Indian Mega Celebrity Steps Foot in Crypto World

There is no denying that the crypto space has always been full of loads and loads of celebrities. However, things used to be quite different during the initial days of this digital currency. As a matter of fact, it would even be fair to say that barely anybody knew about what crypto was and how it worked. Initially, there were only a select few groups of people who knew what crypto was.

Believe it or not, even these people showed a great deal of hesitation when thinking about making investments in crypto. One of the main reasons behind it is that they did not know what they were getting their hands into. According to a large number of reputable reports, it is believed that people thought crypto was just an internet scam that would rob them out of their hard-earned money. However, that was never the case.

Things became clearer when some people decided to give crypto a try and succeeded in the greatest of ways. The first few people who made investments in crypto ended up earning massive profits, which proved that it was indeed the real deal. After this happened, thousands upon thousands of people from different parts of the world showed a willingness to make crypto related investments. This period was referred to as the crypto boom. However, some people also prefer calling it the bitcoin boom because bitcoin happened to be the only cryptocurrency that existed back then.

Needless to say, crypto became incredibly popular as loads and loads of people made massive investments in it. Some people even ended up earning millions of Dollars, bringing crypto to the mainstream. However, that was not the only thing that brought mainstream attention to the world of crypto. Instead, it was the attention of celebrities that really took the popularity of crypto to a whole new level.

A large number of A-list Hollywood celebrities and world-renowned athletes showed their support for crypto, stating that it was indeed the next big thing. Once high-profile names started to endorse crypto, the number of people willing to make crypto-related investments increased by tenfold. That being said, Hollywood is not the only film industry that played a massive part in crypto become so popular. Instead, celebrities from the Indian film industry have also been quite vocal about their support of crypto.

While there are plenty of Indian actors, singers, and other talents who endorsed crypto in the past, the latest one happens to be none other than Amitabh Bachan. The A-list Indian actors sent shockwaves in the Indian crypto scene by announcing that he plans to make massive crypto investments.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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