcement is witnessed months after the declaration by the platform to shift to the blockchain of Solana.

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Helium is known as a blockchain-based wireless decentralized network-providing entity. It announced back in 2022 that it would be migrated to the Solana blockchain.

At this time, the platform asserted that the firm’s attention is presently devoted to the Helium Layer 1 Blockchain’s maintenance. In addition to this, it is also operating on diverse development strategies for its network.

The platform mentioned that by shifting to the blockchain of Solana, it would be able to focus exclusively on expanding the network.

The company disclosed that Solana provides wallet compatibility, scalability, speed, as well as a valuable ecosystem to assist its progress. The impending migration will additionally offer an upgrade to the network of Helium.

The respective upgrade will take into account the position of the Helium Network, its Hotspots, and wallets. It is anticipated that the procedure of the upcoming migration will last for up to 24 hours. Many organizations have in advance volunteered to join the working group.

However, the network is even now anticipating additional volunteers. The whole chain state of Helium will get modified as a result of the migration.

The things to get changed in the Solana migration include hotspots, tokens, and accounts which would be shifted to Solana. The team asserts to have controlled all of the risks known to it.

Nonetheless, it admitted that there are some reasons why an extension might be needed on the timeline. The potential reasons in this respect include a requirement for carrying out a software update in advance of the migration.

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Another significant thing says if a crucial element that requires being fixed is recognized by the smart contract audit. The transition has been made possible due to the several solutions to the network scalability of Helium.

Apart from that, shifting Data Transfer and Proof-of-Coverage processing to Oracles will free up a huge amount of means for scaling.

Back in November 2021, a collaboration was started by Helium with Solana for its Solana Saga phone. The platform introduced wireless carrier services on the Solana Saga phones, taking into account unlimited messaging and calls for the consumers for thirty days.

At that time, Helium pledged to carry out a 30-day trial of 5G services for consumers living in the United States.

The Migration Will Increase HNT Token’s Utility with Interoperability on Other Solana-based Platforms

The latest announcement has been effective in generating a resilient rise in the price of HNT. HNT is the native token of the Helium Foundation.

The migration, after its completion, will also be beneficial for the HNT holders. The token will become natively interoperable with several other platforms operating in the ecosystem of Solana. This will increase the utility of the token.

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