IronGatesFX Review – Is a Safe Platform For Crypto Trading?

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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like IronGatesFX. In this review you will learn all there is to know about IronGatesFX, before signing up. You can also visit IronGatesFX website by clicking the link bellow.


The primary reason why people look to invest their money is to make large profits; profits good enough to secure their future, achieve independence, and decent enough to bail them out in case of emergencies. There are lots of investment opportunities out there, so finding one isn’t that difficult. However, the challenge lies in finding an investment that can give significant returns.

Putting into consideration economic trends; high cost of living and increase in inflation, it is best to get an investment that offers steady and high returns. One of such investments that can offer these steady and high returns is the trading world.

The financial market is the best place for you to get these investment opportunities and the good news is, it is accessible to everybody. There’s no doubt this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about the financial market as it has been around for quite some decades.

Though risky and highly volatile, the financial market remains one of the domains one can make investments into and reap huge returns. Investors in the financial market make returns on their own terms depending on their trading experience.

We’ve come into a new era thanks to the digitalization of the trading space. The days where people with proficient trading techniques and huge capital only get to make profits in the financial markets are long gone. The trading world is now open to all and you can find various investors’ success stories of starting small and winning big in the financial market thankfulness of online trading.

This evolution has made trading opportunities available at the fingertips of both investors and intending investors. And as such, trades can be executed at the comfort of our homes and offices.

IronGatesFX Review

How do we then start trading? This is the point where brokerage companies like IronGatesFX come in to play as investing in the financial market is impossible without trading platforms. Brokers help to provide various trading services to enable traders to begin their trading quest.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to online brokerages. You will find various online exchange platforms claiming to offer the best trading services which in most cases are entirely false. This is why it important to make researches to be able to identify legitimate trading platforms from scams as putting your investments in the wrong trading platform can see you lose everything.

To be able to identify if a brokerage is legitimate or not, a closer look at the primary features it offers is crucial. Only then can one choose a broker that happens to be completely credible and reliable.

One of the legitimate brokers in the financial market today is IronGatesFX. This is a complete review of the features, benefits, and services offered by IronGatesFX. The goal of this review is to give you an understanding of the operations and workings of IronGatesFX so you can make an informed decision about investing or not investing in this broker.

Overview of IronGatesFX

Broker IronGatesFX
Founded 2018
Trading Platform     WebTrder, Mobile Trader MetaTrader4
Minimum Deposit € 200
Account Options Bronze account , Silver account , Gold account, Platinum account , Premium account.
Deposit and Witjdrawal Methods WireTransfer, Cryptocurrency, Credit or Debit card, E-wallet
Trading Options Stocks, Forex, Indices, Cryptocurrency and Comodities
Number of Assets 1,000+
Bonus No
Customer Support 7 times a week, 24 hours a day, Emails, Telephone, Relationship Manager
Leverage Up to 1:200
Spread Variable


IronGatesFX is an exchange platform that trades in multiple assets (currency and stocks), founded by a group of financial experts in the year 2018. It offers access to various trading services on a wide range of instruments such as Indices, stocks,  forex cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

The goal of IronGatesFX is to build a giant online exchange company capable of providing investment opportunities and services to various types of investors and traders on a global scale. Since its establishment, IronGatesFX has seen incredible and consistent growth and serves numerous customers in over 150 countries today. It further provides top quality trading tools while sustaining top-level efficiency and security.

IronGatesFX from afar seems like a decent trading platform. Let’s zoom up close to have a full understanding of what the brokerage is offering. We will analyze the primary features IronGatesFX is offering that qualifies it to be a top-level broker.

Security Protocol

The primary feature traders consider even before taking a look at the trading options being offered is how secure a trading platform is. Protection of both sensitive information and investments is a thing traders don’t joke with, as they understand that it is always better to safe than sorry.

IronGatesFX understands this reality, and as such provides a highly secured trading platform with various effective measures and regulations to put its clients at ease. IronGatesFX is in compliance with the KYC (Know Your Customer), and the international security policies of AML (Anti-Money Laundering).

These policies help to curb money laundering, terrorist activities, identity thefts, and other fraudulent activities. The policy mandates all brokerage firms to ask for their clients’ personal details such as address and proof of identity to know who is who. 

IronGatesFX, still further committed to offering security at the highest level, executes stringent regulations and measures such as the two-factor authentication (2FA) for securing your trading account, and the high-end SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting your sensitive and personal information.

