New Survey Says 4% Of US Citizens Quit Work For Cryptocurrency Gains

In a new poll, it has been signaled that a growing number of U.S. residents are making crypto investments. On 1st November, a survey was published by Civic Science, which revealed that a swelling amount of U.S. workers is continuously exiting from the jobs thereof for cryptocurrency. The query regarding leaving jobs because of crypto gains was presented in front of 6,741 respondents during 2021’s October.

On being asked about whether they or anyone in their knowledge had exited the job thereof at a point during the previous year because of the financial freedom received through investing in crypto, approximately 4% of the participants replied yes, while 7% stated they knew the person who had. Dallas Mavericks’ owner, as well as a billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who has been investing in the platforms related to NFTs, reflected over the responses stating them to bring about revolutionary changes.

Workers with low income leaving jobs

On being categorized in terms of income, the results disclosed that 27% of the respondents had left jobs as they were being paid below $25,000 per annum, whereas 37% quitted the salaries at up to $50,000, as concluded by Civic Science. The data points out that the investments in digital assets may have delivered some life-evolving amounts of income in the case of some investors. However, the richer people utilize crypto as another means to diversify their assets instead of making it an income source.

It has also been indicted by the survey that for the people indulged in stock trading, it is likely to experiment through crypto as well. Out of polled people (up to 2,943), 38% are vigorous stock traders, have also made investments in crypto assets. On being enquired about the motives behind the crypto investment, 28% out of nearly 17,699 respondents replied that they utilized this investment for long-term development in their investment. Among them, 23% got into this field for acquiring short-term gains, and 11% mentioned it being a hedge confronting inflation; however, 12% straightforwardly desired to escape the government’s dominance.

Crypto whales becoming wealthier

The inferences brought out that nearly 60% of the respondents asserted that they have become richer than their financial position during the previous year. Expectedly, the investors having more wealth were those who comparatively did well than those making less investment. It was concluded by Civic Science that the utilization of cryptocurrencies, as well as the perceptions about them, may get changed due to the regulation thereof.

Author: Isacco Genovesi

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