Price Analysis of vEmpire DDAO (VEMP) and Trisolaris (TRI)

vEmpire DDAO Priced Pushed up by 28.02%

If you were monitoring vEmpire DDAO for some time, then you would have observed its value to be in the lower figures. The price of vEmpire DDAO was reportedly at a low of $0.1455 per VEMP when the digital asset started recording a huge movement from the bulls’ end.

The bulls reportedly increased their buying power in the past 24-hours by 28.02%, lifting the trading price of the TEMP/USDT pair to $0.1815 per VEMP.

The buying power of the bulls has also resulted in elevating the trading volume for vEmpire DDAO by 165.96%. At present, the trading volume for vEmpire DDAO is worth $22,803,146.

The investors are currently in very high spirits and their confidence is growing higher as the trading volume for vEmpire DDAO is surging. As the sentiments of the investors keep gaining more strength, they may continue investing more money, bringing its value up to $0.2069 per VEMP.

As more investors keep moving to vEmpire DDAO’s positive side, the summary scale for vEmpire DDAO may grow even more bullish. This would result in pushing the price of vEmpire DDAO to a high of $0.2214 per VEMP.

Going forward, the bulls may continue with their aggressive movement in the upper trend. This way, the bulls may continue breaking all the strong defenses set by the bears. Breaking the defenses of the bears may help the investors in pushing the price of vEmpire DDAO to a high of $2369 per VEMP.

As the investors keep acquiring more vEmpire DDAO, its technical factors may move into the bullish zone. These technical factors include the relative strength index, oscillators, and the moving averages of vEmpire DDAO. If the bulls manage to push through the strong defenses of the bears, vEmpire DDAO may rise into the resistance channel.

Trisolaris Price Pushed up by 25.73%

The investment community has also shown a lot of interest in the acquisition of Trisolaris. Therefore, a 25.73% rush has been observed in the past 24-hours, offering a significant elevation to Trisolaris’s price.

Before the rush was recorded, the trading price of the TRI/USDT pair was at a low of $0.6534 per TRI. Following the rush, the trading value of the same pair has risen to its current high price of $0.7559 per TRI.

The report suggests that in the upcoming days, the investors may continue buying Trisolaris and push its price higher. Going forward, the RSI and the moving averages for Trisolaris may travel higher into the bullish trend.

This would provide more cushion to the bulls so they can carry on with their buying spree. As a result, the price of Trisolaris may grow all the way up to $0.9666 per TRI.

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