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Depositing your funds in your account with Royal C Bank is simple and quick. Any money you deposit with the broker is kept in segregated accounts, as per the guidelines of the Financial Commission. The broker keeps its own funds separate to ensure there is no mismanagement or misappropriation in any case. The broker has exercised caution in adding only profitable and renowned cryptocurrencies, which can enable you to earn significant returns in trading.

RoyalCBank Review

One of the newest financial trading instruments in the market is none other than cryptocurrency. Even though the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, the instrument gained exposure in the market with its rise in 2017. That’s when the cryptocurrency market attracted a huge number of people and early investors recorded massive returns. Since then, a number of other cryptocurrencies have been added and more crypto-coins are introduced on a daily basis. Suffice it to say, there are many trading opportunities for people to explore in the cryptocurrency market. But, how do you get started?

In order to make that happen, you will need the services of a broker to assist you. You cannot proceed without a broker because they provide you access to the assets, the trading platform and other features that you require for trading any instrument. While there are plenty of options you will find, it is best to find a broker that specializes in crypto trading and this is where Royal C Bank comes in. The most notable thing about this broker is that it was introduced by former crypto and equity traders, who have had considerable experience in the industry. Therefore, they have launched this broker to ensure that traders can enjoy smooth performance in the long run.

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Only someone who has experienced the problems of traders firsthand will know what needs to be done. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Royal C Bank. Since its founders were traders as well, they have developed a platform that addresses every single need of crypto traders rather comprehensively. It has all the hall marks of a trustworthy and capable broker and you can see that for yourself by knowing what it offers. Let’s take a look:

  • RoyalCBank is a member of FinaCom

Regulation and monitoring has become a requirement in the case of brokers because traders do not wish to interact with or use the services of brokers that are not subjected to the rules of a regulator. In light of that, Royal C Bank became a member of the Financial Commission on July 11th, 2019. FinaCom is an international mediator and its membership is an assurance to traders. This is due to the fact that the membership implies they are under the protection of this organization and the services offered by Royal C Bank are in accordance with their standards and guidelines.

The A category has been granted to the broker, which is the highest one in terms of broker reliability. The Financial Commission can also help in resolving any disputes that the broker may have with its clients and they guarantee a timely and honest resolution of any disputes relating to cryptocurrency trading. Thus, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if there is a problem, FinaCom will step in and take appropriate measures to solve the issue at hand. Other than that, the broker itself has established strict ethics policy for all its employees and places a lot of emphasis on corporate responsibility.

  • RoyalCBank offers profitable cryptocurrencies

The primary reason you are considering Royal C Bank is to use their services for trading cryptocurrencies. After you have established that it is monitored by an international organization, you would certainly want to take a look at the assets it has to offer. As mentioned above, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and many others have come after it. Some of them have been truly profitable, suich as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Hard forks of some cryptocurrencies have also been introduced, like Bitcoin Cash. With Royal C Bank, you have the opportunity of trading all these cryptocurrencies. The broker has exercised caution in adding only profitable and renowned cryptocurrencies, which can enable you to earn significant returns in trading. This doesn’t mean that the broker doesn’t add new projects to tis asset index. They first perform security and background tests and only add a cryptocurrency if it has any potential to offer. This means that you will find a variety of cryptocurrencies in which you can invest with Royal C Bank.

  • RoyalCBank has an easy sign up process

Many people complain about the long and time consuming sign up procedures that brokers have implemented these days, which can make it a tiring process. When you are in the mood to trade cryptocurrencies, you want to get started right away and not have to deal with any red tape. Royal C Bank has ensured that you can do exactly that when you decide to use their services. They have made the sign up process quick and easy for everyone, whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader. You only need to provide basic details for registering with the broker, which include your name, email address and a password. It takes only a few minutes and you can get access to the broker’s platform.

  • RoyalCBank has multiple account options

After you have registered with the broker, you would now want to open an account in order to begin trading. Like other brokers, account options are also available with Royal C Bank, but they are a lot more diverse and have great features to offer.

Basic: This is the first account option you will come across on Royal C Bank and it can be opened with a minimum deposit of $250. This account is for newbies who have no previous experience in crypto trading and don’t have a lot of capital to invest either. With this account, traders can expect to get a Welcome Bonus of 30% and they will also receive access to the education center where they can gain some knowledge about how the crypto market works. Traders can also benefit from 24/6 customer support and this account also comes with price alerts, Daily Market Review and PRO webinars for further assistance.

