Price Analysis of FIA Protocol, Digifit, Baby Clifford Inu, and Wraith Protocol

The price analysis data surrounding FIA Protocol (FIA) suggests that it has observed a 93.10% dip in the past 24-hours. The dip has caused the price of FIA Protocol to come down to $0.02572 per FIA.

The performance tracker through TradingView shows that the price of FIA Protocol is moving in the negative zone. Despite the recent dip, the overall sentiments of the FIA Protocol investors are bullish. This would mean that the current dip for FIA Protocol is considered a short-term one and it may not cause much of an impact on its price.

Therefore, the bulls may begin with their buying activities and try to push the price of FIA Protocol in the upward direction. It is being expected that the investors may increase their buying power in order to push the price of the digital asset up to $0.05347 per FIA.

The next cryptocurrency is Digifit (DGI) that has reportedly observed 89.92% dive in price in the past 24-hours. The price of Digifit after the dive has come down to $0.0005478 per DGI. From the time of listing, DGI seems to be experiencing a downtrend. It is being expected that the plummet may continue as the bears are in power.

The bears may continue with their selling activity and pull its price down to $0.0004421 per DGI. If the bears manage to bring DGI’s price down to the particular figure and continue with the pressure, they may be able to pull DGI’s price down to $0.0003310.

After Digifit, Baby Clifford Inu (BBCLIFF) has observed a plummet worth 86.65%, bringing its price down to $0.00000005344 per BBCLIFF. At the moment, the trading volume for BBCLIFF is worth $102, and it has plummeted by 92.58% in the past 24-hours.

This would mean that BBCLIFF is not experiencing a high but a low trend in its price. As a result, the price of BBCLIFF may continue dipping. In the upcoming days, BBCLIFF’s price may fall down to $0.00000003165 per BBCLIFF.

Wraith Protocol (WRAITH) is also experiencing a price dip having observed an 81.31% fall in the past 24-hours. Having observed a plummet, WRAITH’s price has come down to $0.00000001258. The price of WRAITH has been falling since its launch from the beginning of November 2021.

The analysts predict that the price of WRAITH may continue falling given its performance from the time of listing. Its price has been dipping at a high rate and it may end up falling down to $0.00000001010 per WRAITH.

If bears continue selling WRAITH on a large scale, they may be able to pull its price even lower, moving down to $0.00000000857 per WRAITH.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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