Price Analysis of Chainlink (LINK), FTX Token (FTT), and Stellar (XLM)

The price analysis data surrounding Chainlink (LINK) suggests that in the past 30-days, its price has observed a weighted 32.55% dip. As for the past 24-hours, its price has managed to recover by 1.92%, bringing its unit price up to $17.32 per LINK.

The market valuation of LINK is currently hovering around $7,887,404,168 and its trading volume has reportedly plummeted by 8.11%. At the time of publication, LINK’s 24-h trading volume stands at $596,235,653.

Given the current situation, LINK is highly likely to observe a dip in its value, as the trend seems to be bearish. If this happens, then LINK’s price may fall to $15.91 per LINK, and if the bearish cycle continues, then LINK may fall deeper. As the sentiments of the investors grow more bearish, the price of LINK may dive down even further, and it may observe a figure of $14.62.

As the bears start taking more control of the situation, the price of LINK may end up plummeting to $13.43 per LINK.

The analysis surrounding FTX Token (FTT) suggests that in the past 24-hours, its price has been pushed up by 0.04%. As for FTX Token’s past 30-day performance, its value has reportedly surged by 1.53%.

This means that the sentiments for FTX Token are currently supporting a bullish run as compared to the bearish run. At the time of publication, the value of FTX Token is $46.64 per FTT. As for the 24-hour trading volume for FTX Token, it currently stands at $117,396,478. The market valuation of FTT is currently hovering around $6,383,569,363.

At present, the sentiments of the investors being high in favor of FTT means its price may surge to $49.43. If the buy-to-sell ratio for FTT grows more in favor of the “buy” sentiments, then FTT may grow up to the second strong resistance mark ($52.89).

As the momentum keeps building, more investments would start coming in favor of FTT, pushing its value all the way up to the third strong resistance mark ($57.13).

Then come Stellar (XLM) which is observing a high growth rate of 3.04% in its value in the past 24-hours. The past 30-day data surrounding XLM shows it has observed a 15.46% plummet. This suggests that despite the recent low-level rally, XLM is not out of trouble and it may continue traveling within the negative territory.

If the bulls are not able to gather many resources into their side, then the bears would have obvious victory. In such a case, the price of XLM may start getting pushed deeper and it may continue sinking if the bulls do not make a significant make.

At the moment, the price of XLM is at $0.2235, and if the bears keep selling it on a high scale, its price may plummet to $0.1916.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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