Beginner: The second account type requires a deposit of $10,000 and is for traders who have some basic experience in the crypto market and have made some trades. The welcome bonus in this account type increases to 40%, but the rest of the features are same as the basic account. One added benefit is the addition of a junior account manager, which can come in handy as these managers can provide a lot of instruction and guidance when it comes to making trades and decisions.

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Medium: The third account option is best for traders who are now familiar with cryptocurrency and the rules of trading. A 60% welcome bonus is provided in this account and you can open it for $25,000. The features you access in this account are same as the rest, with the junior manager being replaced with a senior account manager as the traders are bigger and more lucrative.

Advanced: As the name indicates, this account type has been introduced for traders who have had considerable market experience and are ready to take some big risks. In order to do so, they have to deposit at least $50,000, as this is the minimum requirement for this account type. The welcome bonus is also increased to 70% as a perk and now a VIP account manager is provided because there are numerous trades to be managed and portfolio to be diversified.

Pro: The name of this account type is self-explanatory; it has been designed for professional traders and a deposit of $100,000 is mandatory for opening this account. It has a welcome bonus of 80% and offers numerous trading tools and other features to those who go for it.

VIP: The last account type you will find on Royal C Bank is the VIP account and this one is only provided to exclusive clients. There are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled by traders for them to be eligible for this account. You can get details about the criteria by getting in touch with your account manager.

With these varied account options, Royal C Bank aims to cater to traders of different backgrounds and skills. No matter at what stage of trading you may be at, you will find an option with the broker that can accommodate your needs without requiring you to make sacrifices.

  • RoyalCBank allows deposits with minimum fuss

When you have made your account with Royal C Bank, you want to start trading immediately. With other brokers, you have to wait for your deposit to be done, but not with this broker. Depositing your funds in your account with Royal C Bank is simple and quick. There is a button for Deposit Funds that you will see once you log into your account. The next step is to select the preferred method. There are three methods that you will find at your disposal.

You can use your Visa or MasterCard, go with wire transfer or you can also opt to use cryptocurrency, depending on what’s convenient for you. When the transaction is complete, the funds will be reflected in your account balance and you can use them for trading right away. It should be noted that wire transfer options can take at least 5 to 7 days to be processed. The minimum deposit amount is 250, which can be made in USD, EURO or GBP. The minimum investment you need for opening a trade via your Royal C Bank account is 10 of whatever currency you choose.

  • RoyalCBank has made withdrawals very smooth

Just like depositing funds, the process of withdrawing your money is also quite smooth at Royal C Bank. There are brokers that can make the withdrawal process very complicated, which causes traders a lot of stress because they are unable to get their hands on the returns they have made. This is not a complain you will have when you choose Royal C Bank. There is a button on the My Account page for initiating a withdrawal.

You will be required to enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the method you wish to use for doing so. The same three methods are available for making withdrawals. The best thing about the broker is that it doesn’t charge you any commission on withdrawals, unlike other brokers that may have this policy. You can cancel a withdrawal request if it has not been fully processed, otherwise it is not possible to do so. The minimum amount that has to be withdrawn is currently 100 of your account currency.

However, you should note that the withdrawal request first needs to be approved and then it is processed. The processing time will depend on the method you have used.

  • RoyalCBank places a lot of emphasis on security

In today’s world, traders have become a lot more conscious of security, particularly after news about many cryptocurrency exchanges getting hacked. Lots of people suffered losses when this happened and you definitely want to avoid it. Consequently, traders want to sign up with brokers that prioritize security, not just of their finances, but also their personal information as identity theft is also a common occurrence. This is another aspect where Royal C Bank does not disappoint its customers. The broker has placed top notch security measures to ensure that clients can enjoy a peaceful and safe trading environment when they decide to use the broker’s services.

First and foremost, you should note that any money you deposit with the broker is kept in segregated accounts, as per the guidelines of the Financial Commission. The broker keeps its own funds separate to ensure there is no mismanagement or misappropriation in any case. Apart from that, there is also a compensation program applicable, under which traders can get compensation of up to $20,000 if the broker goes bankrupt. Likewise, when it comes to security of personal information, all data is encrypted and not shared with any third parties without your permission.

When you put together all these features, you will realize that RoyalCBank is an excellent broker for secure and comprehensive crypto trading.

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