Mayfair Investments Review, mayfair – Is MayfairInvestments Scam or a Good Broker?

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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Mayfair Investments. In our review we have concluded that MayfairInvestments is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Mayfair Investments in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Mayfair Investments Review

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One of the ways you can find out an online platform is great is by looking at the number of years traders have been with it. If you see that a lot of traders have been around for a long time, then it’s a sign the broker is doing something great.

Otherwise, no one likes to stay on a poor platform for too long. So, I have been going through online platforms to find one that I could recommend and this Mayfair Investments review is a result of that research.

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I think this broker has been doing great by keeping its traders on its platform for years. It means the broker has a long-term career to offer. How it has achieved such a feat can be found out in this MayfairInvestments review.

Diverse Range of Assets

Let’s begin by talking about the number of assets you can trade when you sign up with Mayfair Investments broker. There are multiple asset categories and you find assets from around the world in those categories. If you enter the stocks market, you will find the stocks of the biggest companies not only in the US but in other countries as well.

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In a similar way, you will find the bucketed stocks of these companies in the indices category. The broker hasn’t limited its range of forex pairs to USD, GBP, and EUR. Instead, you will find many other minor and exotic currency pairs in this market.

Commodities include not only energies and precious metals but agri-assets as well. Last but not least, this platform welcomes those who want to do crypto trading. Mayfair Investments broker has compiled a long list of crypto coins that can be traded on its platform.

Progressive Account Types

In some cases, when you sign up with online companies that provide trading services, you sign up with an account and stay signed up with it forever. In other words, the company offers you just one account. All the trading resources, tools, and assets you need are included in that account.

You then have the freedom to do whatever you want. However, that account can be expensive and cost you more even though you’re just starting out. For this reason, the trading accounts from MayfairInvestments broker make more sense.

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These are progressive account types i.e. they go from basic to advanced, and then to the professional level. This keeps you excited as a trader on this platform because you always have something to look forward to.

The Mentorship Feature

If you look at the features offered with each account, you will see the account manager option in there. Yes, Mayfair Investments trading platform offers you mentorship in many ways and you can continue to improve as a trader by taking advantage of this feature.

Each trading account from this broker comes with an account manager. When you sign up with a basic trading account, you get to talk to a junior account manager. However, you can have a senior account manager by your side if you go with an advanced or professional trading account.

The account manager can offer you their help in many trading decisions. They don’t trade on your behalf, but they can definitely tell you what will suit your trading style and when a great trading opportunity arises in your favorite market.

Bonuses and Perks

Whether you want to join an online platform for crypto trading or forex trading, or perhaps you want to go with traditional stocks trading, you will enjoy great perks and bonuses. MayfairInvestments trading platform keeps the trading journey quite exciting for its traders by injecting a few perks here and there.

For those who sign up and start trading on trading platform for the first time, they can enjoy a signup bonus. On the other hand, those who are signed up for a long time and are still trading, they can enjoy some great loyalty points.

Through these perks, the company wants to show you some appreciation for taking risks and going all out into your trading career.

Mayfair Investments bonuses

Is Mayfair Investments Scam or Legit?

I think the answer to this question has already been given. If the platform you sign up with is not honest or does deceptive things, would you stick around for a long time? The fact that the broker has been keeping its traders active on the platform shows me that it is a reliable trading platform.

Final Thoughts

I have always believed that claims don’t matter to any trader. Even the gimmicky trading features don’t make a difference. A trader is truly impressed by a platform’s retention of its traders.

My review clearly shows that this broker has achieved that level of success. I think the broker will be considered one of the best and top online trading platforms in the coming times.

Author: Isacco Genovesi

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