Price Analysis of ZUM TOKEN (ZUM) and Balkari Token (BKR)

ZUM TOKEN (ZUM) has emerged as one of the top performers in the past 24-hours, as it has observed a 311.10% rally. Finally, after experiencing resistance from the bears for a long period, the bulls have achieved a high rally. They have pushed back the bears and have succeeded in pushing ZUM TOKEN to a high value of $0.00001546 per ZUM.

The performance scale for ZUM TOKEN is currently indicating a strong rally in the upcoming days. The relative strength index for ZUM TOKEN has moved over the midline and it is still in the ascending state.

This grants another major opportunity to the bulls, as they may continue pushing its price higher and bring more investors to their side. If the bulls succeed in their mission, the price of ZUM TOKEN may go on to hitting the first resistance level of $0.00003917 per ZUM.

If the rally grows stronger, then the price of ZUM TOKEN may hit the second resistance mark of $0.00006922 per ZUM. Once ZUM TOKEN hits the second strong resistance mark, the bulls will need to show more aggression to the bears. This way, they will be able to push them completely out of the competition and be open to reaching higher prices for ZUM TOKEN.

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If the bulls demonstrate enough aggression, then the bears may start withdrawing and left the ground open for the bulls. As the bulls increase their buying power, the price of ZUM TOKEN may grow up to $0.0001223.

The negative sentiments of the investors suggest that ZUM TOKEN may start getting pushed down to lower figures if the bulls are not powerful enough against the bears. However, the bears will need to show a tremendous amount of potential in selling ZUM TOKEN, as it is currently within the positive territory.

Therefore, it will be difficult for the bears to force the bulls out of the competition. If the bears do manage to win against the bulls, then ZUM TOKEN may fall below $.00001236. This would be the first strong support mark for ZUM TOKEN, and as more bulls start following the bearish trend, ZUM TOKEN may fall to $0.00001001.

The growth for Balkari Token has also fast-tracked in the past 24-hours, as Balkari Token has observed a 242.60% rally. At the time of publication, Balkari Token’s value is at $0.6647 and as a result of the high sentiments of the bulls, its price may continue surging.

If the bulls remain strong, the price of Balkari Token may hit another high mark, which would be $1.47 per BKR. As the momentum grows and the bulls manage another rally, the price of Balkari Token may grow up to $2.36 per BKR.

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