Price Analysis of Tourist Token (TOTO), Nilu (NILU), and Slushie Capital (SLUSH)

Among the cryptocurrencies demonstrating high gains, Tourist Token (TOTO) seems to be demonstrating excellent performance in the past 24-hours. The data shows that in the past 24-hours, it is the bulls that have held the victory flag in their hands against the bears.

This is the reason why a 109.98% rally has been recorded and shared by major on-chain data analyzing firms. Due to the strong surge, the price of Tourist Token has moved up to $0.000008953 per TOTO.

If the rallies continue, then the price of Tourist Token may rise up to $0.00001387 per TOTO. If the bears are unable to exert enough pushback, then the bulls will be able to push Tourist Token’s price up to $0.00001896. Another push from the investors may be witnessed in the following days that would bring its price all the way up to $0.00002417.

Nilu (NILU) is also looking at a bright road ahead, as it is also experiencing a high trend in terms of its price. For now, the price of Nilu is at $0.0008953 per NILU, and it has reached this level after experiencing a 109.41% 24h surge.

If the Nilu bulls are able to display an ample amount of firmness bullish position, then the price of Nilu may rise up to $0.00001387. If a stronger rally keeps building up in support of Nilu and the RSI/moving averages, also grow positive, then Nilu’s price may shoot up to $0.00001734.

If the support keeps building up for Nilu, then the bulls will have a unique opportunity of bringing more investors to their support. Once onboard, the investors may start investing heavily in Nilu, which would push the price of Nilu higher.

According to predictive data, the bulls are looking to gain enough support to push the price of Nilu up to $0.00001994.

Then comes Slushie Capital (SLUSH) which is also supporting the general sentiments of the investors. In the past 24-hours, Slushie Capital has also experienced a great surge up to 107.40% that has pushed its price up to $0.0000002581 per SLUSH.

So far, the investors seem to be highly confident about the growth of Slushie Capital, which is why they would continue pouring in more money. This would help increase the price of SLUSH significantly.

In the upcoming days, the investors may get the opportunity of increasing their buying power to show their true capabilities. This would result in pushing the price of Slushie Capital up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.0000005352).

If the investors keep pushing harder, then Slushie Capital’s price may get pushed up to $0.0000006691. Then the investors may push the price of Slushie Capital even higher to the third strong resistance mark ($0.0000007694).

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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