TradeFred Review: ASIC (Australia) Regulated Bitcoin Broker – Trading Cryptocurrencies With Reliable Brokers

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Upon a little research on the internet, you will find out that MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform out of the bunch. There are many other trading platforms that many brokers offer but none has been able to come even close to the level of trading experience that MT4 can deliver.

TradeFred Review

Looking at the prevalence of the cryptocurrency, you might not be the only person who wants to trade in this market. People want to get their hands on the digital coins. However, the high values of the cryptocurrencies and the dynamics of this market prevent many traders from feeling comfortable with it. Trading CFDs on the other hand is the best to way to trade cryptocurrencies without putting thousands of dollars on the line. With leveraged trading, you can control big cryptocurrency trades with minimal deposits in your account. That’s where you need the right broker to provide you the most reliable and safe services.


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TradeFred has made its name among the most reliable online brokers for providing safe trading services to its traders from around the world. From a future proof trading platform to trader-friendly trading conditions, this broker has taken care of it all pretty well. If you are interested in trading digital coins and making money from these trades, you should definitely consider TradeFred. Let’s get to know this broker in some depth.

Introducing TradeFred

TradeFred is one of the hundreds of online brokers that give traders from all over the world a chance to be a part of the financial markets. You are mainly going to trade the derivative contracts, called CFDs, when you sign up with TradeFred. When trading CFDs, you can just use the same platform to reach dozens of different financial markets from around the globe. Whether you want to trade forex, indices, commodities or the cryptocurrencies, one platform and broker are enough for you to make a start.

You will be surprised to know that TradeFred is not the oldest online brokers. This broker has been around for no more than three years but it has accumulated a lot of trust and faith from its traders during this short span of time. To make its platform safe for its traders, the broker has ensured that all of the information of the trader is encrypted as soon as it leaves their computers. In addition to that, the safety of funds has been guaranteed by the broker by creating a separate account only for the traders’ funds.

In addition to these things, the broker has paid great attention to securing its platform from being used illegally. First, you will have to provide some detailed information about yourself when signing up to identify yourself. Furthermore, the anti-money laundering policies are also there to ensure that no one looking to launder money can do so using TradeFred’s platform.

TradeFred and Regulation

One of the most important things for any trader before signing up with a broker is regulation. You have to be sure as a trader that the broker is operating legally and under proper regulations. TradeFred is regulated by ASIC i.e. Australian Securities and Investments Commission. For traders who are from Australia, they can join the platform of this broker without any hesitation. They should know that ASIC is the well-known Australian authority that regulates and monitors the activities of the online brokers. As a trader, you know your money is in safe hands when the broker is licensed and regulated by ASIC.

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ASIC regulation for TradeFred is one of the reasons why so many Australian traders are joining its platform at such a quick pace. You know your money is not going anywhere when a broker is regulated by this authority even if the broker does something wrong. The regulating authority ensures that the broker you have signed up with complies with all the security and safety rules that involve the broker as well as the trader. In addition to regulation from ASIC, TradeFred is also regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. If there is one thing better than regulation for a broker, it is multiple regulations.

Trading Cryptocurrencies with TradeFred

Now that you are sure about the security and safety of the traders when they join TradeFred, it is time for you to find out why you should be trading cryptocurrencies with this broker. So, the first thing that you should know here is that not all the online brokers are providing you this service. Most of the brokers are still sticking to the conventional financial markets that include indices, commodities, precious metals, energies, and currency pairs. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies when you are with TradeFred.

At the moment, the only digital coin that you can trade on TradeFred’s trading platform is Bitcoin. If you don’t know, Bitcoin is the most valuable and well-known cryptocurrency in the world. Moreover, this is the digital coin that everyone believes is here to stay. What you are going to love about trading Bitcoin with TradeFred is that you can do that against three different currencies. When you join other brokers, you are often only able to trade Bitcoin for USD. On the other hand, you can also trade EUR and GBP with Bitcoin once you have opened an account with TradeFred.

What makes the deal even sweeter is the fact that you can assume the position that you think will benefit you the most. Many brokers are more concerned about their benefit than the benefit of the trader and thus prevent the trader from taking a particular position on a cryptocurrency trade. You don’t have to face any such restrictions when you are trading with TradeFred. Go long or short on your Bitcoin trade and make profits the way you prefer. Of course, CFD trading is never complete without some leverage. The leverage is not very huge when you trade cryptocurrencies but it is still quite appreciable at 1:2.

