Price Analysis of SONIC INU (SONIC) and SafeFloki (SFK)

SONIC INU and SafeFloki have reportedly experienced significant surges in their prices in the past 24hours. Both SONIC INU and SafeFloki have experienced 887.45% and 673.76% rallies in the past 24-hours. Therefore, SONIC INU and SafeFloki are under the spotlight, so the investors are eager to see how they progress in near future.

Many analysts have shared their price analysis on SONIC INU and SafeFloki, and see where they will be in near future.

SONIC INU (SONIC) – 887.45%

The price analysis carried out by the analysts for SONIC INU suggests that the investors have managed to push its trading price up to $0.00005417 per SONIC. The buyers are currently trying their best to sustain the pressure coming in from the bears.

The bears tried hard to keep SONIC INU pushed downwards and keep it at a low of $0.0000061 per SONIC. However, the bulls formed a stronger 887.45% rally in the past 24hours and pushed its trading price to a high of $0.0000477 per SONIC.

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The bulls have continued with their strong rally in the past 24-hours and would like to keep it the same way. They have also started spending a lot of money to increase the trading volume for SONIC INU. As of now, the growth rate recorded for the trading volume of SONIC INU is 993.44%.

The investors have also worked their way into increasing the market valuation of SONIC INU by 887.45% in the past 24-hours.

At the time of writing, the RSI for SONIC INU is at 68.5 and it is expected to grow more bullish if the rally continues. The moving averages and the oscillators for SONIC INU are also indicating strong bullish sentiments.

Therefore, the trading price of SONIC INU may continue rising and may reach up to a high of $0.000463 per SONIC.

SafeFloki (SFK) – 673.76%

SafeFloki has also experienced a strong bullish trend in the past 24-hours. The rally that the bulls initiated 24-hours back still persists and so far, it has been pushed up by 673.76%.

Due to the surge, the trading price of SafeFloki has grown up to a high of $0.0000000001886 per SFK. If the buying momentum of the investors keeps on growing, more investors will continue joining the bullish trend.

At present, the trading volume for SafeFloki has also grown up by 455.64%. Going forward, the trading volume for SafeFloki may continue rising. This would result in pushing the trading price of SafeFloki to a high of $0.0000000006233 per SFK.

Going forward, the bulls may intensify their buying power to keep the rally strong and steady. This would result in pushing the trading price of SafeFloki to a high $0.000000001367 per SFK.

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