IronGatesFX still didn’t stop there. More security measures such as cold storage of digital assets, Cloudflare, hardware security modules including frequent check-ups and tests to make sure proper security layers are sustained at all intervals are put in place.

In terms of funds, IronGatesFX keeps a separate account making sure clients’ funds are kept apart from the brokerage’s funds. Clients’ funds are only utilized for trading activities and reimbursed if issues arise.

With the strong security measures Fineteno has put in place, traders and investors have zero reasons to be bothered about security. IronGatesFX is always on the move trying to be a step ahead to curb undesirable events.

Trading Options

After confirming the security measures put in place by a broker, the next feature traders consider is the trading options made available.

The trading options made available by a broker are an indication of how much profit you can earn by investing with such a broker. The more the trading option, the better for a trader in terms of risk management and profit to be made.

IronGatesFX offers more than 200 trading instruments belonging to various classes of assets which gives room for investors and traders to diversify in the financial market, ultimately making huge returns.


The exchange platform list the major currency pairs, such as GBP/RUB, USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD and so many others on its platform


Commodities which include precious metals such as  silver and gold, agricultural commodities such as coffee and corn, energies such as crude oil are also exchanged on IronGatesFX


IronGatesFX provides its clients with various stocks for exchanges.  These include Netflix, HSBC Holding, Apple, and Microsoft.


IronGatesFX also offers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


Traders can also trade indices such as NASDAQ,  FTSE 100, and Dow Jones with the IronGatesFX trading platform.

Trading Platform

Trading platforms are software designed to oversee the financial markets, check market trends, utilize trading tools, and execute market orders. In summary, this is the software where all trades are performed, hence, you cannot underestimate the importance of trading platforms.

The trading platform offered by a broker can make your trading experience or completely ruin it. This is why you must put it into consideration before choosing a broker. The ideal trading platform is user-friendly, simple, and easy to navigate incorporated with several trading tools.

IronGatesFX makes use of the prominent MetaTrader 4. However, Its customized version is offered to clients so they can profit from the reliable and respected trading solution. MetaTrader4 is a top choice for many traders and investors due to the incredible features it offers. MetaTrader4 provides expert advisors, various execution modes, and advanced charting as well as other trading services.

IronGatesFX also offers a Web-based trading platform investors and traders can take advantage of. It is fast, flexible, and reliable with no installation or downloads required. The entire trading platform is developed to facilitate a high volume of trades, low latency, and ultra-fast order execution. Furthermore, all trades executed on the Web-based platform are done on one of their Amazon AWS servers.

The Web-based platform also offers a high degree of customization. Hence, traders, irrespective of their experience level can skillfully customize and develop widgets and layouts to best suit their trading techniques.

Lastly, IronGatesFX offers its clients a mobile trading app to facilitate trading at any time and anywhere. The app; Mobile Trader, is used to monitor traders on the go, giving total control to investors and traders. The mobile app can be downloaded on various devices such as tablets, IOS smartphones, or Android. | Trading Platform | Trading Platform

Incredible Leverages and Spreads

High leverages and small spreads are always good news to investors and traders. And this is what IronGatesFX has established for its clients. When it comes to spreads and leverages, IronGatesFX brings to the table what most brokers can’t.

What are spreads and Leverages?

Spreads are commissions brokers charge on each trade executed by an investor.  Whereas leverages enable traders to stay and partake in trades they would have most likely lost. It boosts the profits traders make on income.

Trading with IronGatesFX allows you to work with a spread as little as 0.01 pips on specific assets. And as you can deduce, trading assets with this kind of spread will make you earn more profits in the long run.

IronGatesFX offers professional leverage of 1:200 and a maximum leverage of 1:30 which is unlike many brokers out there. | Trading Accounts | Trading Accounts

Account Options

The absence of various account offerings tailored to meet the trading needs of investors with various financial situations, trading goals, and risk appetite, makes it difficult for these investors to pursue their trading needs.

IronGatesFX is conscious of this reality and as such offers five various account types to meet investors’ and traders’ needs. These accounts are the Bronze account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, and Premium account

All five accounts offered by IronGatesFX receive services such as Online Chat Support, Segregated Bank account, Demo Account, Maximum Leverage 1:30, Access to Online Education Center, Webinars

STP / No Dealing Desk, Seminars, Access to all Trading Platforms, Variable Spread 0.1 pip, Stop Out Level of 50% and Professional Account Leverage 1:200

Trading with IronGatesFX starts with a minimum deposit of €200. However, the company suggests that a deposit of €1,000 for the Bronze account is best.