You must realize that the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile with Bitcoin being one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies out there. Using a huge leverage on a Bitcoin trade can be quite risky, especially if you are a new trader. With a leverage of 1:2, you can control a big trade while still keeping your risks minimized and losses in check.

Trading Conditions for Trading Cryptocurrencies with TradeFred

The biggest issue when trading with a broker is the trading conditions that you are going to face. Sometimes, the trading platform looks great and the asset index is diversified, but when you look at the trading conditions, you are sure you cannot survive for a long time with this broker. So, the first thing you will have to look at is the fact that you will be able to trade Bitcoin against the three most stable currencies of the world. You can pick the currency that you think you understand the most. Furthermore, you have some leverage available from the broker so you don’t have to put all of your money on the line.

TradeFred cares about its traders and thus does not charge them any unnecessary commissions. You can always look at the spread before you enter trade because there is nothing to worry about in terms of commissions. You will not have to pay any commissions on your trades and end up splitting your profit with the broker. Is it easy for you to join TradeFred and start trading cryptocurrencies? It is a breeze to join TradeFred and start trading Bitcoin with your favorite currency. With a basic account, you just have to deposit a small amount of $250 in your account to get started. You will get all the daily market analysis to keep an eye on where the market is going.

How TradeFred Helps You

When it comes to the relationship between the broker and the trader, it is the responsibility of the broker to help its traders in one way or another to start with a trading career. You will get a lot of help with TradeFred in many different areas. First of all, you are able to open your account with a small first deposit. The broker is also there to help you in the form of leverage. You don’t necessarily have to put all of your money on the line just because you want to trade cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you have three different currencies that you can choose from to trade with Bitcoin. However, that’s not where TradeFred stops helping its traders.

It does not matter whether you sign up with an advanced account or a basic account, you will get access to the training material. This training material will help you learn the art of trading and how you can make the most of market conditions even when they don’t seem the best. You have to keep in mind that cryptocurrency market is a new financial market so you have to learn a lot before you can start trading digital coins. Many brokers like to make money from their traders in the shape of trading signals. Trading signals tell you whether you should be going long or short when trading a particular asset.

Many brokers out there will not give you any access to the trading signals unless you sign up with an expensive account with a huge first deposit. On the other hand, you have TradeFred that lets you open any type of account and benefit from the trading signals. It is best that you take a look at the trading signals before entering trades to increase your chances of executing profitable trades. There is a personal account manager that can help you with any issues that you might have related to your account with the broker.

The Overall Trading Experience with TradeFred

You must know that TradeFred is there to give you a chance to put your money into CFD trading. It provides you with a safe platform to do so. In addition to that, it brings you the most valuable and emerging markets like cryptocurrencies at your disposal so you can benefit from them. When you look at the overall features, you will admire the efforts that the broker has put in. With many financial assets other than cryptocurrencies, you can even take advantage of leverages that are as huge as 1:200. It means you will be able to control enormous trades with very little money in your account.

You also have the precious metals like silver and gold that you can trade on TradeFred’s platform. In addition to that, you have to know that you will be using the MetaTrader trading platform for all your trades. Upon a little research on the internet, you will find out that MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform out of the bunch. There are many other trading platforms that many brokers offer but none has been able to come even close to the level of trading experience that MT4 can deliver. Last but not least, you can deposit and withdraw your money without paying any fees to the broker.

TradeFred Customer Support

The only thing that’s left to be known now is the customer support from the broker. You want to expect the best customer support from a broker that claims to be the best. It is important to know here that TradeFred has also won the award of being the best newcomer in the industry in 2018. Contacting TradeFred is convenient for any trader because there is a live chat feature on the website. You can also send your concerns in emails or call the phone number that’s available on the website. There are different numbers for people in Russia, South Africa, and UK. Professionals are there 24/4 to help you with your concerns.


There is a lot for you to know about TradeFred as you dig deeper into the details of this broker. There should be no doubt in your mind that it is one of the best online brokers providing you with an amazing trading platform, a perfectly diversified asset index, and the trading conditions that you can produce your profits from. You can trade three different currencies with Bitcoin and enter this profitable market. The minimum required from you is also quite small with the basic accounts. In short, there is no barrier before you that can stop you from signing up with TradeFred as soon as possible.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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