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OKEx Review

OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, created in Hong Kong and was founded in 2004, and is one of the most popular assets right now. The company has an amazing team that includes lots of talented individuals of top companies like Huawei and Tencent. They firmly believe that core principals of blockchain, and the principles of Bitcoin and the contracts will be able to change the way how people are trusting in each other, through this transformation will help to eliminate the different barriers that transactions presents, also will help to increase the efficiency of the transactions that happened globally and this, eventually, will have a strong impact on the economy around the world. That’s why the company devoted itself to the blockchain technology and its constant revolution.



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OKEx Technologies

Through the years, OKEx has adopted advanced technologies like distributed storage, excellent trading engine, GSLB and distributed server clusters, all of them are backed up in chilled locations, hot walletswith protection and private encryption. They also have a reliable digital asset trading services that are delivered to their customers via mobile app and a web interface. They are always innovating and improving their services and also ask constantly to their customers for suggestions and requests they might have in order to do their job better.

OKEx Security

According to OKEx Cryptocurrency exchange, the bitcoin security still has a lot of work to do in terms of security, because for the industry is important to operate a stable bitcoin trading platform and also secure bitcoin wallets. Lots of cryptography experts believe that the foundation of bitcoin cryptography is completely safe, however, OKEx is always improving its security system and they are currently sharing it openly and also they have a specific security design philosophy as much as a security design protocol. OKEx is basically the international counterpart to defunct Okcoin, company that ceased operations due to a Chinese government ban. Since then OKEx is growing, they believe that this will help lives, the company claimed that the worlds digital asset market has entered a whole new and improved development stage, so they will allocate this brand new capital in the most responsible way and always providing their customers of the best products and service innovations.

The Original Bitcoin Cash Market

By the end of 2017, OKEx Cryptocurrency announced that they basically created the original Bitcoin Cash market, which gives users the opportunity to do trading against BCH minus any intermediary like ETH or BTC. This news is important because at that point OKEx ranks number 6 among cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of total trading volume. In some point, OKEx processed more than 1.3 billion in trades but is possible that the new trading pairs increase the number of bitcoin cash’s trading made by day which most of the time exceeds $1 billion.

OKEx Fiat to Token Platform

OKEx has been announcing lots of important news including the creation of this first Bitcoin Cash market, for example, the company released a fiat to token platform and they mentioned that they are planning to be very supportive on new developments.

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