Let’s have a look at each account option

Bronze Account

The minimum deposit of the Bronze account is ideally set at €5,000 to really get something going on. However, a deposit of €200 can still be made to become a bronze account holder. The account offers traders

  • A trial period of relationship manager
  • A trial period of trading central premium signals
  • A trial period of trading central daily newsletter
  • One session of private one-on-one training academy and
  • Trading commission standards.

Silver Account

To open this account, a minimum deposit of €10,000 is required. The account offers traders services such as;

  • A trial period of trading central premium signals
  • Relationship manager
  • Trading central daily newsletter
  • Three sessions of private one-on-one training academy
  • Trading commission standards and
  • IronGatesFX Investments for Mirror Trader only

Gold Account

To open the Gold trading account, a minimum deposit fee of €50,000 is required. The account offers services such as

  • Trading central premium signals
  • Relationship manager
  • Trading central daily newsletter
  • SMS trading notification
  • Four sessions of private one-on-one training academy
  • Two sessions of private trading
  • Access to one event room per month
  • Trading commission standards of approximately 10% and 
  • IronGatesFX Investments for Mirror Trader and RoboX

Platinum Account

To open the Platinum trading account, a minimum deposit fee of €100,000 is required. The account offers services such as

  • Trading central premium signals
  • Relationship manager
  • Trading central daily newsletter
  • SMS trading notification
  • Eight sessions of private one-on-one training academy
  • Four sessions of private trading
  • Access to two event room per month
  • Trading commission standards of approximately 25% and 
  • IronGatesFX Investments for Mirror Trader and RoboX

Premium Account

To open the Platinum trading account, a minimum deposit fee of €250,000 is required. The account offers services such as

  • Trading central premium signals
  • Relationship manager
  • Trading central daily newsletter
  • SMS trading notification
  • Sixteen sessions of private one-on-one training academy
  • Eight sessions of private trading
  • A trial period of VIP services
  • Access to four event room per month
  • Trading commission standards of approximately 50% and 
  • IronGatesFX Investments for Mirror Trader and RoboX

Deposits and Withdrawals

Participating in the financial market requires traders to deposit an initial investment into a trading account. Further, since the idea of venturing into the financial market is to make profits, withdrawals then also become necessary.

Brokerage firms must provide various methods of withdrawal and deposit to help ease their clients. Withdrawals and deposits must be easy, smooth, and straightforward.

IronGatesFX makes the funding of accounts easy by making use of prominent methods of payments. Deposits can be made through credit or debit cards, cryptocurrency, wire transfers, and e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill depending on your location or country

These methods can also be used to make withdrawals. However, clients need to fill and submit a withdrawal request then wait for a representative of IronGatesFX to process it.  This process of verification is compulsory for all clients before funds can be withdrawn from trading accounts.

Withdrawals via wire transfers are free, however, clients must be aware that interbank charges may sometimes apply. Withdrawal via debit or credit card attracts a standard fee of 3.5% of the total withdrawal.

Customer Support

A brokerage is as good as the customer support it offers. Customer support is a crucial feature you must look out for when choosing a broker because you don’t want to be left out to dry when unforeseen circumstances come up.

IronGatesFX is highly client-oriented and as such offers decent customer support. All clients registered with IronGatesFX are provided with a relationship manager that helps with any case concerning the services offered by IronGatesFX.

Furthermore, a group of experts is readily available 24/7 to meet clients’ needs and offer various trading assistance. For various complaints and requests, clients can get in touch with representatives of IronGatesFX through a phone call or an email. Contact information can be found on their website.

Final Thoughts

IronGatesFX has received several awards as honor for its reliability and consistency. The exchange platform offers strong competition with various trading companies in the financial market because its features and services meet the needs of most traders and intending investors.

Its client-based strategy, flexibility,  affordability and diversification makes it ideal for a wide range of online investors across the globe.

This is virtually everything you need to know about IronGatesFX. With this review, I’m sure you have enough information to decide of this platform is right for you. However, you can still check out their website to see for yourself before finally deciding.

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