SMIMarkets Review – Why SMIMarkets Is A Better Investment Option Than Other Brokers

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Once you become a registered customer at SMIMarkets, you are linked with an account manager who is very experienced in the trading business as well as an expert in the analyzing market trends and asset volatility. Review

SMIMarkets logoIn the current times when everyone in the physical trading business is in the process of transitioning to online trading as well as people who are entirely new to the trading business, SMIMarkets has come out as one of the most reliable, resourceful and dependable brokerages. Its aim is not just to guide its clients with trades but to also facilitate them through all means necessary under the trading guidelines.

The main goal of SMIMarkets is to provide their clients with the most secure and reliable world-class trading experience, and in order to achieve this goal, SMIMarkets invests in the most up-to-date technologies for all the products they have to offer, the most user-friendly & detailed trading platform, excellent liquidity, industry level security, advanced education system and an exceptional customer support team.

To facilitate as many traders/investors as possible, SMIMarkets is constantly in the process of adding more and more assets to their catalogue that they have to offer their clients and provide them all the support they would require while trading in either of the assets. Review

What Assets does SMIMarkets Offer?

SMIMarkets offers a variety of assets to its clients to trade in that are

  • Forex

Process of buying and selling foreign currencies in the international trading markets. These currencies are available in pairs such as USD/EUR, GBP/CAD etc. so if one buys USD then EUR is sold by default and if one sells GBP then CAD is bought in the process. At present, Forex is the most profitable and volatile trading market, that boasts a daily transaction volume of $5.5 trillion per day.

  • Commodities

These involve the process of buying and selling agricultural materials or raw materials such as wheat, corn, cotton, lumber, gold, coal, oil and fossil fuels etc. This trade is not so much suitable for individual investors but is mainly a trade for businesses or companies as commodities are traded in bulks.

  • Indices

While stocks deal with the assets of an individual company in the stock market, indices are like baskets where stocks/shares from different companies from a certain country or a region are placed and then their combined value is measured that may either go up or down. Some of the major Indices currently available for investors are Dow Jones (comprising of 30 US based companies), NASDAQ (comprised of over a 100 US tech based companies) & Nikkei 225 (comprising of 225 biggest companies in Japan). trading platform


Unlike other brokerages that are focused mainly on getting the clients to invest more and more, SMIMarkets aims to provide their customers with the most comfortable and user-friendly trading environment. In order to achieve this goal, SMIMarkets has arranged the trading platform with the easiest interface, advanced trading features, historical reports, performance charts.

In addition to the above, SMIMarkets has also put together an education program where investors are given the opportunity to learn new ways of trading through professional traders and also the option to reach out to SMIMarkets’ dedicated customer support team at any time to raise your query or find a solution for it.

How many accounts does SMIMarkets offer their clients?

  • standard

This account is recommended for traders who are entirely new to the trading markets. This account can be acquired with a minimum deposit of $500 in which the investors are provided with daily/weekly asset reviews, daily investment recommendations, and access to trading courses, fixed spread and leverage up to 1:200.

  • gold

At SMIMarkets, owning a Gold account means that you have access to weekly reviews, trading courses, leverage up to 1:200, 24 hours support, and an account manager is also assigned to you to share their trading and analyzing expertise.

  • platinum

One can make a minimum deposit of $10,000 to own this account, where they have access to daily/weekly reviews, trading courses, fixed spread, daily asset recommendations, very low spread, leverage up to 1:200, SMS notifications, 24 hours support as well as assigned with an account manager for expert opinions.

  • vip

This is the highest level of service provided by SMIMarkets where investors have access to daily asset recommendations, can perform fast order executions and one click trading, can available up to 1:200 leverage, SMS notifications, and have the option to trade in more than 45 currency pairs. On top of this, they can acquire services of most senior account managers who are veterans in the trading markets, trends and most profitable assets.

How SMIMarkets wants to serve you in real-time

In the current times when there’s so much competition among organizations (no matter the sector), the most important and critical component is the real-time support that the organization provides its stake-holders (clients), which is why SMIMarkets provides their customers with the following:

  • 24×7 Customer Support

Although many brokerages offer 24×5 customer support to their clients, SMIMarkets provides their clients with 24×7 coverage so whenever you have a query or a concern related to your assets or trade, you can always count on SMIMarkets’ customer support team, which is composed of highly capable, competent and responsible individuals, who have years of experience in the customer satisfaction sector.

  • Account Manager

Once you become a registered customer at SMIMarkets, you are linked with an account manager who is very experienced in the trading business as well as an expert in the analyzing market trends and asset volatility. With the guidance of these account managers, you are set to make precise investment calls and bring in hefty profits.


Remember, no matter how promising and profitable trading looks, there are always risks involved. One cannot just invest in an account and start making profits. In online trading, one needs to dedicate time & energy to gain experience, learn from the mistakes, keep a track on the price/demand volatility of asset of their interest, and most of all, have patience to take pressure because in the world of trading, one can manage without even if they lack in any attribute but if it is patience one lacks, then it is better not to pick this trade so choose wisely.

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